My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 438

 Neil Brown lifted his long legs and clamped on to Mia Kyle’s legs. He said grumpily, “I’m tired. Sleep.” “Are you a piggy?” He always said that he wanted to sleep. Did he just come to her room to sleep? No other intentions? “If I am, then what are you?” Neil held her in his arms and rubbed her hard. The touch felt so good. Her body was soft, especially her feminine body parts. He didn’t realize that she was so voluptuous before. He was frustrated that in the past, when she was naked in front of him, he did not even take a look at her and see her clearly. He did not dare to look at her because he was worried that he would not be able to control himself afterwards and would devour her. Now he was no longer worried about it. The gap between them had been filled with this girl’s powerful self-healing ability “Then I’m a butcher.” Mia said proudly, “If you dare to disobey me in the future, I’ll kill you, disembowel you, boil you and eat you.” Neil held Mia in his arms and touched her everywhere. “No, you’re a piggy’s woman.” Mia gave him a punch. “Bullsh*t!” “Does it hurt?” Neil held Mia’s fist with one hand and stroked the scars on her body with the other. His tone softened. Although the doctor had given Mia the best scar-removal medicine, there were still more than a dozen of scars on her body Her wounds had just healed. The knife wounds were still reddish. Although they were not horrific, but they were still eye sores. This girl had always been extremely vain. In the past, even a pimple on her face could make her so angry that she ignored everyone the whole day However, this time it was very strange that she didn’t mention about the injury, as if she didn’t care about it at all. That day, she told Kevin Kyle not to investigate the person who kidnapped her She was completely mum about the injury and asked them not to investigate about the kidnapper again. This was definitely not Mia’s character. That day, when Neil Brown rushed to the basement, Mia Kyle was lying in a pool of blood, as if she would let out her last breath any time. Thinking of that incident, Neil could barely breathe. He felt like killing someone Every time he thought of it, he couldn’t wait to tear the kidnapper into pieces. How could the strong-willed Mia be so casual about it after the incident? Perhaps Mia had matured because of Warren Silas’s matter. She was more matured and rational. She knew that there were some things that she should let go. Even if to let go things, it definitely shouldn’t be this kind of thing. “What do you think? She was in so much pain here! This man was a rough man, His hands were so strong and his moves were so rough. He didn’t care that it was her first time. He was on a rampage and she wanted to bite him hard at that time. Fortunately, the pain didn’t last long. In the end, she felt pleasure more than pain. Mia didn’t answer the question. Yes, how could it not hurt! There were so many cut wounds all over her body, and she almost lost her life. How could it not hurt? It was just that this girl never once cried out in pain after she woke up in the hospital. When the doctor changed her dressing, she was in so much pain that her face was pale and she was clenching her teeth. However, she had endured it and even laughed it off as not something of a big deal. “If you know that it hurts, why don’t you cry out?” Neil didn’t know how to speak in a gentler way. These kind of words were considered gentle enough for a rough man like him. “F**k!” Mia glared at him fiercely. He still complained to her for not shouting out. Her laments were probably heard by all the people guarding outside the door. When they went out the next day, those people looked at her with ambiguous eyes. They had to have heard it all. Such a shameful thing being heard by others, Mia could only vent her anger at the culprit, Neil Brown. She raised her hand and pinched Neil’s chest hard. He’s a bastard, a pervert. How dare he said that she didn’t shout loud enough? Neil said, “Don’t be so silly in the future. Only crying children get the candies. You know that.” “Neil, are you picking a fight?” Mia lowered her head, opened her mouth and bit his shoulder hard. Neil did not resist her bites. Instead, he stroke her head like stroking a pet. She had suffered so much, so he let her vent her anger. Neil didn’t resist. Mia got tired. She loosened her bite and said discontentedly, “Bastard!” It would only be interesting if they fought with each other. If he gave in to her, she wouldn’t have the heart to fight him at all. It would be meaningless. Neil chuckled and said, “You can’t fall asleep, can you?” “It would be weird if I can fall asleep. There was a handsome man in front of her wearing only a pair of underpant. The desire in her body was ignited, how could she sleep? Neil turned over and pressed her down, he said, “If you can’t fall asleep, then let’s go for another round?” “F**k you.” Although she said she didn’t want to, but Mia’s action betrayed her again. Mia had to use all her strength to push away Neil. She turned over and rode on Neil. Like a queen, she said, “Neil, I am in charge this time.” “Okay.” Neil agreed without hesitation. In his world, there was no patriarchy, so he didn’t reject Mia’s request at all. “Damn..” She didn’t know how to start. Neil said, “Listen to my order. Follow me lead.” Mia said, “Yes, Captain Brown!” Their night had just begun. Their story began in the most primitive way They kissed and collided with each other like Mars colliding the Earth. They wandered in the universe for a long time, with burning desire as they poured everything out, just for that dazzling moment in time. They both worked so hard, so irrational, so vigorously and merciless… just because they had been waiting for each other for a long time. It was so long that they didn’t want to be gentle to each other anymore. They just want to use the most direct and vigorous method to let the other person know that they liked each other with their life! Neil had to have heard the deepest voice in her heart. She was willing to give up everything for him and to do all the impossible things in the world with him. She had been courting him for so many years and waiting for him for so many years. When she thought she was about to die that day, he suddenly appeared in front of her. At that moment, she finally understood her heart better than any other time. Nothing could stop her from being with him. It rained after midnight. The cold wind blew through the open window, maintaining the rising temperature in the room at the same level throughout the night.

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