My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 462

“Don’t you always say that you are my husband?” He was her husband. She certainly would support him without hesitation or any conditions. “Okay.” Kevin Kyle was very satisfied with Karen Daly’s answer. He held Karen’s face and kissed her hard. It was also the first time he had done such intimate things with Karen in front of others. Looking at their public display of affection, Neil was very unhappy. “It’s more important to deal with serious matters now. You two can save it for later tonight, OK?” He was no longer an old bachelor now, as he had gotten intimate with Mia Kyle. Seeing how intimate they were in front of him, he wished he could just leave all the work in his hand and go home to Mia. But it was not the right time. Hence, he just wanted to stop them so he would not be reminded of love. They could do whatever they wanted when they got home. Kevin let go of Karen and glanced at Neil fiercely, warning him not to talk nonsense anymore. He was the only one who could flirt with his wife. He was the only one who could see how shy Karen was, and no one else could ever do that. Kevin checked the seat belt on Karen again. After assuring that Karen was safe, he quickly opened the box under the seat. There was a new rifle lying in the box. It was the latest product from the Chatterton Town military, with a shooting range of 400 to 1000 meters. When the rifle was just released, Kevin wanted to have a try at it, but Neil was treasuring it so much that no one could ever touch it. Kevin looked at the rifle in his hands happily and said, “Guess it’s worth it to have you as my uncle.” Neil laughed and teased him, “Wow, I can only hear nice things about me if I give you something you like. If I don’t then what am I? How annoying you are.” “Nonsense!” Kevin picked up the gun nimbly and faced the window, aiming at the people on the island. Neil asked, “Are you ready?” Kevin nodded. “Yes.” Neil immediately accelerated his flying speed. The helicopter quickly plunged down towards the ground like a bird. When it reached a perfect height, Kevin picked up the gun in his hand and aimed at the attackers. Bang The bullet flew through the head of the leader who attacked him earlier. After the leader had collapsed, the rest of them wanted to shoot them back, but Neil had already accelerated. The helicopter rose rapidly and they were far away from their attacking range. The two of them were rarely together. Even when they met, they wouldn’t even talk much. But when the two of them worked together, they demonstrated seamless partnership Just a tiny gesture, or a little glance at each other, they would could understand each other without a single word. As the saying goes, always take down the leader if you want to capture the followers. The leader had been killed by Kevin with one shot. When the enemies had no leader, their team was in chaos. With the leader dead, Nick could now deal with the rest of the attackers on the ground easily. They would be at ease now. “Happy?” asked Neil in a polite tone. “It doesn’t matter. This is the supposed outcome for the man who messed with the wrong person.” Kevin put his gun away and answered calmly. Kevin would not feel very satisfied from just attacking a single person like this. “Sit tight then!” Neil suddenly accelerated. The helicopter flew away from the island rapidly and then went farther and farther away. Kevin was injured, and Karen had been bitten by a snake. Hence, they could not rush to the Ocean Behae Villa to meet their family. They had to rush to the hospital to treat the wounds first. Once they have been treated, then they could go and meet their family and Little Karen. Otherwise, Little Karen would definitely be upset if she saw her parents covered in wounds. After arriving at the hospital, the doctor confirmed that Karen had been bitten by a poisonous snake. Fortunately, the toxicity of its venom was not too serious. It would only take e’s life the venom remained in the body for a few hours. Luckily Kevin removed all the contaminated blood from Karen in time, hence she was fine. Now that the doctor had given Karen a blood transfusion and removed the remaining venom in her body, there wasn’t anything to worry about. However, it was Kevin’s injury that made Karen feel extremely embarrassed. Since he was worried about leaving her alone, he asked the doctor to treat him in her ward instead There were some wounds from when he was climbing and rolling in the jungle, and there were some scratches that she had accidentally left behind during their intimate tryst. The contrast between these two kinds of marks was very obvious. Anyone with a discerning eye would be able to tell it at a glance. While the doctor was helping Kevin with the wounds, he looked at Karen. He looked like he was judging her for “attacking” him while he was so heavily injured already Karen lowered her head and she was too embarrassed to look up. She just endured the entire ordeal silently, burning with humiliation. “Please leave the medicine here, and you may go.” Kevin suddenly requested for the doctor to leave. After the doctor left, Kevin raised Karen’s head. She was so shy that her face was blushing. He knew that this little woman was a very bold and brave woman, but at times, she would be so shy and timid. When she was shy, she became super adorable to him anyway, in Kevin’s eyes, no matter how she looked like, she would always be adorable. Kevin handed the medicine to Karen and helped her fix her hair. He smiled and said, “Well, don’t be shy. The doctor is gone. No one will laugh at you anymore.” “I’m not afraid of being laughed at” Karen responded in a soft voice. He definitely didn’t know that he was the one who really made her shy. Kevin rubbed her head and said with a wicked smile, “All the wounds on my body were because of you. So I’ll leave them to you now.” Seeing the wounds on his back, Karen’s heart ached so much that she ignored his naughty evil eyes. She blamed herself, “It’s all my fault. I should pay more attention the next time. I promise I won’t hurt you anymore.” “It doesn’t matter! I like that you leave traces on me.” Kevin grabbed Karen’s hand and kissed her. His smile was genuine Karen pulled her hand back and gently applied the ointment to his wounds. She did not miss any of the tiny wounds and took care of them carefully. Her serious look was particularly attractive. Kevin could not resist to gently kiss her on the face. “Karen-” He called her name in a deep voice. There were a lot of things he wanted to say to her, but he didn’t know what he could say. “Huh?” Karen responded softly as she looked up at him. Then, she lowered her head and continued to treat his wounds. He said, “I’ve made you suffer so much.” “Why did you suddenly say that?” Karen looked up at him and said gently. “You didn’t make me suffer. Whenever I’m with you, I’m always happy and content. I really am.” In the past, she always thought that she was lonely and no one loved her. Until she finally met him.

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