My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 451

Since it was an undeveloped island, there were no paved roads, and mostly you would find simple walking paths that were once paved by explorers There was a flourishing jungle everywhere on the island. The trees were very tall and you could hear the sounds of insects chirping and animals calling. The rustling sound… It made Karen Daly think of the reptiles that she was most afraid of. She was so startled by the sound that she stopped moving and had goosebumps. Kevin put his arm around Karen Daly’s waist and asked playfully, “What are you thinking about?” Karen shook her head. “I can’t tell you.” In the past, her mother lived by the principles of Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong… So she’d better keep her fears buried deep down and try not to think about it, or jinx it. Kevin Kyle knew her fears very well but her reactions were still very funny to him. He took a step forward and squatted, “Come up!” “Where?” Karen asked innocently. Kevin smiled and said, “I’ll carry you!” “No. I’m so heavy that I’ll crush you.” This paths they were walking on were uneven and it was dangerous. How could she bear to have Kevin Kyle carry her on his back? Kevin Kyle patted on his back and said, “If you can crush me, then good for you.” Karen responded, “Well, fine then.” After that, she carefully climbed onto Kevin Kyle’s back. Then, Kevin Kyle put his hands on her hips and lifted her up. “How do you feel?” “It felt like I’ve grew taller and was able to look farther. A tall man’s world is really different.” Karen Daly teased. Kevin Kyle stood up straight and walked steadily. “Then I’ll walk a little slower. You can admire the world slowly.” Karen Daly lowered her head and whispered in his ear, “Don’t be too slow. You’ll be tired.” Kevin Kyle pinched her butt and said, “Don’t worry, your weights not enough to crush me.” “Yes you’re wrong, but anyone will be tired walking like this.” The paths were really hard to walk on and Karen Daly felt guilty Bang All of a sudden, a gunshot broke through the silence of the jungle. The bullets flew right past them. Seeing that the bullets were about to hit them, Kevin Kyle fell forward and landed on the ground with Karen Daly on his back. Without any hesitation, he grasped Karen tightly and rolled towards bushes. Karen Daly’s reactions were far less quick than Kevin Kyle’s. She only realized that they were being attacked while they were hiding between the bushes. “Kevin, who are you going to meet? Why do they want to attack us?” Karen Daly was probably too shocked that her body froze. She forgot that she would expose them if she spoke. “Shhh!” Kevin Kyle made a gesture of silence. There were no signs of panic from Kevin Kyle despite being ambushed in a deserted island. Karen shut her mouth and was led away by Kevin towards another place. Then, they heard a few more bullet shots and saw that the bullets were flying above their head. The attackers seemed adamant to shoot them. Who exactly was the person that Kevin Kyle wanted to meet? Why were they under attack? Who were they? Karen Daly couldn’t figure any answers and frankly, she didn’t have the right headspace to do so as well. She followed through Kevin Kyle’s actions obediently. She finally understood why Kevin Kyle appeared a little worried earlier. If she had known that such a thing would happen, she would have stopped Kevin Kyle from coming. However, it was too late for prevention. They had to act wise and brave to get out of the current dangers. They kept trying to move around in the forest. In the end, they could barely hear the gunshots anymore. “Kevin?” Karen Daly was so nervous that she could barely breathe. Kevin Kyle whispered very softly, “No matter what happens, don’t be afraid. I’ll be with you.” Karen Daly pursed her lips and nodded her head. Not long later, they heard gunshots coming from behind them. Kevin led Karen forward to hide deeper in the forest. It was extremely difficult for them to move silently and quickly, but they had to try nonetheless to avoid the attacks. After running for a while, the gunshots stopped again, and Karen Daly breathed a sigh of relief. She felt that her legs were shaking and she couldn’t walk further. “Come on up.” Kevin Kyle was going to carry Karen Daly again. This time, Karen Daly shook her head firmly. She could no longer be his burden. She stared at Kevin Kyle and spoke seriously, “Kevin, if those people catch up to us, please just run as fast as you can and don’t mind about me. One of us needs to survive. Little Karen can live without her mother, but she can’t live without her father.” Little Karen was brought up by her father. Her relationship with her father was closer than anyone else. Karen Daly did not want them to lose each other. She would try her best to keep up with Kevin Kyle, but if she can’t, she really needed Kevin to survive for Little Karen’s sake. She can’t afford to lose both parents. Hearing Karen Daly’s words, Kevin Kyle’s face turned gloomy, “Do you think that Little Karen is still very young? She couldn’t see her mother since she was born. Over the years, she had no sense of security in her heart. Don’t you know that?” He was so angry that Karen could take her position lightly. How could he possibly leave her alone to save his life? He would never leave Karen Daly alone. “I..” Karen didn’t intend to say that she could give Little Karen up, but instead, she just didn’t want to drag Kevin behind Based on Kevin Kyle’s physique, he would definitely be able to dodge the attack alone. He would definitely be able to hold on until Nick Black and the others arrive at the island. However, it would be hard to say the same if Karen was with him. “Don’t say anything now. Follow me closely. I won’t let anything happen to you and i’ll be fine, too.” Kevin reassured calmly, however, he was glaring coldly at her. Whoever the attacker was, Kevin Kyle would definitely not let them off easy In a very short period of time, he had some ideas about what’s going on. Since he cared about Karen a lot, he wasn’t as careful as he usually was. He was more prone to falling into the enemy’s trap. The Mystery Person had planned so many things, and he was just waiting for Kevin to take the bait. Kevin had been too careless.

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