My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 449

In the past few days, the temperature had dropped a little, and the weather was cooling in the autumn. The days in Chatterton Town were looking up. The autumn wind was cooling, and the family was harmonious. The Kyle family were in a good mood. It would be a waste to stay at home on such a good day. On the weekend, Mama Kyle organized everyone to go for a spring outing. The destination was Ocean Behae Villa, which had beautiful scenery and was suitable for vacation, More importantly, it was their own property. It was convenient for them to stay there, and they could stay for as long as they wanted. Moreover, they didn’t have to pay for it. Just as the whole family was about to leave, Kevin Kyle received a phone call, saying that he had something important to deal with in person, so he let everyone go first, and he would meet them later. Karen Daly held Little Karen’s hand and kept turning her head at each step. After a distance, she ran back again, “Kevin, what’s the matter?” “What else could it be?” Kevin rubbed her head and said with a chuckle, “I have something to deal with in Rovio. You go with Little Karen and my parents first. I will be there later.” “Okay.” She had always been in reluctance to be Kevin’s burden. If he was busy with his work, she would help him take care of his family. “Mom, I’ll be with Little Aunt” Little Karen saw that her mother was reluctant to part with her father, so she ran to find her Little Aunt. “Then I’ll go first, and you have to be careful yourself.” Karen reminded him. They had been separated before, but for some unknown reasons, she felt uneasy today. “Good girl!” Kevin lowered his head and kissed her. “Go ahead, don’t let your baby wait too long.” “Okay.” Karen nodded and left. After taking two steps, she looked back at him and said, “When you are done with your work, you must come over. There’s no fun without you.” “Okay.” Kevin smiled and waved at her. After watching Karen left with the group, Kevin immediately dialed Nick Black’s number and said, “Send me the address right away.” His people had finally contacted Herbert Ken, and Herbert had promised to meet him at noon today. Kevin could put aside other things first, but when it was related to Karen, he could not delay even for a moment. Soon Nick sent the address. Kevin drove to the appointed place without his driver Before changing Herbert’s real identity and erasing what Herbert Ken had done in the past, Kevin had asked Nick to block all the news. The fewer people who knew about it, the safer it would be, especially not letting Neil Brown know about it. With Neil’s hot temper, he might shoot him the instance he saw the person. The meeting place for Herbert and Kevin was an island in the west of Chatterton Town. The island was about 30 kilometers away from the land. It was an uninhabited island. There was no one on it. At present, only some avid explorers would go there. Herbert Ken had hidden his identity for so many years without being discovered. He even murdered people in Chatterton Town and kidnapped Mia Kyle, and yet, no one could locate him not even Neil and his men. It seemed that Herbert’s obscure residence had played a big role. On the way, Nick Black called. “Director Kevin, it’s not safe for you to go alone. I’ll send someone to follow you. What if something happens.” “What can happen?” Kevin Kyle asked in return. Herbert Ken was Karen Daly’s biological father. He would hope that Karen would be happy, and therefore would not hurt Karen’s husband. Kevin firmly believed in this “Herbert Ken” and didn’t take any precautions. He just wanted to meet Herbert as soon as possible and persuade him not to live in secrecy. He wanted to help Herbert to get a new identity and lead a normal life again. “Okay. Then I’l bring some people here to wait for you.” Although Nick was worried about Kevin’s safety, but he did not dare to disobey Kevin’s order. Moreover, he still believed in Kevin’s ability. Except for those who had secretly made a plot, like Amelia Gray, no one could hurt their Director Kevin. Kevin had just hung up Nick’s call when Karen’s call came in. Seeing that it was Karen’s number, Kevin’s lips unconsciously curled upwards. When he spoke, his voice softened, “You’ve only left me for a short time. Are you missing me again?” “You’re not being serious.” Karen’s soft voice traveled from the phone to Kevin’s ears. Kevin smiled and asked, “Then what can I do you for?” Karen said, “Where are you now? Mom and dad asked me to accompany you until you finish work. Then, we’ll go to meet them later.” Kevin Kyle said gently, “Karen, you go with them first, and 1 will go to find you after I’m done with my work. You are spying on me, are you worried that I will betray you with another woman?” “Yes, I’m worried.” She had been worried, so she had asked Mama Kyle to take Little Karen there first. She wanted to accompany Kevin, so she could go with him after he was done with his work. She had only been separated from Kevin for a ten minutes, but she was so nervous that her heart almost jumped out of her throat If she continued to be so nervous, Mama Kyle would definitely noticed. At that time, they would certainly be worried too. So she might as well accompany Kevin while he finish his work, and then join the others later on. Kevin still wanted to refuse, but Karen’s car had already caught up with him. If he insisted on refusing, Karen was smart so she would think that something was amiss. Kevin frowned and thought about it. Anyway, Herbert Ken was Karen’s father, and they would meet sooner or later. To be precise, Karen was the reason why Herbert had promised to meet him and reveal his base camp. Thinking about this, Kevin Kyle stopped contemplating and decided to bring Karen along. It might be a good thing for her to see her father whom she had never seen before earlier. Karen got into Kevin’s car and sat in the passenger seat. Kevin stretched out one hand to hold her and said, “Actually, I’m not going to Rovio for my work, but I’m going to see a mystery person.” “Why are you so mysterious? Who are you going to see?” Was it because of that mystery person that Kevin was going to see today that she had been in a state of anxiety all day? The weather had been so good today, and everyone was in a good mood. She was also in a good mood. Just when Kevin received a phone call and found an excuse to ask them to go to the Ocean Behae Villa first, then she started to feel uneasy. “If you want to go with me, don’t ask anything. You will know once you see that person.” Before meeting Herbert Ken, there could be change of events, so Kevin did not intend to tell Karen who they were meeting later, “Kevin, let’s meet the person another day. I don’t know why, but I feel uneasy.” Karen Daly couldn’t care about who the Mystery Person was at all, all she cared about was Kevin Kyle’s safety

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