My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 443

“Don’t worry Karen, I will always be with you. I will never leave you alone.” Lionel said gently while holding Karen’s little hands in his. “Brother Lionel…” Little Karen blinked her big bright eyes and said softly, “I want you to tell me a story.” “Alright, I will tell you a story.” Lionel touched Little Karen’s chubby face, the corner of his lips curved upwards slightly. He continued softly, “A long time ago, a farmer met a snake..” “I don’t want to listen to this, there’s a big bad guy!” Little Karen shook her head to indicate that she didn’t want to listen to evil stories. “Alright, let me tell you another story.” But Lionel racked his brain and couldn’t figure out what kind of story he could tell to Little Karen In Lionel’s world, the education he had received since he was a child was the cruel political education. Beautiful fairy tales were something he had never been in touch with. “I want to hear the story of the Ice Princess, Princess Elsa!” Karen had read the story of Ice Princess many times, but she still wanted to listen, because she felt that Ice Princess was beautiful. When he heard Little Karen said that she wanted to listen to the story of Ice Princess, Lionel breathed a sigh of relief. He had read this story many times with Little Karen, and he had already memorized by heart, therefore that he could narrate at ease. Lionel said softly, “I will tell you the story about the Ice Princess then. Lionel cleared his throat and told Little Karen about the Ice Princess tenderly with his deep voice. While listening to Brother Lionel’s deep voice, Little Karen gradually fell asleep. Because Brother Lionel held her hand and was with her the whole time, she was no longer afraid and did not wake up again. In another room, Little Karen’s parents wanted to take their alone time to do some ‘vigorous activities’. However, a very embarrassing thing happened before it even started. Karen Daly’s period had always been very punctual. Perhaps she was too stressed recently. Tonight, when both of them were in high spirits, her period suddenly came. The menstruation came like a basin of cold water splashing on the two persons who were on fire, and their desire was instantly extinguished. “I’m sorry!” Karen Daly rolled over and got up. She was too embarrassed that she hid inside the bathroom to clean up. She was too ashamed to come out to face Kevin even after a long while. “Karen-” Kevin Kyle knocked on the bathroom door and asked earnestly, “Do you need my help? “You go sleep first, don’t disturb me!” At this time, she was too ashamed to face anyone due to the embarrassing incident. She needed a quiet moment alone. After cleaning up, Karen washed her face with tap water. She looked at her flushed face in the mirror, her heart beating fast It was so embarrassing. This period came at an unexpected time. It made her so embarrassed that she wanted to hide in the bathroom and not go out. Karen had been in the bathroom for a long time. When she heard that there was no sound outside the door, she assumed that Kevin might have fallen asleep. She gently opened the door of the bathroom and slid her head out to see the situation. But she didn’t expect to meet Kevin’s eyes instantly. Karen was stunned momentarily. When she calmed down, she hurriedly stepped back and instinctively closed the door to shut Kevin out from the other side of the door. However, Kevin was quicker than her. He pressed his hand quickly against the door and pushed it open with a little force. Karen stepped back anxiously, but was stopped by Kevin. She was so nervous that she grumbled, “What, what are you doing?” Kevin grabbed her hand and dragged her back to the room. He said in a deep voice, “Which part of your body haven’t I seen before?” Karen lowered her head and whispered, “It’s different.” “Lie down!” He ordered. His tone was overbearing, leaving no room for Karen to resist. “Oh.” Karen responded softly like a child who had done something wrong. She lay on the bed obediently and did not dare to move Kevin pulled the quilt over her, rubbed her head and said, “Don’t move. i’ll come back soon.” “Mmm.” Karen still did not dare to look at him, and her face was burning with embarrassment. After a while, Kevin returned when Karen was so sleepy that she was about to fall asleep He was holding a bowl in his hand while he walked to her side. He sat down and said, “Drink this before you sleep.” Karen sat up and asked, “What is this?” Kevin replied, “It’s ginger tea with brown sugar.” Her body was weak, she would feel discomfort every time when she was on her period. A long time ago, Kevin had inquired about the condition from the doctor and knew that drinking this would make her feel better. Karen Daly was easily bashful. Kevin Kyle was understanding. In the past, when she was on her menstruation, he did not show his care to her so directly. He would always quietly order the kitchen to pay attention to the meals during Karen’s menstruation period so that she had as much nourishing food as much as possible. Karen took the bowl and took a sip. She looked up at him and said, “It’s so late already. You still asked Sarabelle and the others to get up and made me some brown sugar soup. I feel guilty.” “Your body is more important!” Kevin replied simply, but he did not tell Karen that he had personally made this bowl of ginger tea with brown sugar. After watching Karen finished the drink, Kevin took a tissue to wipe the residual on the corner of her mouth and said, “Lie down and rest” “I’m fine.” She was just a little uncomfortable. By the look of Kevin’s nervous reaction, one would think that she was seriously ill. “Just listen.” Kevin did not say anything else but uttered these two words. He got up and put the bowl in the hall, then return to lie down beside her. He held Karen in his arms and placed his big palm on her lower abdomen. He asked softly, “Do you still feel uncomfortable?” “No, I’m not.” Karen shook her head gently. She had never told him about her discomfort during her period. How did he know? Kevin said, “Tell me if you feel discomfort.” She had always been like this. No matter what she encountered, she would keep it to herself and never mentioned it to others. Even he was no exception. “I’m fine.” Karen lay in his arms and wiggled slightly. “It’s not a big deal. Look at how nervous you are.” “Because it’s you, that’s why I’m so nervous.” Kevin said in a low voice, and at the same time, he tightened his embrace. Karen leaned into Kevin’s embrace and listened to his steady heartbeats. She felt at ease and gradually fell asleep. Kevin Kyle, however, could not fall asleep. He was thinking about a lot things in his mind. He was thinking about the Mystery Person who abducted Mia Kyle. If the Mystery Person was indeed Herbert Ken. If Karen and his family found out about it, how would he mediate the relationship amongst them? Mia Kyle had refused to investigate the matter, about her serious injuries caused by the kidnapper, but the others would not pretend like it didn’t happen, especially Karen Daly.

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