My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 448

“Kevin, please talk properly!” Karen Daly said angrily. She was wrong about this man. When discussing about serious matters, he had always talked nonsense and had not taken the matters seriously at all. “That’s what I would say. In my heart, my wifey’s drawing is the best.” This was the first time that Kevin had called her “wifey”. This made her face turn red and her tone softened unconsciously. “What?” “Why are you blushing again?” Kevin did not realize that it was due to the word he had casually said. He thought that Karen was thinking about nonsense again. “Nothing. It’s okay.” Karen jumped out of his arms and was eager to escape. If she continued to stay with this man, she didn’t know how she would be teased by him. Kevin grabbed her and grinned evilly, “Your period is not over yet. Let’s wait for two more days.” Hearing Kevin’s words, Karen’s ears turned red. She punched on his cheek. “What?” “I know what you’re thinking.” Kevin held her in his arms and rubbed her hard. “It’s not the right timing. Don’t entice me, I don’t want to have bloody battle!” “You, bad guy!” Karen felt like crying. It was obvious that he was the one thinking too much. His brain had to be eaten by some unknown bug. He insisted that it was her thought, but before he had said this, she wasn’t thinking about anything, okay? “Karen–” Kevin suddenly called her name earnestly again. “Huh?” He started to be serious, so Karen sat up straight, ready to listen Kevin said, “When I finish dealing with some important things, let’s go to visit the Aegean Sea together.” He had asked planned this for some time. After he was done with Herbert Ken’s issue, he would bring Karen and the whole family for a holiday in the Aegean Sea. In that romantic and beautiful place, he would make up for Karen’s long overdue wedding. “Huh? Why do you want to go there all of a sudden?” The Aegean Sea was a place where Karen had wanted to go since many years ago. She would go after she had earned enough money Once, a man said to her, “Karen, when you graduate, let’s go to the Aegean Sea for vacation.” While she was busy with her drafts, she answered him, “Okay. But it depends on how much I can earn after I finish my work.” She was in love with that person, but she never wanted to spend a penny of his. Because of this, that person had always said that she was foolish. Others’ girlfriends were expected to spend their boyfriends’ money, but when he allowed her to spend his money, she was reluctant. In that person’s opinion, it was unquestionable for his girlfriend to spend his money. Anyway, he didn’t earn the money, so it didn’t hurt to spend it. However, Karen Daly had always believed that no matter how intimate their relationship was, they were two different individuals. Since she could make money herself, how could she spend Charlie Gook’s money so matter-of-factly? She had already made it clear to Charlie, but when she graduated from university, the man still handed the ticket to her. Just as she was about to accept the invitation from Charlie, who was full of excitement and flattery, she received a phone call that there was a New Talent Design Competition in the city. She signed up for the competition, which also meant that she refused Charlie’s offer. At that time, Charlie was so angry that he didn’t look for her for a few days. Since he didn’t look for her, Karen continued to immerse in her work. She didn’t think about looking for Charlie Gook and she didn’t even know that he was angry. Later, Charlie was the one who gave in first. During their conversation, Karen learnt from Charlie’s remarks that he was angry Since then, Karen worked hard to earn money. She wanted to pay for the trip when she made enough money, but her plan was disrupted by serious of events afterwards. After that, she rarely thought about that beautiful, romantic and mysterious place. Today, when she heard Kevin suddenly mention about it, she couldn’t describe the feelings in her heart Thinking of that person in the past who was no longer in this world, Karen Daly inadvertently took a deep breath. It was so long ago, so long that it felt like it was someone she had known in her previous life. Now that she thought about it, it was surreal. “You don’t like it?” From Kevin’s previous investigation on Karen, he saw that the place she had wanted to go the most was the Aegean Sea, so he had chosen this destination to hold their wedding. Didn’t she like it? “No.” Karen smiled. “On the contrary, like that place very much, but I’ve never had the chance to see it. If there’s a chance, I must bring our baby, Little Karen and you. Let’s go there together.” It was a dream come true to go to her favorite place with her beloved man and their child. “Well, then it’s set. After we are done with the things around here, let’s go for a vacation together.” Because it was going to be a wedding, his family had to be present as witnesses. Their family members were included in Kevin’s plan. However, Karen was a little selfish. She hoped that there were only the two of them on this trip, with their baby, Little Karen. She thought so in her heart, but she couldn’t say it out. It wouldn’t be nice if her family thought that she was a stingy person. “Yes.” Karen nodded. “Not happy?” Kevin saw a slight change in Karen’s expression. His observation was always very accurate, so how could he not see through her? “I’m very happy to go to such a beautiful place.” “If you have any opinion about it, it’s still not too late to say it now.” “Can I really share my opinion?” If she said it would he think she was a person who did not respect the elders? “Is there anything else that you can’t bring up to me?” Karen glanced at him and said cautiously. “I am very happy to travel with the family, but this is the first time that you have asked me to go to such a distant place. I selfishly hope that there will only be the two of us, and Little Karen, on this trip.” Once she had said it out, she let out a sigh of relief. They could travel with the other members of the family the next time. She wanted to create the memories of only the three of them in the first trip. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Kevin smiled and rubbed her head. “It’s not a big deal. You’re still hesitating in front of me. It’s not cute at all.” “Isn’t it a big problem?” As the daughter-in-law of the Kyle family, her husband had arranged a family vacation, but she had opposed to it and didn’t want to go with the whole family. This was not a small matter, right? Kevin Kyle added, “Tell me, how is it a big problem?” It was a good idea to not let his family travel together, but instead to let his family go there to prepare in advance first. Then, they would give Karen a surprise when they reached. It had better be a surprise, not a shock. “Mr. Kyle, thank you for being so kind to me!” Karen was grateful that Kevin was being so considerate, When coming from him, it seemed that it was really not a big deal, and it was her who made it a fuss.

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