My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 440

“Why did I fall in love with a silly girl like you at that time?” Kevin Kyle shook his head and said with much amusement He was so glad that he had fallen for this silly girl at that time. She had made his life full of wonder. He found that besides work, there were other people and things that he cared about “You’ve already boarded the pirate ship. You’re not allowed to regret” Karen Daly dragged Kevin to the wardrobe. “Mr. Kyle, let’s get changed and go to the hospital earlier.” When he was at home, Kevin often wore casual outfits. If he had to go out, he would have to change his clothes. Karen opened the wardrobe, Kevin’s cabinet was full of monotonous white shirts and black pants. On several occasions, Karen had wanted to change Kevin’s style, but when she saw how smart he looked in white shirt and black trousers, she gave up on this idea. Even if he was dressed in beggar’s clothes, his good look and noble temperament would still shine. Karen Daly might have forgotten that it was her casual words that had changed Kevin’s style of dressing, but Kevin still remembered it clearly. After so many years, he still wore according to her suggestion, and it had gradually become his habit. Except for white shirt, he would not wear anything else. “I will only board your pirate ship for this lifetime,” Kevin held Karen Daly’s face and kissed her. He smiled gently and said, “In my heart, you are irreplaceable.” It was just a simple, affectionate phase, but she blushed unconsciously upon hearing it. She poked Kevin’s chest and whispered, “Since when did you learn to be slick?” Kevin said in a matter-of-fact tone, “I heard that women like to listen to nice words, so I have learned it for you.” This man had improved in his speech. His words might seemed simple, but they were sweet. She lowered her head slightly and buttoned Kevin’s shirt earnestly. Kevin looked at her, but because he couldn’t see her clearly, he naturally couldn’t see her beautiful eyelashes twinkling like a small fan. He couldn’t see it, but he could imagine it. He imagined her serious expression when she buttoned for him. He could imagine how cute her face was when she blushed, and her tender lips were like petals, waiting for him to pick them. Kevin suddenly made a move.He grabbed Karen by the waist, pressed her to him, and bent over to kiss her gracefully. “No…” Karen put her hands on his chest, trying to resist. However, as soon as she uttered a word, she was subdued by Kevin. He kissed her so fiercely that she went completely blank. She leaned gently on his chest, panting softly like a kitten, Kevin licked his lips longingly, his a smile deepened. He lifted her chin and kissed her again. However, this time, Kevin’s kiss was very gentle, as if he was gently kissing his most precious treasure. It was a very sweet kiss which lasted for a long time before it ended. When Kevin let go of her, he asked softly, “Do you like it?” “Yes.” Karen nodded lightly. “Do you like me kissing you?” Kevin knew the answer, but he was not satisfied and insisted for a clear answer. “I like it.” Although she was shy and she blushed, she said it clearly. Sometimes, this man was very naughty and always used different ways to bully her. But his bully was all for her. Other people couldn’t have it even if they had wanted. She just liked his kiss, a bit notorious kind of kiss. It made her feel that she was his most precious treasure. “Good girl!” Kevin pinched Karen’s face as if he was pinching Little Karen’s face. Suddenly, he laughed in a low voice. Today was really a good day. In the early morning, he received good news and he had his wife changed clothes for him. Karen buttoned the last button for Kevin and raised her head to look at him. “Kevin, no matter how effective the drug is this time, we don’t need to rush, okay?” She was a little worried that if the medicine did not work, Kevin would be disappointed. Therefore, she had to tell him in advance so that he could be mentally prepared. It didn’t matter if his eyes recovered or not. She and Little Karen would always stay with him. “Silly!” Kevin stroked her face and said in his low and sexy voice, “I’m not worried at all. Don’t think too much.” “Well, let’s not think too much about it. Just listen to the doctor.” Karen nodded and reached out to hug him. Kevin rubbed her head. “Alright. After eating breakfast with Little Karen, we’ll go to the hospital.” After several sleepless nights, more than a dozen of well known local and overseas doctors finally formulated the medicine that could counter the HDR virus in Kevin Kyle’s body. However, they did not lower their guards. Before they gave Kevin Kyle the medicine, they had already done many experiments. Even if he could not be cured, the amount of medicine should not hurt the human body. The effect of this medicine could not be seen immediately after taking it. Under normal circumstances, it would take three courses, three times a day, and three days counted as a course This meant, after Kevin took the medicine, they would not see immediate result on the same day, but had to wait until after the ninth day to know the result. After listening to the doctors’ brief explanation of the situation, Karen’s heart was beating fast. Kevin on the other hand, was not worried at all, his expression was calm. Kevin held Karen Daly’s hand and said, “These doctors are the best from local and abroad. Even if this medicine cannot cure, it won’t hurt me, so don’t worry.” “Can I try this medicine first?” Karen ignored Kelvin and proposed to the doctor to let her try the medicine. Upon hearing this, Kevin became angry. “Karen, what are you talking about?” How could she have the intention to help him test the medicine? This idea made Kelvin tremble with fear, he was petrified when he thought about it. He wanted to protect her for the rest of his life, not the other way round. “Anyway, it won’t hurt. So what if I try it?” Karen knew that there were two kinds of highly toxic drugs in these remedy. She would worry about it if she didn’t try it on her own. Kevin said angrily, “You are not allowed to say such stupid words or do stupid things like this from now onwards.” Karen, “..” The doctor said, “Mrs. Kyle, don’t worry. We have done many tests on this medicine, and it absolutely wouldn’t not harm the human body, so don’t worry.” But to thin, who was Kevin Kyle? He was the one who dominated the entire business world, They wouldn’t dare give an unstable medicine to Kevin. If something really happened to him, their lives would not be spared. Although this was a lawful country, but no matter which lawful country, there would always be unseen darkness behind it. A powerful force like Kevin Kyle could make someone disappear forever without a trace if he decided to do so in secret.

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