My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 453

Karen Daly was kneeling on the ground in front of two small trees. She knew that the attackers were behind her but they hadn’t noticed her yet since she was blocked by the trees. However, if they continued to move forward and see past the trees, Karen would be in danger. Kevin Kyle was still hanging on the cliff and trying to go further down. If he was startled or he missed his balance, he would plunge off the cliff. At the thought of the many possibilities of things going wrong. Karen’s heartbeat was beating very fast and she froze in fear. Karen bit her lips tightly. No matter what she had to ensure Kevin’s safety. She needed to make sure that he could get down safe. “Karen, there is a small cave below, probably shaped by the sea tides.” Kevin’s voice interrupted Karen’s anxious thoughts, “Well, hide in there first. I’ll be right down.” The attackers were approaching the end of the cliff, they would definitely notice her soon. Karen knew that there was not enough time for her to climb down the cliff to meet Kevin and hide together. If she climbed down the cliff, the attackers would notice. That will definitely put both their lives in danger as they would be attacked together and had no other way out. At this time, the best way was for her to distract the attackers. As long as they were distracted and went away, Kevin would be safe. “Kevin, hide in the cave first. ‘ll come down soon.’ Karen got up and ran as fast as possible after she spoke to Kevin. She lowered her body and ran as far and as fast as possible to avoid the attacker’s sight. She needed to think of other ways to distract the attackers so Kevin could be safe. Karen gritted her teeth and clenched her fists while sprinting ahead. When she was running, she heard a man yell out, “There, shoot them to death.” The voice came from not far behind, followed by bullet shots that target Karen, If Karen ran a little slower and stood tall, she would’ve been shot. Karen continued to sprint fast ahead. For Little Karen, for Kevin, for herself, she had to give her all, The family of three needed each other very much and they would not leave any of each other behind. She needed to survive and return to Kevin and Little Karen as soon as possible. At the thought of Kevin and Little Karen, Karen’s body seemed to be filled with energy all of a sudden, and her tired legs did not slow down. She was fuelled by adrenaline and she was just running for her life. Karen ran into the jungle and was temporarily out of the attackers’ sights. They couldn’t find Karen anywhere, but they were still shooting wildly in the jungle. Karen was still trying to run and hide between trees. She told herself, “I must escape, I must escape, I must stay alive to see Kevin and Little Karen.” She could hear the gun shots coming up to her. Any moment now, she could be shot dead. Just as Karen was panicking, a bullet flew past her and hit a tree in front of her. She stopped abruptly and she was in shock “Run if you’re so good at it.” The angry voice of a man came from behind, followed by another gunshot, and then she realized a sharp and intense pain on her calf. She was shot. Karen thought that they were probably very angry at her as she kept on running away. Well logically, she had to run away from them. Surely they wouldn’t expect her to just surrender to her death? Karen looked back and found that two men had already surrounded her. Both of them were pointing their guns at her. “You’re alone. Where’s your man?” The man who looked extremely unkempt asked her about Kevin. Karen looked at them and then turned away to look behind them. She wanted to see if Kevin had come over. But in the mind of the two attackers, it seemed that she was hinting that Kevin was right behind them. When they saw Karen looking behind them, the attackers stopped moving and turned their head slightly to look behind them. However, there was nothing behind them. When they didn’t see Kevin, they breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, they were frustrated at themselves for being scared over Kevin’s presence. “You damn woman, how dare you lie to us!” The hooligan was about to pull the trigger and shoot Karen to death. Before the hooligan could shoot, the other man pushed him slightly, and the bullet flew past Karen’s ear. The hooligan yelled, “What are you doing?” The other man responded, “We took the money to take that man – Kevin Kyle’s life, not hers. What’s the point of killing her and not him?” The hooligan asked, “What do you mean?” The man said, “This woman is in our hands. As long as the man is still alive, he will definitely come to save her. We now have a bait to lure Kevin, so let’s just wait for him to come to us” Listening to the conversation between the two attackers, Karen felt chills down her spine and clenched her fists. She looked at them coldly and said, “Kevin has fallen off the cliff. What’s the use of using me as bait?” Karen hoped that Kevin was still hiding in the cave. He must not come out and fall into the attacker’s trap. But she also understood that Kevin would never leave her alone to die. The man responded, “If he had fallen off the cliff, you probably don’t even know if he’s alive or dead. You seem too calm to be living in uncertainty. Don’t tell me that you can remain so rational in a situation like that. Even if he comes back alive, you won’t be able to see him.” Karen sneered, “I’m sure you’re right.” The hooligan replied, “Why are you even talking to her? Hang her up with a rope. I don’t believe that he will just watch her die.” At this moment, Karen noticed the tall figure behind the two attackers. Every step he took was slow but steady. She really wanted to give some cues to Kevin and have him run away from here. She wanted him to know that these two attackers were loaded with bullets and he was definitely not a match for them. However, Kevin spoke up confidently, “You’re right. As long as she’s here, I won’t just hide.” Kevin’s extremely deep and stern voice came from behind the attackers. They stopped their movements and turned around, and they realized that the formidable Kevin was probably just a step behind from them.

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