My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 461

Kevin Kyle said seriously, “Since you are here, you must have found out who is behind this.” Neil Brown sneered and said, “Mia almost lost her life, and the incident almost destroyed her playful personality. Don’t you think I would want to find out?” Since the Mystery Person matter was related to Karen Daly, the person could confuse Kevin, but it was definitely not so easy to fool Neil Perhaps the Mystery Person dared to take such a dangerous step because he expected Kevin to stop Neil’s men from advancing. As long as there was an internal conflict, Neil wouldn’t be able to find him so quickly. But they missed one thing. Neil was the type of person who would never give up easily. And the most important thing was that the Mystery Person had hurt Mia Kyle. When Kevin’s people stopped Neil from investigating further, he’d already guessed that there was something fishy in this matter. As long as there was something fishy going on, he would not let it go. However, when he found out the truth, those people had already made an appointment to meet Kevin. The Mystery Person must have thought that they wouldn’t hold on for long, and hence he made the first move to quickly kill Kevin off. Then, everything would be resolved. Those bastards might have forgotten that even if something happened to Kevin, there was still Neil. Neil was certainly not easy to deal with. How could he let these idiots play them around? However, those idiots did use a lot of time and energy in their efforts. They must have done a lot of homework to learn about their personalities and ways of doing things. They could even guess their moves. Neil and Kevin were both popular figures. There were many people who were watching them from behind, but they didn’t expect that there was such a bold person who had the courage to attack them. Kevin didn’t like to talk usually. He was mostly cold and calm, and he would never act ruthlessly. However, everyone who was familiar with him would know that provoking him would mean the death of you. Neil looked back at him again and said, “How are you going to deal with these people who attacked you on the island?” Kevin raised his eyebrows and responded with a faint smile on his face, “Do you still have to ask me that?” Nick Black was Kevin’s most trusted subordinate. The other team was led by Nick, who would fight with the people who ambushed Kevin on the island. As for the ways to deal with them, Nick had his own means. Kevin didn’t need to worry about these things. “If I don’t ask you, do you expect me to ask Karen?” Neil understood Kevin’s implied meaning but he just wanted to provoke him. At the end of the day, he just wanted to tease Kevin and test his limits. He playfully wanted to see what he would do if he teased his wife. While they spoke about Karen, Karen was just sitting aside and kept silent. These two men were bantering happily so Karen couldn’t keep up, plus her mind was elsewhere. However, at the mention of her name as a joke, Karen was embarrassed and she was blushing, especially since Kevin was still holding her hands to keep her warm. She was thinking about something else in her mind. Things that she probably shouldn’t be thinking about at this time. “Neil, are you too bored lately?” Kevin looked at Neil coldly. If Neil continued on with his banter, he would find a way to hide Mia and let him pay for the irritation he was causing. “Karen, look at this guy, who is he trying to be fierce at?” Neil was not bothered by Kevin’s coldness at all. “I think he’s right.” Karen finally joined the conversation and smiled gently Of course, between Neil and Kevin, she would choose to help her husband. She was definitely a selfish woman. If Mia was around, Karen believed that she would be more inclined to help Neil too. “I see you’re protecting Matthew, well I don’t care about that. However, in future, when he bullies you, you can still ask us for help. Although we are all his family members, we are very logical beings. Especially since you’ve given us all the joy of Little Karen, so obviously we would support you a lot.” Neil was never a talkative person, but he must have been influenced by Mia recently. After several deep conversations with Mia, he seemed to enjoy discussing about the dynamics between couples. “Thank you, uncle!” Although she felt that Neil had another implied meaning, but Karen still thanked him politely. Even though Neil didn’t act like an elder in the family, he was still respected. He was the younger brother of Mama Kyle. As the daughter-in-law of Mama Kyle, Karen couldn’t possibly disrespect him. Kevin and Mia could mess with him, because Kevin was his family and Mia, his lover. He would surely tolerate their nonsense. Neil said, “Please don’t be as cold or emotionless as Matthew. I’m only a few years older than you two. Just let loose a little and be more casual when we’re together. We can have more fun.” However, their lives were at stake. There were still many people attacking them on the island. But since Neil and Kevin have reunited, they did not care about the others on the island. If the people on the island knew that Neil and Kevin were on the helicopter, they would probably surrender instead of fighting Neil’s helicopter driving skills were super smooth. He could fly the helicopter quickly yet steadily. After picking Kevin and Karen up, they quickly view to a safe area. They were clearly hovering above those enemies on the island, but they couldn’t do anything to them. Neil added, “Matthew, there’s something I prepared for you in the box under your seat. I believe it’s also what you want at this time.” Kevin knew what it was. He then glanced at Karen. He didn’t want to leave a bad impression in Karen’s mind, especially if it was the impression of a killer. Looking at the worried look in Kevin’s eyes, Karen understood him. She held his hand and stared at him, “Kevin, no matter what you do, I will always support you.” She was his wife. She wanted to be with him, and she wanted to be with him for the rest of her life. No matter what he did, she would stand by his side and support him without hesitation. If he wanted to fight, she would cheer for him! If he wanted to kill someone, she would help him sharpen the knife! “Okay.” Kevin chuckled as he wrapped his arm around Karen and hugged her tightly. “Karen, it’s so good to have you.” No matter how long it had been, he still couldn’t get used to saying sweet words. “It’s so good to have you” was his expression of his affection, and Karen understood it well.

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