My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 459

The leader seemed satisfied with his way of scaring the men, so he pointed at another person and said, “You go next. If you dare to jump down on your own, don’t blame me for being merciless.” If the person who was sent down did not get shot by Kevin Kyle and did not waste any of his bullets, then their efforts would be futile. Therefore, the leader would not tolerate anyone for jumping down to the sea instead. They would die either way. The person who was chosen gritted his teeth and walked over like a dead man. Similarly, when he gradually went down the cliff, he saw Kevin, who was still wearing a faint smile on his face. Kevin’s expression seemed to be very friendly, but the rascal could only feel chills running down his spine. This man really looked scary. Kevin didn’t do anything, but it still made him feel terrified, as if he had already fallen prey to him. Kevin still didn’t fire his shot. Instead, he pointed at the edge of the cliff with his gun and asked the rascal jump down by himself. The rascal looked up and saw that his leader’s gun was also pointing at him. Whatever move he made, it would still be a dead end. He clenched his teeth, held on to the branch with one hand, and held his gun with another, ready to shoot Kevin. However, how could Kevin just watch blindly? He moved so swiftly that he managed to point the gun towards the rascal. Bang– The bullet went through the man’s hand mercilessly As he was shot, the rascal dropped his gun into the sea, Then, he lost the strength to hold on to the branch too. He fell into the sea and was soon drown by the huge waves. No one knew what happened. “Damn it!” The leader cursed in anger. He shot aimlessly towards the sky with his pistol and pointed at another person. The guns they used could only hold five bullets at most. Even if the bullets in Kevin’s two guns were loaded, he only had 10 chances at shooting. Since he shot the two men earlier, and another two more while he was in the cave, Kevin would have six bullets left. Therefore, the leader was ready to let six of his men die just to waste Kevin’s bullets. However, they were pressed for time. It was getting dark and the waves were getting bigger. If the tides continued to rise and the waves got bigger, after a while, the sea water would flood the cave and Kevin would be at a dead end. The leader had suddenly realized this point. As long as they trapped Kevin inside, Kevin would definitely die. He said, “There’s no need to go down anymore. Stand guard here, all of you. Open your eyes wide, and wait for him to die.” As he heard the leader’s tactic, Kevin raised his hand and looked at his watch. Two hours had passed, so Nick Black should be arriving soon with his men. As long as Nick could arrive before the cave gets flooded, everything would be fine. Kevin would even let the attackers off the hook. The leader of the attackers was taking a bet. He was betting that Kevin would give up and walk out on his own as soon as the cave gets flooded. At that time, it would be easy for them to attack him. Kevin had never been a person who would let others decide his fate. The tide should be rising soon, and he was pressed for time. In this period of time, he had to find another way to get away. He could not just rely on Nick to rescue them. He returned to Karen Daly’s side and gently lifted her leg up to have a look. The venom had cleared, and Karen’s seemed much better now.. Kevin rubbed her head and looked at her blushing face. He couldn’t help but chuckle and said, “You, you are so adorable that I just want to keep you in my pocket.” “You are so annoying!” Karen hit him and lowered her head. She didn’t want to look into his eyes as he reminded her that they just had a passionate session right before they were attacked. It was a critical moment of life and death. Nonetheless, they abandoned all rational thought and only wanted to be with each other. They were so passionate about each other and did not care about the others at all. Kevin rubbed her foot gently, saying, “We still have a battle to fight. But don’t worry, I will never let anything happen to you.” “Okay.” She would never make a decision on her own. As long as she trusted him and followed him, he would take care of her. Kevin supported Karen up and said, “The tide is rising, and the attackers are waiting for us to go out. We don’t seem to have any other way to escape.” Karen looked at a seemingly calm Kevin and asked, “Did you come up with any new ideas?” Kevin did not answer. Instead, he took off his trousers and tied their bodies together with it. Then, Kevin pinched her face and said, “Karen, let’s go. I’ll take you to the sharks.” At such a critical moment like this, he even thought of ways to make her laugh. Karen also smiled and said, “Okay, let’s go.” Kevin’s swimming skills were very good, but in the tumultuous ocean, the big and strong waves could even overturn a boat. Therefore, just having good swimming skills seemed futile, but Kevin had his own tactics. He could just aim to hold onto the huge rocks by the sea and use them as support. He had tied the both of them together with his trousers. They would not be separated from each other despite the wives. As long as he could ensure that Karen was within his sight and that she was safe, he can absolutely bring her back up to shore. As the tide is rising, the attackers knew that Kevin would be forced to come up the cliff soon, hence they took the matter lightly. They did not spy on him constantly. Kevin and Karen took advantage of their relaxed mode to sneak into the sea and walk along the cliff. Kevin had gone diving before, so he could hold his breath for five minutes under the water, but Karen couldn’t. She wasn’t underwater long but she couldn’t hold her breath anymore. Kevin was quick-witted. He put his arms around Karen’s waist and kept her close. He kissed her lips to help her breathe and he allowed some air into her mouth. After they were a distance away from the cave, Kevin let go of her and they quietly got out of the surface of the water. The attackers earlier probably did not even realize that Kevin and Karen had already escaped from the cave discreetly. After observing the surroundings, Kevin did not stay put for long. He continued to move forward with Karen in tow, and they went ashore in a place that was far away from the attackers’ sight.

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