My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 442

Kevin Kyle came over and asked, “What’s wrong?” Karen Daly bit her lips and looked at him. After thinking for a while, she decided to tell him. “It’s the Mystery Person’s anonymous phone call again. The voice of the person was altered. I can’t tell who he is. I don’t know why he called me so many times.” Karen pointed to the package she had just received and said, “On Little Karen’s birthday, we received a pair of hand made crystal shoes. Today, he sent the same pair again.” Kevin took the shoes and looked at them carefully. Indeed, a lot of efforts were needed to make such a beautiful and delicate crystal shoes. The Mystery Person spent so much time and energy to send Little Karen two pairs of crystal shoes. The place where the Mystery Person used to live were full of photos of Little Karen and Karen Daly, even their interests were carefully recorded. Other than Herbert Ken, Kevin really couldn’t think of any other person who would be so passionate about Karen Daly and her daughter He held Karen Daly in his arms, patted her on the back, and comforted her, “Give me two more days. In two days time, will find out who the Mystery Person is.” Nick Black had already located the specific location of the Mystery Person and kept him on 24-hour watch, what’s left now was for him to meet him. “Who can the Mystery Person be?” Karen couldn’t figure it out. “He is just a Mystery Person.” Kevin gave her a vague answer. He would not give Karen hope unless he was 100% sure that the man was Herbert Ken. Kevin Kyle’s nonchalant behaviour angered Karen. She glared at him and said, “I am very worried.” “It will be fine.” “Kevin!” She really wanted to hit him. She planned to beat him until Little Karen couldn’t recognize him. “Alright, I’ll go put the child to bed first. Wait for me in the room.” “There’s no need to do that. I’ll go tuck her in. Your eyes had just recovered. Take more rest.” “My eyes are fine.” He hadn’t put Little Karen to bed for a long time. The main reason why he wanted to put his child to bed today was that he had other thoughts. Tonight, he wanted Little Karen to sleep in her own room. They hadn’t had any intimate moment together for a very long time. Little Karen was also very understanding. Her father had said that he had something important to do, so she slept in her own room obediently. Before closing her eyes, Little Karen said softly, “Good night, Daddy!” “Karen, good night!” Kevin kissed Little Karen’s face and didn’t leave until she fell asleep. Before leaving, Kevin turned off all the lights in the room and left only the bedside lamp on for Little Karen. When Kevin returned to his room, Karen had finished bathing and was blowing her hair with a hairdryer. Kevin walked to her side, took the hairdryer from her hand, and pushed her to sit in front of the dressing table. “Let me do it.” “You go lie down first.” His eyes had just gotten better, she couldn’t bear to let him do many things. Kevin insisted on helping her blow her hair. Of course, he would not allow Karen to refuse. His slender fingers acted as the comb, gently combed her long hair, and he blew her hair with the hair dryer. He had heard people say that doing so would ensure that real lovers would stay together till old age. As he blew, Kevin’s attention swayed from Karen’s hair to her blushing face in the mirror. He inadvertently lowered his head and planted a kiss on her face, murmuring her name, “Karen…” “Hmm?” Karen replied softly. However, upon hearing his sexy and husky voice, she blushed unconsciously again. Kevin put down the hair dryer, picked her up, and walked to the big bed… The atmosphere in room turned heated, and Kevin was enjoying the intimacy he had not enjoyed for a long time. He didn’t know that Little Karen woke up not long after he left. There was only a dim lamp in the room. Little Karen suddenly woke up, perhaps because there was no one by her side. When she opened her eyes, she saw a mass of darkness, and the trauma she had experienced in the past suddenly emerged in her mind. She saw a lot of bad guys, who stuffed her into a bucket and covered it with a lid. She couldn’t see anything, she was terrified. She was so scared that her tiny body kept trembling, she even forgot to cry. She climbed out of the bed and hid in the corner, looking around in horror with her eyes wide open She was so scared. She was afraid that those bad guys would come and catch her, then put her into a bucket, and then throw her to the ground and roll around. Just as she was very scared, she saw a familiar figure, Brother Lionel, who adored her the most. Brother Lionel had beaten up all the big bad guys, rescued her from the hands of the bad guys, and took her home to her father and mother. Lionel turned on the lights in the room and glanced around, only to see Little Karen, hiding in the corner and trembling. He strode to her side and picked her up. “Karen, Brother Lionel is here. Don’t be afraid.” “Brother Lionel.” Being held tightly in Brother Lionel’s arms, Little Karen felt relieved and burst into tears. “Karen, it’s okay, it’s okay, Brother Lionel is here.” Lionel touched Little Karen’s head and comforted her softly. Warren Silas’s people took Little Karen away and locked her in a wooden barrel. Since then, the little fellow was particularly afraid of the dark. Before her parents came home, she once hid in a corner and had him looked for her for a long time before he found her. Since then, he found out that she was afraid of the dark. At night, if the lights were not turned on or nobody was accompanying her, she would be so scared that she would hide. Lionel did not mention this condition to Kevin and Karen, because they took good care of Little Karen when they came back. When Little Karen was with her father and mother, she did not hide anymore. Tonight, he knew that Little Karen was sleeping in her own room, so he had quietly guarded outside Little Karen’s room. Just now, he sensed that something was wrong, so he went into the room to check. As soon as he entered the room, he didn’t see Little Karen lying on the bed. His heart sank. The little fellow had to be hiding out of fear. Sure enough, he found Little Karen in the corner of the room. Little Karen wiped her tears and pursed her lips. She said pitifully, “Brother Lionel, I’m so scared. I’m afraid of the big bad guys!” Lionel comforted her gently, “I’m here with you. If the big bad guys come, I will beat them up and send them away. You can go to sleep peacefully.” Little Karen blinked her big eyes. “Will you stay with me all the time?” Lionel nodded vigorously and said, “Yes, I will. I will always stay with you and protect you, and never let the bad guys hurt you again.” “I’m not scared anymore.” Hearing Brother Lionel’s promise, Little Karen suddenly felt less fearful. Lionel put her on the bed, pulled the quilt over her, and said, “Karen, go to sleep now.” Little Karen held Brother Lionel’s hand tightly. She had to hold Brother Lionel’s hand even when she slept. This way, she could sleep soundly.

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