My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 452

 When Kevin Kyle thought that the other party might be Herbert Ken, he didn’t think too deeply into the complexity of the matter, so it was so easy for him to fall into his trap. At this time, the sea breeze blew, and the branches and bushes on the island were gradually blown away. Taking this opportunity, Kevin ran through the forest with Karen Daly in tow. He was less worried about being followed or tracked down. They rushed out of the jungle, and soon they reached a steep cliff. Beneath the tall and steep cliff was the sea. If they were not careful, they might lose their balance and fall down. Then, Kevin got an idea. He immediately took off one of his shoes and hung it on a branch on the edge of the cliff. Then, he scattered some twigs and leaves around the cliff, creating an illusion that someone had fallen from here. Kevin assured Karen gently, “Karen, don’t worry, just follow my lead. I will take you out of here in one piece.” Karen said, “Let’s go back together.” Kevin held Karen’s hand tightly, “Okay, follow me.” He knew that the act that he left behind wouldn’t hold the enemies for long, but they needed to buy some time while they waited for Nick Black and the rest to arrive. After walking along the cliff for quite a distance, they reached a barren land. There were only rocks around. At this time, Karen noticed that Kevin’s white shirt had already been torn into pieces and there were scars all over his body. She looked at herself and realized that she still looked as clean and proper as before. She wasn’t hurt at all. When they were running and hiding earlier, Karen was too focused with trying to keep up with Kevin. She was completely oblivious towards the fact that Kevin struggled a lot to be her frontline and her shield. He was injured just because he was protecting her. If he was alone, he would probably be less hurt. Looking at the wounds on Kevin’s body, Karen was furious at herself. She hated herself for being useless and dependant on him. She punched him in the chest and said, “Kevin, you fool!” He often said that she was foolish, and he was probably more foolish. Why did he always think about everything for her? Why couldn’t he think about himself for once? How can this go on? Kevin took her hand and kissed her hand gently. “Karen, as long as you’re fine, I would even be okay being skinned alive.” Perhaps she still did not understand how important she was to him. For him, she was like his oxygen. If a person loses the air around him, could he still survive? His effort to protect her was his love language. “Then do you know that if you get injured, I suffer a lot too?” If he could get sad over her, then it’s the same for her too. They both loved each other deeply and wanted the best for one another. Karen took a deep breath and held Kevin’s hand. “We’re in the open now. If someone finds us, we will have nowhere to hide. We need to find somewhere to hide first.” She would try to protect him this time instead of following his lead as always. Kevin chuckled. “You’re quite smart. You’re not as stupid as thought.” Kevin spoke casually. He did not want Karen to be so nervous too. Karen knew that he was comforting her. She said, “Don’t comfort me. I’m not as timid as you think. We will definitely get out of here alive to see our Little Karen. Little Karen lost more than three years of maternal love, she can’t afford to lose more.” This was the Karen that he knew. At first glance, she seemed sweet and soft, but when faced with adversities, she was able to remain calm and act wisely. No matter where they were or come what may, she would not let anyone hurt her and the person she loved. “Who’s comforting you? I’m just telling you that I won’t let you get into trouble again.” Kevin held Karen tightly and walked ahead. After some distance, he saw trees and bushes in front. Karen walked towards the grass and bushes. Kevin pulled her back and said, “If we go through the bushes again, we will leave traces. When they found out that we did not fall off the cliff, they will definitely find us. While Kevin was talking, gunshots came from behind. Kevin guessed that the gunshots were coming from the cliff. This probably meant that they did not believe that Kevin and Karen jumped off the cliff. The person behind all of this probably spent a lot of time setting traps. Therefore, without seeing Kevin’s dead body with his own eyes, he would not give up easily. Karen held Kevin tightly and reassured him, “Don’t worry, let’s think of another way.” It was hard to come up with a plan to convince the attackers that they have fallen off the cliff, but Karen was trying anyway Although she was not very smart, she would work hard with Kevin. Having the both of them brainstorm together would be more effective. “Don’t worry. I’m not in a hurry at all.” Kevin held Karen’s hand and guided her back to the cliff. The attackers seemed to be following their traces to attack them. So, if they did not leave any traces at all, it would be more believable that they did fall off the cliff. Kevin and Karen were looking around the cliff, hoping to find a place where they could hide. However, the hiding spots seemed too obvious. The best solution now was to find a place where they could hide and ambush the enemy. They could definitely buy more time like this. “Kevin, look!” Karen pointed to a huge tree by the cliff. “Let’s go down and have a look. Maybe there are places below that we can hide.” Kevin looked around him to check if the coast was clear. He looked back at Karen and said seriously, “I’ll go down and have a look. You’ll wait for me here.” “Okay.” Karen nodded. Kevin looked at Karen with a worried look, and Karen responded, “Relax, I’m not going anywhere.” “Okay.” Kevin bent his body while he headed down, using his hands to hold onto tree branches as support. Then, he gradually headed further down towards the tree. Karen looked at Kevin anxiously. Her heart was beating so fast and she was holding her breath. “Karen — As she heard him calling out for her all of a sudden, she was stunned and turned around. When she looked back, she saw someone coming towards them with a gun.

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