My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 464

He concealed his identity, gave up the fight for power, and gave up his comfortable life. He chose to stay by Little Karen’s side and become her most loyal guardian. A few months ago, Lionel would never have such a thought. Now, he had gone through with these drastic changes and realized his thoughts. Two days ago, Zuriel Perth had called him and urged him to return to Country A. He told him that his two brothers have had a fierce fight. The current situation in Country A was tense. The president and his wife were looking forward to his return. He didn’t have any trusted assistants with him while abroad, so it was easy for him to fall prey to the fight between his two brothers. He knew that if he stayed in Chatterton Town any longer, his life would be at higher risk, but Lionel was still unwilling to leave. He would rather face these risks than leave Little Karen behind. When he thought about Little Karen crying if he left, and how they could not spend their time together anymore, his heart ached. He promised Little Karen that he would never lie to her, and he would do his best to stay with her as she grew up. He had promised that he would stay with her all the time. He had mentioned that if she needed him, she only needed to call his name, and he would definitely appear by her side immediately “I know that you are the best. You won’t lie to me.” Little Karen nestled in Brother Lionel’s arms and spoke softly Brother Lionel had said a lot of things to her before, but Little Karen probably couldn’t remember much. However, she firmly remembered that Brother Lionel had promised to be by her side always. Brother Lionel would play games with her, watch cartoons with her, and accompany her to kindergarten. In short, Brother Lionel would always be with her and protect her. She also remembered that as long as she missed her Brother Lionel, she could hold the necklace that Brother Lionel had given her and call out, “Brother Lionel, come out quickly.” He would then appear beside her. “Karen..” Lionel wanted to speak more, but Little Karen had fallen asleep in his arms. He rubbed Little Karen’s head and carefully cover her with her quilt. He pinched the tip of her nose gently, “What an adorable little girl.” “Brother Lionel… In her sleep. Little Karen called for Brother Lionel gently. Then, her voice was fading away… “Karen, sleep now. I will be here with you.” Lionel pulled the quilt over Little Karen. The room was too cold, and he could not let the little fellow catch a cold. Buzz… The phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He immediately pressed the silent button and looked at Little Karen immediately. Thankfully Little Karen wasn’t startled by the ringtone, so he went out of the room to answer the call. “What’s the matter?” He asked coldly. “Third Young Master, if you don’t go back to Country A, the First Madam will definitely go crazy.” Master Perth’s urgent voice could be heard from the phone. Lionel was silent The current President’s wife of Country A was his biological mother. She only had Lionel as a child. Now, the first and second son of the President had been fighting for the right to inherit the throne. They might threaten and target the third son at any time. How could the First Madam not be worried? After a long silence, Lionel said slowly, “Tell her that I will stay in Chatterton Town for a long time. Please take good care of her.” “Third Young Master, what on earth are you doing? Don’t you know that you will be exposed to danger any time if you stay here?” Master Perth became more anxious. “I’ve always been very clear about what I’m doing,” said Lionel in a deep voice. In the past, he had always listened to the man’s commands. He was different from other children since he was born. When other kids were pampered by their mothers, his mother had already thrown him into the a pool of ice cold water, training him to survive. His mother often told him that diamonds are made under pressure He had never doubted his mother’s words before, but after he had come to the Kyle family, his thoughts changed. The foundation of a person was not a person’s strength or dominance, but instead, it was the love in their soul. As long as there was love and there were loved ones to live for, then one would naturally become extremely powerful. Besides, he was trained to treat every person and every matter coldly since young. To him, this was the recipe for loneliness, and he didn’t want that. “Third Young Master.. Before Zuriel Perth finished his words, Lionel hung up on the phone quickly. He’d promised Little Karen to accompany her, so he must do it. Even if he could not stay with her for a lifetime, at least he would need to accompany her for a few more years. When she grows up and becomes more mature, then he would leave. Lionel was in a daze, when he suddenly heard a sound in the room. He pushed the door open and rushed in. Just before he had left the room, Little Karen was still asleep on the bed. But as he came back to the room, Little Karen was nowhere to be found. The bed was empty. Lionel glanced around and soon realized that the windows of the room had been opened, when they were closed before. He immediately rushed to the windows. When he looked out of the window, Little Karen was carried away by a mysterious figure and he was fleeing the scene. Lionel jumped out of the window immediately from the second floor. Fortunately, he landed on the lawn in front of the house and therefore, he didn’t feel much pain. Lionel regained his balance quickly, then he got up and rushed towards the kidnapper. He was careless once upon a time, when he neglected Little Karen’s safety momentarily and ultimately she got hurt. Besides having a deep scar on her forehead, she was also traumatized. He promised her that he would protect her well and help her to chase away the bad guys. He would never let anyone bully her again. Therefore, as long as he was still around, he would never allow anyone hurt Little Karen. No one could! Lionel moved at an astonishingly fast speed, as he was really determined to bring Little Karen to safety. It didn’t take long for him to catch up with the two men who wanted to kidnap Little Karen. He rushed forward quickly, and used his leg to trip one of the kidnappers over. The kidnapper fell down immediately hurt himself. He struggled to get back up. Lionel did not care about him. After he tripped him over, he immediately chased after the other kidnapper who was holding Little Karen. His purpose was to get Little Karen back safe and sound. As Little Karen was still in his arms, Lionel did not dare to attack him. First of all, he was afraid of hurting Little Karen, and on the other hand, he was afraid that the kidnapper would use Little Karen as hostage. He followed closely behind the kidnapper and fixed his eyes on Little Karen, who was being carried over his shoulder helplessly.

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