My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 458

After witnessing their fellow comrade being shot, everyone panicked while they tried very hard to maintain their cool. They didn’t know where the person was hiding. However, after calming down, they guessed that the person was hiding under the cliff. There were only two ways to kill Kevin Kyle. The first way was to head down the cliff and face him directly. They had done this earlier and lost a member, as Kevin was ready to ambush them. This seemed to have a low chance of success. Another way was to attract Kevin’s attention and lure him up, but Kevin was not stupid. He knew that he would die if he came out, so he would just stay put. Kevin wouldn’t come out and they didn’t know how to lure him out too. At the moment, they didn’t know what to do. The group of people were all outlaws. They were good at fighting and killing, but they were not good at devising an ambush strategy. After all, they only listened to other people’s orders, and they never need to do much planning. Everyone looked at each other. They hoped that one of them could come up with a solution quick. They were relying on each other. Compared to the group of hitmen who were anxious and helpless, Kevin, who was just sitting at the entrance of the cave, was relaxed. Karen Daly felt calm looking at him. Of course, he was confident that he could deal with these people, to protect Karen’s safety, and to wait for Nick Black to arrive with his troops. Kevin looked at Karen as he raised his eyebrows and smiled subtly at her. He smiled rather cheekily, as if he was waiting for her to praise him. Karen gave him a thumbs up and mouthed the words, “Kevin, you’re awesome!” After being praised by Karen, Kevin smiled like a child and looked as happy as a kid on Christmas morning. If the attackers saw that Kevin underestimated them, or that he could remain calm and relax during this stressful time, the attackers would definitely be so angry that they would explode. “Boss, the gunshots came from beneath the cliff, so Kevin might be below us,” one of them said. The boss knew that he was down there. The reason why he didn’t say anything was because he didn’t know what to do. Silence was his only solution. But this guy was just stating out the obvious. You could only imagine their level of annoyance and anger. The boss had just thought of a way to ask everyone to pretend to retreat so that Kevin could let his guard down. Then at his most unexpected, they’ll attack him. Then one of his man actually spoke out loudly. He was so angry that he wanted to raise his gun and shoot this reckless bastard to death. Kevin was a man experienced at combat. Though he was young, he was wise and meticulous. It would not be easy for them to defeat him. They attacked Kevin on this island where he was unprepared and at his most vulnerable. It was supposed to be an easy job. Unexpectedly, they did not manage to kill Kevin yet, and now 3 of their fellow comrades were dead. Now they believed that they underestimated Kevin’s capabilities. The leader looked at the man who spoke out earlier with a vicious look, then he made a gesture to ask him to go down and have a look The person who went down earlier had already been killed. If he went down again, he would definitely lose his life too. Hence, he refused to move. He did not want to listen to the leader. Hence, he would threaten the little rascal. The leader took out his gun and pointed it at the man who spoke. The rascal was so nervous that he gulped. He felt resentment and hatred in his heart, but he could only hide it in and did not refute. All the others watched him as he clenched his teeth and slowly walked to the edge of the cliff. He stood still and looked back at the leader. The hatred in his eyes could not be concealed. Everyone knew that it was very likely that he would face the same fate as their comrade, but no one stopped him. If they stopped him they will bring trouble upon themselves and they will lose their lives. Therefore, no one spoke a word. The rascal squatted down and held the tree branch with one hand. But since he couldn’t balance himself with one hand, so he had to use both hands. The gun in his hand was completely useless then. The leader led the others to the edge of the cliff and peeped around to observe the situation below. As the cave was deep inside, they couldn’t see anything from above, but the man hanging on the tree branch saw everything He was hanging on the tree branch with a gun in his hand, but he couldn’t make a move. He saw the gun in Kevin’s hand pointing at him, but he couldn’t do anything too. As long as Kevin fired his shot, he would definitely die. However, Kevin did not shoot. He just looked at him with a faint smile and pointed at the bottom of the cliff with his gun. The rascal looked at the bottom of the cliff. The tide had already risen, and the sea water had rise above most stones below. If he jumped down before Kevin shot him, he still had a chance to live. He turned to look at Kevin again. The gun in Kevin’s hand was still aimed at him, but he had no intention of shooting. Kevin wanted to let him go? The man looked at Kevin and gave a look of gratitude. He loosened his grip on the branch and jumped into the surging sea. Kevin was not exactly the kindest person. He did not shoot the person because he could use their brief encounter as a strength. This person would think kindly of Kevin and would no longer be a threat to him. If he did not shoot, he could earn his trust and save a bullet at the same time. He could kill two birds with one stone. It was the obvious choice. After the man fell down, the leader was so angry that he wanted to scream. He held his gun and shot at the sea twice. He didn’t know if he shot the man. “You, get down there.” It seemed that they had wasted so much time, but Kevin was still alive. The leader was getting anxious. He pointed at one of his men with the gun and asked him to head down next. Kevin had a gun in his hand, but there were definitely not many bullets left. There were so many people on his team, so he could afford to sacrifice a few more of them to waste Kevin’s bullets. When Kevin’s bullets ran out, they would finally capture him. Everyone watched helplessly as two of their comrades fell into the sea. One must be dead, while the other may be dead… No one wanted to be the third one to die. The next person who was chosen was so scared that he took a step back and pretended to not notice that their leader was pointing at him. However, the leader did not give him a chance at all. He raised his gun and shot the coward in the head. He shouted fiercely, “Whoever who refuses to go down, try me.” If they refused, they would be shot, but if they obeyed, they would still be shot. They would die either way. The group of people lowered their heads and did not dare to move.

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