My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 454

As the attackers saw Kevin Kyle standing so close behind them and looking extremely fierce, they almost dropped the guns off their hands. Kevin stood so close behind them, but they didn’t even hear him walking at all. If Kevin didn’t make a sound, they might not even notice him. If they didn’t notice Kevin’s presence, they would have been ambushed any time. However, Kevin did not attack them by surprise. Instead, he wanted them to know that he was behind them. Did Kevin think too highly of himself, or did he look down on their skills? They had guns in their hands, and Kevin was unarmed. Did he want to fight them with his bare hands? The hooligan reacted very quickly. He wanted to shoot Kevin with his gun, but Kevin’s reaction was way faster than him. Kevin disarmed him by kicking his wrist with his leg. The gun was kicked away while the hooligan groaned in pain. As soon as Karen Daly saw the gun being disarmed, she grabbed it quick. Now, Karen was holding the gun and she could fire the shots. The other man freaked out and pointed his gun at Kevin. As soon as he was about to pull the trigger, Kevin punched the man in the chest The man still held his gun tight and he was ready to shoot Kevin again. Kevin grabbed his arm and aimed towards the hooligan instead. The bullet shot out of the muzzle and went straight to the hooligan’s chest. Bang- The bullet went through the hooligan’s chest, and blood splashed all over. He died instantly and horribly. The hooligan’s eyes were still wide open as he did not expect to be shot by his own comrade. If he died in Kevin’s hands, he would accept it. However, the shot was fired by his comrade of many years. As he saw the hooligan being shot to death, he panicked even more. He wanted to let go of Kevin’s grip, but he was held by him firmly. He tried his best to escape but failed to get rid of Kevin. He wanted to move his hand up to shoot Kevin, but as he managed to forcefully aim nearer to Kevin and was ready to pull the trigger, Kevin pulled his hand back, and the man’s gun was aimed at his own head instead. “No—-” The man screamed in fear and tried to loosen his grip, but he had already pulled the trigger when Kevin was moving his hand. Hence, the bullet shot out and it was a point of no return. Bang The bullet penetrated through his head. The blood and parts of his brain spilled all over the ground. He was killed by his own gun shot Compared to the hooligan earlier this man suffered a more undignified death. They had been partners-in-crime for so many years and they have done many crimes before, such as killing people, setting fire, robbing the bank… They had performed the impossible before The reason why they were chosen to attack Kevin and were even offered a huge reward was because they were very reputable. They had done a lot of bad deeds before and their methods were vicious. Never would anyone expect that they would be defeated so easily by this Kevin Kyle. When Kevin made his move, they did not have the strength to fight back at all. Kevin’s series of counterattacks were so fast that when Karen thought she had the upperhand as she picked the gun up, everything was over within seconds. The two men had been extremely arrogant and shouted at her earlier, but now they were lying in a pool of blood. They were motionless and died terribly Karen was disgusted by the scene in front of her. She looked at Kevin to check if he was injured. Kevin said harshly, “Turn your head over and don’t look at them again.” He knew that Karen would surely be traumatized by this scene. Karen turned around obediently and did not dare to take a second look. Kevin grabbed the gun from the attacker’s hand. Then, he pulled Karen and walked away. Kevin’s legs were long and he walked very fast, only by trotting could Karen catch up with him. She could tell that Kevin was angry. He must be angry that she didn’t follow him down the cliff earlier. Karen wanted to say something, but she was so intimidated by Kevin’s silence. He dragged her to walk faster, but she couldn’t keep up with his pace at all. She said, “Kevin, can you slow down?” Kevin still didn’t say anything. Karen continued, “The attackers have died. We don’t need to escape anymore. Can we move a little slower?” Kevin still did not speak. The tense atmosphere around them was building up, and she felt that Kevin would explode at any time. After speaking twice, Kevin still ignored her, so she didn’t want to humiliate herself anymore. She stopped talking. Kevin suddenly spoke up and said very sternly, “Do my words not carry any weight?” “1” Karen was at a loss for words for a moment and did not know how to refute Kevin’s words. Why was he scolding her so aggressively? She was not his child nor his employee. Although it was very dangerous for her run away earlier, but if they were anymore unlucky, she would be the one dead instead. But since she was fine now, why was Kevin still so angry? Kevin added, “Karen, if you still don’t listen to me and go against my instructions, I will break your legs.” He will break her legs so he could just carry her around and protect her with his might. She would follow him around and not be out of his sight anymore. “I didn’t think so much earlier.” The situation was so dangerous. At that time, she only wanted to make sure that Kevin was safe. She didn’t think much about others. “Follow me closely now and don’t you dare make your own moves!” Kevin Kyle held her tightly and did not listen to her explanation. This little woman was always so disobedient, and always did not think of her safety. From his perception earlier, he saw that she suddenly ran away, and he heard gunshots again. He was thinking of the most unimaginable situation Kevin’s anger had not subsided and he still walked very quickly. Karen’s strength had long been drained, and there was no way for her to keep up with him. It seemed that Kevin was dragging Karen forward. Karen muttered, “Kevin, the attackers are dead. Where are we going now? Can we go back to the dock and wait for others?” Kevin grabbed Karen’s waist and carried her as they continued to move forward. “The purpose of their attack was to get rid of me. There are definitely more than two people lurking on the island. Let’s go to the cave to hide for a while.” The enemy hiding in the dark had spent so much effort to set these up, probably just waiting for him to fall into the trap. Now that he had fallen into the trap on the island, the enemy must have thought of thousands of ways to kill him, so there were definitely more than two attackers who would want his life.

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