My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 444

 Karen Daly had always treated Mia Kyle like her own sister. If she knew that it was her birth father who kidnapped and hurt Mia, she would not be able to accept it. But he was Karen Daly’s father. Kevin Kyle couldn’t keep him away from Karen if he knew of Herbert Ken’s existence and not let them see each other ever again. Kevin was lost in thought when a phone call suddenly came in. He picked up the phone. He lowered his voice and said coldly, “Talk!” It was Nick Black on the phone, “Director Kevin, we have found new information about the Mystery Person. I have sent the information to your email. Please give us instructions after you read it.” If Nick would call in the middle of the night, it had to be an urgent matter that needed his immediate attention. Kevin hung up the phone and gently moved Karen who was Tying in his arms. He got up and went to the study, switched on the computer and opened the email. In the email sent by Nick, there were some old photos. The photos seemed to be dated. The first photo was a man in his thirties. The man was tall and well built, his facial features were well matched. He looked good. After careful observation, Kevin Kyle soon had an impression in his mind. Many years ago, when he was investigating Karen Daly’s background, he saw this photo before. The man in the photo was Karen’s birth father, Herbert Ken. In the second photo, there was a young and beautiful woman with a slight smile on her lips. She looked quiet and beautiful. In the photo, the woman’s facial features were very similar to Karen’s, but lack the determination in Karen’s eyes. Many years ago, Kevin Kyle had been lucky enough to meet Karen Daly’s mother once. He had a deep impression of her, so he could recognize the woman in this photo being Karen’s mother. The third photo was a photo of a man and a woman. The man was tall and handsome and the woman was petite and sweet. In the photo, the two of them looked at each other and smiled. Their affection for each other was written in their eyes On the back of the photo, there was Love. a small print Ken’s Ken naturally referred to Herbert Ken, and Love should Lulu Love, Karen’s mother. Ken’s Love – a combination of both their names. Herbert Ken and Lulu Love had grown up together. They were childhood sweethearts. Their wedding date was already set, but Samuel Daly ruined everything. Looking at their photos, an image appeared in front of Kevin’s eyes. The two of them holding the young Karen Daly. and strolling in the beautiful countryside. In addition to the photos, there were many other things about Herbert Ken. After reading the email, Kevin instantly called Nick. “Where did you get all these stuff?” Nick said, “These information were obtained from the Mystery Person’s residence. Today’s evening, he discovered us and moved his base again. We haven’t located him yet.” Kevin raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “You lost him again!” Nick said, “When we followed him, we found that Captain Brown’s men were also following him. Because you said that we should stop Captain Brown’s men from finding him, so all of us went to stop them. The Mystery Person took this opportunity and ran away.” Kevin replied sharply, “Stop Neil’s men, find the Mystery Person and ensure his safety.” “Director Kevin, there’s something I don’t know whether should say it or not.” Nick said haltingly, Nick had been in charge of all Kevin’s investigation on Karen before so naturally, Nick had seen the photos that Kevin had seen too. That’s the reason why when he saw these photos today, he was in a hurry to call Kevin and ask for his instructions. “If you don’t know whether you should say it or not, then don’t.” Leaving these words, Kevin quickly hung up the phone. After hanging up the phone, Kevin looked at the pictures downloaded into the computer again. The Mystery Person was undoubtedly Herbert Ken. Then, what he needed to do now was to find a way to meet Herbert Ken alone. While he was looking at the photos, Kevin suddenly blacked out and couldn’t see anything. At the same time, he felt as if there were thousands of thorns stabbing his eyes. In a few seconds, he was in so much pain that he broke out in cold sweat. He closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair. He raised his hands and rubbed his temple, trying not to be affected by the pain and lose his mind. Because he didn’t want Karen to worry, he had asked the doctor to hide the side effects of taking the medicine from Karen. He would occasionally lose his sight, and it would accompany by a sharp pain. Even the doctor did not know how long this condition would last. If he told Karen the truth, she would be so worried that she could not sit still. So Kevin had already informed the doctor before the doctor called Karen. Some time passed, the pain in his eyes eased a little. Kevin blinked his eyes and his vision was restored slightly, but he still couldn’t see clearly, He closed his eyes again to rest for a while, and then opened them again. The stinging pain in his eyes was gone, and the things in front of him became clearer. After resting for a long time, he guessed that his eyes would be fine for the time being, then only did Kevin return to his room where Karen was. … The long night was supposed to be a resting time after a busy day. At the same time, many would use the night as a disguise to do bad things. In the presidential suite of a five-star hotel, two men stood side by side in front of the French windows, overlooking this glorious international metropolis. There was a magnificent building in front of them, the new landmark of Chatterton Town, Rovio Tower. It was a symbolic building that many people yearned to reach. After looking at the Rovio Tower for a long time, the man in a dark grey shirt broke the silence first, “Rovio Corporation Inc, an international financial group, ranked first on the global list of richest companies, and its chief is just around our age.” Another man wearing a light blue shirt continued the conversation and said slowly, “Kevin Kyle was 22 years old when he officially took over Rovio. Now he has expanded Rovio’s business to dozens of countries around the world in less than 10 years. How many people can compete with him in terms of his talent?” “So what?” The man in the grey shirt sneered and said, “It won’t be long you and I replace him. At that time, Rovio Corporation Inc will disappear from the public’s eyes forever, you and I will become the object of their worship.” The man in the blue shirt sighed and said, “How certain are you that Kevin will come to see you alone?” Upon hearing this question, the man in the gray shirt smiled brightened and said proudly, “I’m not sure about any other things, but if it concerns his wife, that Karen Daly, he will definitely follow my plan and step into the trap I have designed for him.” Leo Kevin Kyle of Rovio had no weakness in the first place, but since four years ago, everyone knew that he had one weakness, which was – Karen Daly!

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