My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 436

“Woof Woof…. ” Momo also welcomed Little Aunt home. Lionel, who had never liked to talk, kept a certain distance from them and guarded Little Karen in silence. “Little Karen, why didn’t you say hello to your grand uncle? Did you forget about me?” Neil Brown parked the car and came over. He reached out to take Little Karen from Mia Kyle, but Mia slapped him away. Mia glared at him discontentedly and said, “Neil, you said you’ll only send me home. You’ve already sent me home. You can go back to your Chatterton Town military region now.” She didn’t forget that in the past, he had let Mia wait for him in the cold of night without showing up. Now it was time to take revenge on him. “Don’t be insistent, Mia.” Neil snorted and forcibly grabbed Little Karen from Mia’s arms, saying, “My baby Karen, I’ll play with you today.” “Uncle, I want to play with my Little Aunt.” It had been a long time since her Little Aunt accompanied her. She really wanted to play with her Little Aunt for a while. “Well, our baby Karen is the most understanding.” Mia took Little Karen from Neil and kissed her chubby face. “Baby, love you so much.” Seeing that Mia liked Little Karen so much, Neil leaned in to her and said, “Mia, since you like children so much, why don’t we have our own child? You can play with her however you like.” Mia said discontentedly, “Having a baby to play with?” But this proposal was really good. If they had a lovely child like Little Karen, she would have her baby as company and wouldn’t have to pester Little Karen all the time. “Mia, you’re back.” Hearing the voice, Mia looked up and saw Mama Kyle and Papa Kyle coming towards her. You’re back! Such simple words, but Mia felt so touched by them. “Dad, mom… Looking at Papa and Mama Kyle, Mia was suddenly moved to tears. She couldn’t describe her feelings. At that time, when she learned that her grandfather had replaced Grandpa Kyle, she had thought that the Kyle family would blame her But they didn’t In their eyes, she would always be a child of the Kyle family. She was the most beloved daughter of Papa and Mama Kyle. She was lucky to be able to grow up in such a loving family. No matter how things happened, there was always someone behind her to support her. “You silly girl, you should be happy when you are home. Why are you crying?” Mama Kyle came over and gently wiped away the tears at the corner of Mia’s eyes. “Little Aunt, don’t cry. If you cry, you will become ugly.” Little Karen followed grandma’s action and helped wipe her Little Aunt’s tears. Seeing Little Karen acting like an adult, Mia burst into laughter again. After going through so much, she was still a member of this big family. It felt so good! As the new hostess of the Kyle family, Karen carried her role very well. In order to celebrate Mia’s return, she had spent a lot of time planning it. She kept everyone’s preference in her mind and was busy in the kitchen with the servants. Mama Kyle liked light food, so Karen prepared this for her. Mia’s favorite dish was pearl meatballs, so Karen prepared them early She also remembered Papa Kyle, Neil and Kevin’s preferences and had prepared them one by one, no one was left behind. From morning to noon, she had not stopped and rest. In fact, she could have left these things to Sarabelle and let the servants handle them. But they were all Kevin’s family, and they were her family too. So she hoped that everyone would be happy and satisfied. Of course, everyone in the family felt Karen’s sincerity. At the dining table, Mama Kyle smiled and said, “It’s my great honor to have a daughter-in-law like Karen.” Karen smiled shyly and said, “Mom, don’t mention it. I was just doing what I should.” Mia said, “Sister-in-law, don’t be so humble. My brother is so lucky to marry you.” Kevin said blatantly, “You should say that I have a good taste to marry such a good wife.” Hearing Kevin’s words, everyone on the table turned to look at him. They were very surprised. Mia said, “Brother, you can joke.” Her cold brother had never interrupted any family conversation before. She didn’t expect that he would say a joke like this! Neil continued, “Matthew has changed.” “Neil, you’re not young anymore. It’s time to get married.” Mama Kyle took a look at Neil, then looked at Mia and said, “No matter who you are marrying, we will suit your decision.” Mama Kyle’s words were subtle, but everyone knew that she had acknowledged the relationship between Neil and Mia. Neil looked at Mia and said, “Just wait and see. We’ll make some babies these few days for you guys to play with.” Mia kicked him under the table and discreetly gave him a warning look, telling him not to talk nonsense. It was strange that when she was after Neil last time, she couldn’t wait to let everyone in the world know that she was courting him Now that the two of them had done the deed, she felt a little embarrassed. “Uncle likes Little Aunt” Little Karen who was sitting next to Karen, suddenly raised her head and intercepted. The truth was out. Children were the most sensitive and were able to understand people’s hearts the quickest. Although she did not understand what it meant by her Uncle liking her Little Aunt, but she knew that her fierce-looking Uncle actually liked her Little Aunt very much. The relationship between Neil and Mia had already been a public secret. Since Little Karen started the topic, everyone started to talk about it. Mama Kyle said, “Neil, if you really like Mia, you better treat Mia well. I won’t object to your relationship.” Mia blushed and whispered, “Mom, there’s nothing between us. Neil put his hand on her shoulder and said, “We have slept with each other already, that didn’t count? Does it only count if we have a baby? Mia glared at Neil, ashamed and annoyed. “Neil, be careful when you talk. Don’t talk nonsense.” Neil said, “I’m telling the truth.” Mia gritted her teeth and scolded silently. “Bastard!” The two of them were arguing, but the others looked at each other and smiled. It seemed that it wouldn’t be long before they would hear wedding bells.

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