My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 460

Right at that moment, there was a rumbling sound in the sky. Several helicopters were hovering in the air. Kevin Kyle saw the signal flashing on the helicopter, which was the secret signal for the internal members of Rovio to contact each other when they were in danger. He knew that his reinforcements have arrived. His people had arrived, but Kevin still did not let his guard down. He had always been cautious, which was evident by how he checked through Karen Daly’s background and history thoroughly when first they got married. The only time he was not cautious was this time. Some false information and clues were deliberately planted, so he had believed that the perpetrator was Karen’s biological father who had passed away many years ago. Kevin helped Karen up and he checked the wound on her ankle. The wound seemed a little swollen, probably due to the exposure to seawater. Otherwise, she seemed fine, “I’m fine.” After the venom had been sucked out by Kevin, Karen felt fine, and the swelling and numbness on her legs had also disappeared. “Okay.” Kevin nodded. Although she was fine now, Kevin would make sure that she could get medical treatment as soon as possible. “Is the helicopter the enemy or one of our people?” Poor Karen was just so confused and asked innocently. “Our people.” Kevin rubbed her head and said, “There are many enemies on the island. Although we have people here to save us, we still can’t expose ourselves easily, otherwise we will be attacked.” Karen nodded. Although Kevin didn’t explain further, she understood the risks. After the incident earlier, she understood that the enemies they had encountered might not be all, on the island. In order to prevent them from escaping, there must be many more enemies hiding in the dark. Once they exposed their position, they might be attacked. He couldn’t send the signal to the helicopter in an obvious way, he had to think of an inconspicuous way to get their attention Using sound would be too obvious for their enemies to locate them, but if he waved his white shirt from the ground, those in the helicopters would surely notice them. As they covered by the jungle, it would be hard for the enemies on the ground to locate them. However, the helicopter was too visible in the air, so they heard gunshots directed towards the helicopter. The purpose of the helicopter was to search for and rescue Kevin and Karen. In order to avoid killing the innocent, they would not launch an attack easily, so they could only dodge the incoming attacks. As such, they could not fly too low either. They needed to make sure that the enemies could not attack them easily, but at the same time, they needed to rescue Kevin and Karen. Kevin’s safety was their ultimate goal. Apart from the helicopter, there was another team of people who were roaming on the island to search for them. The gunshots were really loud. As soon as they heard gunshots, the search and rescue team quickly arrived and began to fight with the enemies on the island. In the meantime, the helicopter suddenly flew quickly ahead and lowered its flying altitude too. Kevin continued to wave his ragged shirt. The helicopter crew noticed and flew straight to him. Kevin instantly knew that the pilot of the helicopter was Neil Brown. Neil would have noticed Kevin’s signals quickly. When they were still a few meters away from the ground, Neil dropped the ladder. Kevin held Karen in one hand and pulled the ladder close. They managed to get on the helicopter together, safely. Seeing that Kevin was only wearing his briefs, Neil couldn’t help but to look back at him and laughed hysterically, “My almighty Director Kevin, if I take a photo of you, I could sell it online for millions of dollars. I can probably live a simple and comfortable life without worrying much.” “Shut up and stop talking.” Kevin glanced at Neil coldly and said, “Where are the extra clothes?” Neil shook his head. Since he told him not to speak, then he would not say a single word. Kevin spoke loudly, “Say it!” It was obvious that he was trying to provoke him. He had never seen Neil so obedient usually After receiving Kevin’s order, Neil said, “Oh, my nephew, you can’t possibly talk to your uncle like this, I am older than you.” “Give me the clothes.” Kevin was still so serious. He did not intend to joke around with Neil at all. Judging by their interaction, those who didn’t know them would think that the dominant Kevin was the older one instead. Kevin had never regarded Neil as his uncle because Neil had never acted like an uncle before. He’d never behaved like an older family member and always did childish things. “Take it.” Neil, who was driving the helicopter, was able to use one of his hands to pass the bag to Kevin. Kevin was a germaphobe. He would never wear another person’s clothes, but in such situation, it’d be better to wear Neil’s clothes than being naked. As Kevin was changing, Neil commented casually. “Look at you, Matthew, you are not bad at all. How can you still be seducing a woman at such a dangerous moment?” Since being together with Mia, Neil finally understood why men always had scratches on their bodies for no reason. At the thought of scratches, Neil felt a pain in his back. Mia was such a ruthless woman. Every time they got too wild, she would scratch him mercilessly. The scratches on his body had never disappeared yet, so he always had his clothes on to hide them. If his soldiers saw the scratches, they would think that he had been abused. However, everyone knew what kind of “sweet” torture that he was going through. He was willing to be tortured by Mia for the rest of his life! As soon as she heard what Neil said, Karen blushed immediately. Of course, she knew that Neil was implying about their romantic tryst earlier! “Neil, shut your mouth!” Kevin warned him again in a deep voice. He shouldn’t have let him speak. “You two are husband and wife. It’s normal for you to do this kind of thing. Besides, you can do it under such stressful situations, which proves how strong and irresistible you are, Director Kevin.” Neil actually wanted to ask one more question. Was it satisfying to be doing things like that in such a pressuring environment? But he didn’t dare to ask. If he asked, his nephew would definitely throw him into the sea. He could get his answer by experimenting with Mia in the future. He’d much rather be experiencing these things on his own. Kevin said angrily, “Neil.” Neil shut up eventually. It was better not to cross Kevin’s limit. After all, Karen was his treasure. He would kill anyone who teased his treasure. There was no doubt about that.

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