My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 441

 “Doctor, I.” Although the doctor had ascertained it, Karen Daly was still worried. Because the person was Kevin Kyle, her husband and the person she cared about the most, that was why she was worried and unsettled. Kevin Kyle said, “Give me the medicine.” It seemed that he had to take it and make her see that he was fine. Only then she be relieved. The doctor quickly handed over the medicine. Kevin took the medicine and wanted to drink it, but Karen was so nervous that she swallowed a mouthful of saliva and clenched her fingers tightly As she watched Kevin drink the medicine, Karen quickly held him and studied his expression to see if there was anything wrong. After watching for a while, Kevin was fine. Only then did Karen feel a little relieved and forced back her worried tears. Kevin said, “Believe in the doctor, believe in me.” Karen Daly nodded vigorously. “Okay.” After Kevin Kyle took the medicine, Karen Daly had been carefully observing his physical condition. After the first course of treatment, there was no obvious change in Kevin’s eyes and he still couldn’t see things clearly. Karen asked the doctors about some things that she needed to take note of. She cooked for Kevin every day and helped him recuperate through food nutrition. After two courses of treatment, Kevin’s vision had obviously improved, and he could vaguely see the outlines of Karen’s face and figure. Now Kevin had begun the third course of treatment, but the effect was not as good as the second time, it didn’t improve very much. Whenever he saw Karen fidgeting, Kevin would always comfort her, “Karen, don’t worry, the condition has been much better.” “Really?” Karen was worried that Kevin was only comforting her, so she didn’t believe what he said. Kevin shook his head. “When did I lie to you?” He had never lied to her about anything else, but in order not to let her worry, he had told her a lot of white lies. Karen turned around and went to the hall outside the bedroom. She found a sewing needle and asked, “Can you see what this is?” Kevin widened his eyes. He could only make out Karen’s hand vaguely. Indeed, he could not see what else was in her hand. He shook his head honestly, and then he heard Karen said, “Have a good rest at home these two days. Don’t worry about your work.” These few days would be the critical time for Kevin’s eyes to recover. Karen had to keep an eye on him and prevent him from doing anything else. “Okay.” In order not to make Karen worry about him, Kevin was very obedient and handed his work to the others. He enjoyed two days of leisure time. On the last day after taking the medicine, Karen had reached the point where she couldn’t fall asleep. She didn’t sleep for the whole night, but she didn’t want to disturb Little Karen and Kevin, so she had to close her eyes and pretended to sleep. Early the next morning, Karen got up as soon as Kevin woke up. She looked at him worriedly and asked, “How is it, Kevin?” Kevin blinked his eyes, put on the glasses beside him, and looked at Karen. From his eyes, Karen’s appearance was still a little vague, but the situation had been much better than before. He smiled and said, “I can see my wife now, but it’s not perfectly clear. The doctor had said that for my eyes to return to normal, it will take a few days to adapt, so it’s the normal condition now.” “Kevin…” When she called out Kevin’s name, Karen was choked with tears and could not speak. “Silly, it’s okay now. Why are you still crying?” Kevin gently stroked her cheek and kissed the tears at the corner of her eyes. “I’m just happy.” After experiencing so much hardship, Kevin’s eyes had finally recovered. They could be well together as family now. Kevin chuckled in a low voice, “Are you going to cry to me like Little Karen?” Karen Daly pouted and said, “Maybe I would look uglier than she does when I’m crying.” “If our baby heard her mommy said that she looks ugly when she cries, she would be very sad.” Karen quickly glanced at Little Karen, who was lying between them. She was glad that the little girl was still sound asleep and didn’t hear anything. Kevin smiled and said, “Our Little Karen is not so petty.” Karen said indignantly, “You’re bullying me.” “I just want to bully you.” Kevin smiled brightly as he had successfully diverted Karen’s attention, It was great to be able to see Karen and their Little Karen again. Because the other members of the Kyle family didn’t know about Kevin’s eyes, so when Kevin got better, Karen Daly found another excuse to celebrate. Her excuse was that she hoped the family would be happy like this forever. Little Karen played hide-and-seek with Brother Lionel happily Neil Brown, who used to spend the night in the military base of Chatterton Town for many years, would come to Secret Garden no matter how late he finished his work. If he was lucky, he could still join the dinner. Dinner was not the most important thing for him. The most important thing for him to come here was to have someone warm his bed at night. After being single for so many years, once his started the relationship, he couldn’t control himself. He wanted to make up for the loss all these years in a short period of time. In the past, when he slept in the military, the bed frame was so hard that it could break bones. Now, he could have someone in his arms every night. There was only one word to describe this kind of life – Awesome! Before the kidnapping case was solved, Mia Kyle continued to stay at home. The time she looked forward the most every day was at night. She had also described these days the same way Neil had described it – Awesome! Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle were still living the slow life. They watched their children grow up and had family of their own. It was a happy and blissful life. When the family was busy with their everyday lives, Karen received the anonymous phone call again. Like the previous ones, after Karen answered, the other end didn’t speak. He did not speak, nor did Karen. She wanted to see what he would to do. The two sides were silent for a long time, and the person on the other side finally couldn’t stand it anymore. With an altered voice, he said, “Karen, I have sent a gift to Little Karen. I hope the baby will like it.” “Who are you actually?” The man had called her several times and even gave her harmless gifts. She felt that he had no ill intention towards her. If there was no malice, why would he avoid meeting her and keep in touch with her in this way? In Karen’s memory, she did not know such a person. “Don’t ask me who I am, as long as you remember that! won’t hurt you. I hope you can have a happy life.” After that, he hung up the phone. Karen was confused again. Karen had just hung up the phone, when the servant at home brought the package to her. Karen opened it and saw a pair of beautifully hand-crafted crystal shoes in the box.

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