My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 450

Kevin Kyle could not help but chuckle when he saw Karen Daly being so worried, he said, “It was hard to make an appointment with that person. He promised to see me today, he may change his mind tomorrow, so I have to see him today.” Karen Daly said, “Hasn’t it always been someone else trying to meet you but failing to do so? When did the tables turn?” Again, who was Kevin Kyle? He was the big boss of Rovio. Many had fought hard to meet him but they did not necessary succeed even if they had exhausted all their efforts. Karen really couldn’t figure out who that person was. If Kevin had wanted to see him, how could that person still show attitude. Kevin smiled and said, “There would always be a few people who matter to me.” Indeed, he could meet almost anyone if he wanted to. The reason why he put down his stance to meet that person was because that person was related to Karen. He had always cared more about things that were related to Karen. As the saying goes, because he cared so much, that’s why he would pay more attention to it. “Then you focus on your driving.” Karen said softly. Knowing that she couldn’t change Kevin’s mind, she didn’t want to distract him driving nor persuade him anymore. After more than an hour’s journey, they arrived at the town situated on the eastern coast of Chatterton Town. After they arrived at the town, they crossed the winding mountain road for about ten minutes before arriving at a sea pier at the eastern side. The Ocean Behae Villa was also in the eastern part of Chatterton Town, but it was opposite to the dock where they were located. One located at the east, while the other located at the west. It would take about half an hour’s drive to reach there. “Kevin, who are you going to meet? Why do you want to meet at such a remote place?” Karen was still a little worried. If he was a client, it’s natural to meet at the Ocean Behae Villa which was also at the seaside. There were all kinds of commercial and leisure facilities in the Ocean Behae Villa. It was very convenient to talk about work and for leisure, “Because he likes peace and quiet, therefore the place he stays is relatively remote.” Kevin looked at Karen. When he saw her worried eyes, he reached out and stroked her head. “Karen, you’re always worried about this and that. You’ll age fast.” Karen Daly snorted and said somewhat angrily, “No matter how old I am, I’m still Little Karen’s mother and your wife.” Kevin raised his hand and pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose. The smile on the corner of his mouth became more obvious. “Yes, this is something that can’t be changed.” While they were talking, someone came to Kevin and said, “Director Kevin, we have prepared the speedboat you need. We can set off at any time. Kevin held Karen’s hand and said, “Let’s go.” Karen subconsciously clenched Kevin’s hand and boarded the small speedboat with him. In addition to the two of them, there was also the speedboat driver. They set off after putting on their life jackets respectively. The speedboat sped on the sea and broke through the waves. With the ups and downs of the waves, the speedboat was sometimes high, and sometimes low. The farther it was from the land, the bigger the waves were. Sometimes, they were thrown to the top of the waves, and then fell into the waves pit. Karen’s heart was also rising and falling with the wind and waves. It was the first time for Karen to take this kind of speedboat. She kept feeling that when a wave came over, they would be swallowed by the wave at any time. She tightened her grip on Kevin’s hand. Her lips had turned white because of nervousness. Kevin held her head in his arms, patted her back and said, “Don’t be afraid, we’ll be there soon.” “I’m not afraid.” Although she was so scared that her heart almost jumped out, she didn’t want to admit her fear. She didn’t want to hold Kevin back while not being helpful. “Silly!” Kevin hugged her tightly. His heart silently ached. It had been so many years, and she had not changed at all. She had not completely opened her heart to him and allowed him drive away the loneliness and fear in her heart. At first, she was afraid, but when she heard Kevin’s steady heartbeat, the fear slowly disappeared. Because she knew that as long as Kevin was around, they would be fine After a long bumpy ride, finally, a jungle island appeared in front of them. The waves became smaller with the island as the barrier. “Karen, we’re here.” Kevin let go of Karen so that she could raise her head to see. Because it was an undeveloped area, the vegetation was flourishing and the scenery was beautiful. The island in front of them felt completely different from the prosperous Chatterton Town. “This place is so beautiful.” Seeing the beautiful scenery in front of her, the last trace of uneasiness in Karen’s heart also faded away “Well, the scenery is good. You can consider to invest and collaborate with the government to make this place the most famous scenic island and tourist attraction in Asia.” This was the instinct of a businessman. The first thing they thought about was always the profit. “Such a beautiful place, let’s not destroy it.” Karen preferred the natural scenery. Once it was developed, the original ecological environment would definitely be destroyed. The habitat of animals on the island would be destroyed, and the seawater in this area was likely to be polluted too. By then, the original beauty of the island would be ruined, and there would be artificial scenery everywhere. It was no different from other islands. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Kevin didn’t lack ways of making money, If Karen said that she didn’t like it, he would not develop it, as long as she it made her happy. “Thank you, Director Kevin!” Karen blinked and said playfully. “Mrs. Kyle, we are family, don’t mention it.” Kevin smiled and rubbed her head, then lowered his head and gave her a kiss on the cheek. At this time, the speed of the speedboat slowed down and slowly approached the shore. After the boat came to a complete stop, Kevin went down first, before he assisted Karen to go down The driver said, “Director Kevin, you may go ahead. I’ll wait for you here.” Kevin waved his hand and said, “You go back first. When it’s time, i’ll call you to come.” The driver said worriedly, “Director Kevin, this island is uninhabited and has not been developed yet. There is no communication signal, so we can’t make phone calls. You may not be able to contact us then, so l’d better wait for you here.” The driver was carefully arranged by Nick Black. He listened to Nick’s orders, who had told him to find a way to stay on the island no matter what. If there was anything amiss, he could inform Nick and the others in time. “Go back and tell Nick that you will pick us up in two hours time.” Kevin knew right away that it had to be Nick’s idea. However, he could not blame Nick Black. Nick was only worried about his safety, that was why he was so cautious. However, he was told that he could only come alone. If he had someone follow him, Herbert Ken might hide and refuse to come out to meet him. This would mean that he had come here for nothing. After the speedboat driver left, Kevin Kyle, along with Karen Daly, moved forward along the route they had received in advance. They were on their way to meet Herbert Ken!

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