My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 463

It was Kevin Kyle who made her understand that she was not unwanted. She was unique and she could not be replaced by anyone else. It was also Kevin who let her know that there was also someone in the world who was willing to treasure her. “You fool!” Kevin lowered his head and said softly. It was actually his blessing to have met such a fool like her. She was his most precious fortune in this life. “You’re the silly one” Karen refuted playfully as she treated the last wound on his body. Then, she stopped and asked, “Why don’t you move a little and see if it still hurts?” “It doesn’t hurt!” With her around, he felt warmth in his heart. How else would it hurt? “How is it possible that it doesn’t hurt?” He was pretending again. No matter what he encountered, he would always put a fort up and not share the truth with her. He was a still human being, not a man made of steel. How could he not feel pain? Looking at Karen’s worried eyes, Kevin held her in his arms and rested his head above her head. “I really don’t feel pain when you’re around!” When Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly were being ambushed on the island, Little Karen, who was at Ocean Behae Villa, had also been attacked. However, the people who attacked her were doing it in the dark, not as flagrant as the ones who attacked her parents. If the person behind the scenes wanted Kevin to disappear and wanted to take over Rovio, then Karen Joy Kyle’s existence would be an obstacle. Even though she was only a four-year-old child, she had become a thorn in their side. However, they didn’t put too much effort into dealing with this little child like they did to deal with Kevin. The Mystery Person had already found out that whenever Karen Joy left the house, she would always be followed by four people, a driver, two strong bodyguards, and a young boy The identity of the boy was unknown. He looked thin and weak and did not seem like a threat. Even if he was aggressive, he wouldn’t be as strong as the bodyguards. Therefore, they took advantage of the time when the boy took Karen Joy to rest, then they planned to attack them. They wanted to take Karen Joy away when they were least prepared. Karen Joy was a little grumpy today. She didn’t want to sleep when she was supposed to take a nap, because her parents said that they would arrive by noon to have lunch with her, however, they did not show up. She waited for a long time, but she couldn’t see her parents. She called them, and the calls couldn’t get through either. She called Uncle Law again. Uncle Law told her that her parents were dealing with plenty of important work, and their phones must have been out of signal. Her father and mother have always told her that she was their most important treasure, but they were doing something else that was very important. So what could be more important than her? Little Karen felt very hurt and felt that her little heart was shattered. She was so well-behaved and so cute. How could she not be the most important treasure of her parents? Because she was angry, Little Karen didn’t even eat her favourite strawberries during lunchtime. She was so angry and ignored everyone. She didn’t want her grandmother, her Little Aunt, and even her grandfather. She asked Brother Lionel to take her back to her room for a nap. But she was really angry. She was so angry that she rolled around on the bed and couldn’t sleep. She even ignored Brother Lionel who was talking to her. “Little Karen..” “I don’t want to talk to you.” “And why not?” “Brother Lionel, you’re not a good boy. You are lying to me about my parents.” “Little Karen, if you ignore me again, I will leave now.” After saying that, Lionel pretended to leave, but Little Karen let out a sad pout and her eyes became teary. “Okay I won’t leave you, please don’t cry!” Lionel quickly held the little fellow in his arms, and comforted her softly. “Brother Lionel… Little Karen was so sad that she cried loudly when she called out Brother Lionel’s name. She even wiped her snot and saliva on Brother Lionel’s clothes. “Hey you little precious, don’t cry! I’m here. I will always be by your side and not abandon you.” Seeing Little Karen crying so sadly, Lionel felt worried and helpless. “Brother Lionel, please don’t leave me.” As she thought that Brother Lionel also wanted to leave her, Little Karen felt sadder and cried even harder that her body trembled. Lionel held her tightly in his arms and patted her on the back gently. “No, I won’t. I promise to stay by your side always. “Let’s have a pinky swear!” Little Karen showed her tiny pinky against Lionel’s hand. “Okay, pinky swear.” Lionel did not mind Little Karen’s childish behavior. He showed his pinky too and hooked it with Little Karen’s pinky, and he said very seriously, “Once we’ve pinky sworn, we can’t break it for a hundred years.” “If you break it, then you’ll become a big bad guy. You’ll become super ugly.” Little Karen wiped her tears on Lionel’s clothes and then burst into laughter. “Well, if you break your promise, you’ll become a big bad girl, And you’ll become super-duper ugly too.” Lionel gently pinched Little Karen’s nose. “Your tears are making such a mess now… How ugly.” Hearing Brother Lionel say that she was ugly, Little Karen suddenly widened her big, watery eyes and looked at her Brother Lionel That’s unbelievable. How could Brother Lionel call her ugly? She was so cute, but Brother Lionel said she was ugly! Wasn’t he her pal?! “I’m just joking. Our Little Karen is the most beautiful child in the world.” Lionel said with a smile. He lowered his head and gently kissed Little Karen’s pink little face. In the past, he had never interacted with children much, and he hated spending time with children. He felt that children were the most unreasonable creatures in the world. They could cry and laugh whenever they wanted and without any reasons. There was only one reason why he came to Little Karen’s side. Little Karen was his lifesaver and he wanted to repay her life-saving grace. He was seriously injured at that time. If it wasn’t for Little Karen, he would have died in the hands of his malicious older brother on that rainy night. He wanted to stay with Little Karen for a while before leaving, but then he found out that there were many people trying to harm Little Karen. Besides, in the process of spending time with her, he realized that children were not as annoying as he thought. Children could be so playful and happy all the time because they had simple minds and they did not hold grudges. If they liked someone, they would show it. If they hated someone, they would show it too. Little Karen was lovely and adorable. The people around her would naturally feel inclined to give her their best and treat her well. Slowly, he decided to continue staying by Little Karen’s side, and not just to repay her kindness. He simply wanted to protect her like his little sister, to take care of her, and to let her grow up well.

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