My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 456

Kevin Kyle looked really handsome when he smiled. Karen Daly was always mesmerized by him. If Karen had to describe Kevin’s smile, she would say how his smile would put everything around him to shame. When she first met him, he rarely smiled. He would only move the corners of his mouth slightly and refrain himself from smiling widely. No one could tell if he was really smiling For a long time, Karen thought Kevin was a serious and tense person who didn’t like to smile, or that he wouldn’t even laugh! After that, she realized that he had always been carrying too many responsibilities on his shoulder. He was used to numbing his emotions to get through every day. When he took off his mask, he was just like a big child, especially how he was afraid of taking medicine whenever he fell sick, and how he was afraid of needles. Sometimes, Kevin was so childish that he would get jealous for even the smallest things. He was afraid that his daughter would grow up and get taken away by her brother Lionel. He could laugh, he could express his anger, and acted like a kid at times – this was the real Kevin that she knew. Karen wanted so badly for him to remain true to himself and be comfortable around her. She had been working hard to be a great partner for him, always providing him great support. However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not give him much support. She did not meet her expectations to be a perfect wife. “Karen, can you just listen to me for once??” Kevin spoke angrily. He wished that he could throw this silly woman into the sea. “I remember everything you say to me. I’ll never forget your words.” Karen was getting a little dizzy and she was fading out. What impressed Karen most was Kevin’s promise on the second day after they got married and lived together. He told her that no matter what they must learn to get along with each other, and never abandon each other easily Since then, Kevin had tried his best to be a great husband. When she needed care, he always appeared by her side and gave her his utmost attention and support. In the past, when she was in Innovative Tech, her colleagues stopped bullying her after learning that she was married to their director Whenever Charlie Gook appeared, he would stay by her side and help her get through every single obstacle. He told her that he was not only her husband, but also the man she could rely on unconditionally. Perhaps he didn’t know that she would feel guilty over all the love and care she had gotten all these years, and that she would try harder to help him out too so he wouldn’t need to worry about her. Karen didn’t want to disclose the truth about the snake bite, so Kevin examined her body. He noticed that her ankle was gradually turning dark. Kevin held her foot up and checked it properly. The wound was so small that it was barely noticeable. Kevin immediately thought about the possibility of a poisonous snake bite. “Were you bitten by a snake?” He was very angry, but he still tried to talk to Karen in a relaxed tone. “Did you see what it looks like?” “I don’t know.” Karen shook her head and she was losing consciousness. Even if she saw the snake clearly, she would have completely forgotten about it by now. Kevin carried Karen up and moved her to a resting position. Then he tied his ragged shirt tightly to Karen’s calf to stop the poison from spreading. Kevin acted really quickly. He lifted Karen’s leg, lowered his head and sucked on her wound, and soon a mouthful of dark-coloured blood was sucked out. “Kevin, stop it. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” Karen shook her head and wanted to pull back her feet. Unfortunately, her strength was too weak. Kevin held her foot so tightly, she could not move at all. “Don’t move! There’s no wound in my mouth. I’ll be fine.” Kevin shouted back. He lowered his head and sucked her wound again. Then, he drew out a mouthful of blood and spat it out “Kevin, stop.” Karen called for him gently, and she was so touched that tears streamed down her cheeks. “Don’t cry!” Kevin wiped her tears and continued to suck out the poison. “Kevin..” She had a lot of things to say to him, but her consciousness was getting more and more weak. She forgot what she wanted to say. In a trance, she seemed to see a lot of people flash through her mind, including her deceased mother, Samuel Daly, and Charlie… They seemed to be waving to her as if they were asking her to reunite with them. “Don’t pester me, I won’t go with you!” Karen shook her head hard. She don’t want to go with them. She wanted to stay on with Kevin and Little Karen. She left Kevin and Little Karen for more than three years. She had missed out on too much. Too many missed opportunities, so she wanted to stay with them for the rest of her life and make up for lost time. “Karen, wake up. You can’t sleep now, do you understand?” Kevin spat the blood from his mouth and shook Karen’s shoulder forcefully, “But I’m so sleepy, I want to sleep.” She was feeling so tired that she almost couldn’t hear Kevin’s voice. She began to notice that everything around her was turning dark. Kevin knew that the venom of the poisonous snake must be spreading to the rest of Karen’s body. If she falls asleep, it would be difficult for her to wake up again. An idea flashed through his mind. He tried his best to talk to Karen in a casual tone, “Karen, what do you think our Little Karen is doing now?” “Little Karen?” Speaking of her daughter, Karen became more energetic instantly. “She must be pestering her Brother Lionel to play hide-and-seek with her. The more people playing with her, the better. If only Little Karen had a few more siblings.” “You want Little Karen to have more brothers and sisters?” Kevin knew that Karen had always liked children. She once told him that she would want to have at least two boys and two girls. In the future, if something happened to their children, they could rely on each other. “I want to! I want to give birth to a lot more children for us, and I want to give Little Karen more little siblings to spend time with, but… Karen’s expression suddenly changed. “But Little Karen doesn’t seem to like the idea of little brothers and sisters.” Kevin sucked another mouthful of blood and spat them out, then he said, “Little Karen doesn’t hate the idea of having little brothers and sisters. It’s just that she believed some lies someone else had said to her. She thought that if she had little siblings, her parents would not love her anymore As long as she knows that we will still love her despite having more kids around, she would be okay. Little Karen is a sensible child.”

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