My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 457

“Really?” Karen Daly was very excited to hear that Little Karen would be okay with the idea of having siblings. In that case, she could give birth to more children with Kevin Kyle. Little Karen would never have to be lonely again. Kevin sucked another mouthful of the poisonous blood and spat it out. Karen’s ankle looked much better. It seemed that most of the poisonous substance had been cleared. As long as Karen did not do any strenuous exercises for the time being, she would be fine. Kevin let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Karen’s condition was getting better. He raised his hand to touch her face and said softly, “Of course it’s true. If you want a child, we will have a child. As long as you return home with me safely, I will promise you anything.” Knowing that Kevin and Little Karen were open to the idea of more children, Karen became excited, “Kevin, then we can give Little Karen two younger brothers, and one younger sister… We’ll have 4 children in total. They can form a little team.” “Okay, it’s up to you!” Although he really didn’t want her to suffer, but she liked children. As long as she was happy, he would listen to her. “Kevin, I really don’t want to be your burden. I’ve been working hard all the time. I want to be with you through your hardships. I want to be a woman worthy of you.” Karen smiled gently. Although she felt weak, she pulled through and tried to keep herself awake. “Silly, you’ve always been excellent. You don’t know how good you are.” Karen may not be perfect, but in Kevin’s heart, she was. He was willing to accept any of her flaws. From the very beginning, he had made his mind up to marry her and treat her well. He would never betray her for the rest of his life. “Kevin, thank you!” She was so lucky to meet him in this life. She must have done something right her past life. “Silly.” Kevin have removed most of the toxins from Karen’s blood and saw that she was feeling better, so he sat down beside her and held her tightly in his arms. He said gently, “Karen, there will be no second time.” This was his promise to her. No one would have the power to take her away from him for the second time. “Yes, I know!” Karen hooked her arms around Kevin’s neck and took the initiative to kiss him. It’s like she was kissing away the remains of her infected blood from his mouth. Kevin kissed her back passionately. He held her tight and they embraced each other. They were enjoying every second of each other as their tongues entwined. With every kiss, they hugged each other even tighter. They kissed so deeply that they forgot about the world for a while. “Karen-” Kevin called out Karen’s name so gently and she felt even more aroused. They continued to be in each other’s embrace and continued kissing passionately. Karen didn’t have the strength to respond to him, so she just followed his pace and enjoyed his touch. She was elated! Bang All of a sudden, a gunshot was heard, interrupting their passion. Kevin subconsciously tightened his arms around Karen. He turned and looked outside the cave. His sweet and gentle look earlier had switched to his stern and fierce look. His eyes appeared so intimidating that he looked like he was about to kill. He would not let go of the person who was hiding in the dark! Bang! Bang! Then there were two more gunshots. It seemed that a larger group of attackers had arrived. This might be their most critical fight They had two guns, but there were not many bullets left. He had to preserve the remaining bullets and aim accurately. As long as he could kill one of them, he could buy some time. These attackers must be desperate. The cliff was a dangerous place and they had a higher risk to die or get hurt, yet they still chose to hunt for Kevin there. “Karen, sit here and rest. I’ll guard the entrance of the cave.” Kevin helped Karen up and he touched her face gently before walking away. Karen held his hand and gulped nervously. “We must get out of here alive for Little Karen.” “Okay.” Kevin kissed her on her face, then walked away to the entrance of the cave. “There are traces of someone passing by, so they might be below us.” Kevin heard some voices above him, so it seemed that they had found their traces. Karen looked at Kevin anxiously and she could barely breathe. Sitting at the entrance of the cave, Kevin peeked above to observe the situation. If he could locate any attacker, he would just shoot mercilessly. He heard someone said, “Hey big brother, the bodies of two of our comrades were found. It seems that they had a face off with that Kevin Kyle and they died in his hands. Another man answered, “He is not easy to deal with. We have received so many jobs before, but none of them were as difficult as him.” Then he heard someone yell, “Shut up, all of you! Before you even meet your target you already are on the verge of giving up. Are you even prepared to face him?” Someone else asked, “What about the other two?” “Go ahead and bury them. We can use Kevin’s head as an offering for them during the funeral.” The leader clenched his fists, and his eyes were full of fury. He must tear this Kevin into pieces to avenge his brothers who died on the job. Kevin and Karen heard their conversation clearly. They exchanged glances with each other, and their eyes were full of concern for each other. At the same time, they know that they could defeat them and escape. “Blacky, can you head down to check?” The leader was not sure if Kevin and Karen were hiding down, but he would not let go of any clues. After giving the order, he felt that it was not right. If Kevin was really hiding under the cliff, warning to him instead. would be a warning to him instead. The leader changed his sentence and spoke loudly, “This is a cliff. We can see everything clearly from here, so I doubt anyone could hide here anyway. Let’s go.” While the leader spoke out loudly, he gestured for his men to head down the cliff and check. Bang With a gunshot, the man who was just about to head down the cliff let go of his hand and fell into the sea lifelessly. His screams were heard briefly before he plunged into the sea. Seeing their comrade being shot, everyone was on full alert. They huddled close and looked everywhere for the person who fired the shot. Everyone was silent and no one said a word. They could not find anything suspicious. Everyone was worried that they would become the next target instead.

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