My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 439

It was a refreshing morning after a night of heavy rain. Although Kevin Kyle couldn’t see, but he still woke up at the same time everyday. He got up early in the morning and sat by the window to “read” the newspaper as usual while waiting for his wife and daughter to wake up. When Karen Daly opened her eyes, she saw Kevin, dressed neatly and sitting by the window. Just like many years ago, when they had just started living together, she opened her eyes on the first morning and saw him. The rising sun shone on him through the window, casting a mysterious veil over him, it was quiet and beautiful. Kevin was not reading the newspaper, but it’s a habit that had been formed for more than a decade. If he didn’t do that in the morning, he would feel that there was something missing from his day. His hearing was very good and it had gotten even better now that he couldn’t see. When Karen opened her eyes and moved a little, Kevin heard it. He looked back and a gentle smile crept over his lips without realising. “You’re awake.” “Yes.” Karen nodded and wanted to say something, but was distracted by Little Karen, who suddenly turned over beside her. Little Karen was a little lazy pig who would stay in bed especially in winter. In order for her to wake up on her own, you’d have to wrestle with her for an hour before she could get out of bed. Karen pinched her face and said gently. “Karen it’s time to wake up, my baby.” Little Karen lazily opened her eyes and glimpsed at her mother. Then, she closed her eyes, turned over, and continued to sleep. “Baby Karen, get up.” Karen lowered her head and whispered in Little Karen’s ear playfully. “Mom, I don’t want to get up.” Little Karen pursed her lips, looking as if she was about to cry She hadn’t woken up yet, she still wanted to sleep, but her mother kept disturbing her. Karen smiled, “Baby Karen, you’ve slept for ten hours. If you continued sleeping, Brother Lionel may have to wait for so long and become impatient.” Hearing that it would make Brother Lionel wait, Little Karen got up with her eyes still closed. She said, her face puffy,” want to wake up. Although she was very sleepy and wanted to continue sleeping, but she chose to get up instead of letting Brother Lionel wait for her. Kevin said discontentedly, “Look at your daughter. She got up as soon as she heard that Brother Lionel was waiting for her. When I was waiting for her, I didn’t see her so proactive.” Kevin could almost began to suspect, if this was still the child he raised all by himself? She was only four years old, yet all she cared about was her Brother Lionel. Where’s his position in her heart? “Little Karen don’t have her father in her heart. But I have my husband in my heart. That’s good enough.” Karen said while smiling. Kevin was a grown-up man, yet he was jealous of a child. Wasn’t it good for Little Karen to have a big brother she could rely on, accompanying her and protecting her. Kevin came over and sat next to them. He said, “This answer barely comfort the hurt in my heart.” “I love Daddy” Little Karen was almost fully awake. Of course, she remembered that her father was still her most favorite. “Okay, good girl!” Kevin leaned forward and kissed Little Karen Little Karen hugged her father’s head and gave him a kiss on his face. “Good dad!” “Good father and daughter.” Karen picked up Little Karen and carried her into the bathroom to wash up. There were three cups on the sink, which all had very cute cartoon patterns. They were specially prepared according to Little Karen’s preference. There were three toothbrushes in the cup. Two of them were tall, and one was short. It was the most vivid portrayal of their family Karen filled a glass of water for Little Karen, squeezed the toothpaste, and then handed the cup and toothbrush into her hand. “Karen, brush your teeth according to how I taught you two days ago, try to brush your teeth on your own.” Little Karen took the toothbrush and slowly brushed her teeth like her mother. However, because she was had not practiced enough, she accidentally poked her mouth. Before Little Karen cried out in pain, Karen immediately comforted her and said, “Karen, a little bit of pain is alright. We have to be stronger.” Because Little Karen was their only child, Karen’s heart ached every time Little Karen was injured. However, she had to control herself from doting on Little Karen too much and let her learn some responsibilities. In the future, when the couple were no longer with Little Karen, she would be able to face all unexpected things on her own. After her mother’s encouragement, Little Karen did not cry. She took the toothbrush and clumsily brushed her teeth Although her movements were not agile, she still insisted on completing it “Our baby is so amazing!” Karen encouraged her in time. With her mother’s encouragement, Little Karen also felt that she was amazing. She proudly raised her head and said, “I can brush my teeth by myself.” Karen said in a soft voice, “You are really amazing.” Just by watching the father and daughter, Karen felt warm and satisfied. She felt even happier than owning the whole world. After returning to the father and daughter, Karen would bath and clean Little Karen every day, and put on beautiful clothes for her. When Karen was busy dressing Little Karen, the phone on the table next to her rang, but she did not look at the phone immediately. Only after Little Karen was beautifully dressed could she be in the mood to take care about other things. “Mom, am I the most beautiful baby?” Little Karen rubbed her eyes. She was still not fully awake, but the first thing she did was to ask whether she was beautiful or not. “Of course, my baby is beautiful.” Karen kissed her and put on her shoes. “Baby, go downstairs and have breakfast with Dad first. I’ll come after answering a call.” Kevin touched Little Karen’s head and said, “Karen, you go and find Brother Lionel first Dad and mom will go downstairs to have breakfast with you later.” “Okay.” Little Karen nodded sensibly and went looking Brother Lionel After watching Little Karen walked out of the room, Karen picked up her phone and returned the missed call. The phone call was from Dr. Zhang, and it was good news from Dr. Zhang’s hospital. They had already found the antidote for the HDR virus in Kevin’s body. Karen was so excited when she heard the news that she almost jumped. Hearing her cheerful voice, Kevin’s sexy thin lips curved slightly. He chuckled and said, “Look at you. People who don’t know you will think you are crazy.” “Let them think that I’m crazy. Who cares what they say.” Karen threw herself into Kevin’s arms excitedly. “Kevin, there’s good news from the doctor. They have found the antidote.” If the antidote prepared by the doctor worked, Kevin’s eyes would get better. Of course, she was happy. She wanted to run to the rooftop and scream so that the whole world would know how happy she was.

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