My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 447

After yesterday’s incident, Little Karen finally understood that this mother was her own mother. She had flown back from the sky. She also accepted that she had to go to school and get to know more people, to get to know children who were her peers. In the morning, the entire family sent her off. She waved her little hands and said goodbye to everyone. She also sent a flying kiss to everyone. Of course, Brother Lionel, whom she couldn’t let go the most, was still guarding her, and it was no exception even when she was in kindergarten. Brother Lionel not only sent her to school, but also accompanied her to listen to classes and played games with her upon her request. When they saw a “massive” little friend sitting in their class, the classmates all squeezed over to look, and even wanted to touch him. “He is my Brother Lionel. You all can’t touch him!” Little Karen stood in front of Brother Lionel and stopped others from approaching him. She was showing a “He’s mine and whoever touches him will have to deal with me” gesture. Seeing Little Karen’s adorable appearance, Lionel inadvertently chuckled. He carried Little Karen in his arms, pinched her little face, and said while smiling, “Little Karen, don’t worry. I’m just your Brother Lionel, not anyone else’s. If you don’t want others to touch me, then I won’t let others touch me.” “Brother Lionel, you belong to me so you can only stay by my side and protect me.” In Little Karen’s heart, Brother Lionel was her everything. Brother Lionel was hers, and he could only belong to her. She didn’t want her Brother Lionel to be held by others. Whoever approached to hug him, she would chased them off. “Well, I will only protect you and drive away all the bad guys.” Lionel rubbed her little head and said gently. “I will also protect you, Brother Lionel.” Little Karen straightened her body to appear adult-like. Because she had Brother Lionel by her side all the time, she couldn’t care less if she had made any new friends. She had even forgotten all about her parents. As for Little Karen’s parents, no that they didn’t have to worry about their child, but that didn’t mean they stay idle. Karen Daly had been learning with Ivan in the villa for half of the day. After returning home, she stayed in the room and started sketching and colouring. She was busy with her clothing design and had no time to pay attention to Kevin Kyle. She would take it so seriously because she wasn’t designing other clothes, but improving the outfits of her family of three. After learning from Ivan, she had some new idea to create something more meaningful. Kevin was busy too. He went to Rovio to handle some things in the morning, and went back home to have a meal with Karen. After meal, Karen continued to busy with the design, and she didn’t have time to accompany him. Kevin quietly took Karen’s mobile phone and came to the study room to wait for the Mystery Person to call again. Coincidentally, not long after Kevin sat down, Karen’s mobile phone rang, showing an unknown number. Every time the Mystery Person called, he would use a different number. Every number was issued years ago, and there was no call record, only monthly fee deductions. Kevin answered and said quickly, “You don’t need to hide your identity anymore. I already know who you are. I want to meet you. What do you think? After he finished speaking, there was a long silence. He then continued, “You call to hear Karen’s voice. Are you satisfied by just listening to her voice? Don’t you want to reconcile with your son and daughter? No matter what identity you’re using to live in this world, at least you can still hear your children call you father.” After that, Kevin paused to give him some time to think about it. At the same time, he was waiting for the other party to answer him. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” The other party only said one sentence and quickly cut off the call. Kevin stared at the hung up call and pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose. He narrowed his eyes slightly Herbert Ken’s reaction was within his expectation. Herbert Ken had lived in secrecy for so many years, and he had done something behind Karen’s back. He had to have left a way out for himself from the beginning, so it was definitely not easy for him to admit his identity. As long as Herbert Ken was willing to meet him, Kevin would have a way to give Herbert Ken a new identity. He would not let anyone know Herbert Ken’s true identity except for Karen. This was his plan, but it was definitely not an easy task to make Herbert Ken trust him completely “Mr. Kyle, are you busy?” Karen came in with the newly modified drawing. She wanted to show it to Kevin and see if he could give her some advice. “Well, no matter how busy I am, nothing can’t compare to you.” Kevin chuckled and said, “Is there anything I can do for you?” Karen Daly spread the drawing on the desk and said, “I would like to ask our almighty Director Kevin for help to see if there is anything wrong with this draft?” Kevin pulled Karen over and held her in his arms. He buried his head in her ear and whispered, “I’ve never done anything that has no benefits. If you want me to help you, show me the tips first.” Karen blinked her eyes and said in surprise, “Hey, didn’t you receive the tips a long time ago? If you’re not satisfied with such a huge tip, I have nothing to say.” “Did you give me any tips?” Why didn’t he know about it? “Little Karen and I. Karen Daly smiled gently. “What do you think of the tips? Are they big enough?” “Well, I’m very satisfied.” Kevin kissed her on the face and said, “So, I’ve decided to not only help you with the drawing, but also give you a valuable gift.” “What kind of gift?” Karen blinked her eyes, looking forward to it. “Me.” Kevin pointed to himself. “You? Didn’t you give yourself to me a long time ago? What do you mean to give yourself to me again?” She was an educated person. Was Kevin trying to fool her, how could he give her the same gift twice? Kevin put on a serious look again and said, “Last time I gave you the person, now, I’m giving you my everything. I am yours, and everything I have is yours.” “Then I’ll accept it. Karen pushed the drawing. “Please take a look at it for me, Mr. Kyle. I feel that there’s something I’m not satisfied with, but I don’t know where’s the problem.” Kevin took the drawing and studied it carefully. He was discerning enough, but he still couldn’t see any problem with her work. He said, “There’s no problem.” Karen pouted and said, “Only when one find the problem can one make progress. Obviously, there is something wrong. You can’t just say nothing just to comfort me.” “I really can’t see any problem.” Kevin didn’t understand fashion design, but his had good aesthetic sense. There was no problem with his wife’s design.

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