My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 465

Even after all the hustling and running, the little fellow did not wake up at all. She definitely wasn’t still sleeping, the two kidnappers must have drugged her when they took her away. Damn it! Lionel cursed in his heart, but the anger in his chest rose rapidly. These beasts had the courage to drug such a young kid. He must skin them alive! Lionel was so angry it interrupted his train of thoughts. If those people did drug Little Karen, he would make them pay even more. He shifted his gaze from Little Karen to the kidnapper. He glared at him with the sharpness of an arrow that had escaped its bow. After Lionel found the right timing, he pounced onto the kidnapper and grabbed his foot. The kidnapper lost his balance and fell down. Little Karen fell to the ground too. Lionel reacted quickly and rushed towards Little Karen. Thankfully, he was fast enough and caught the little girl just in time before she fell to the ground. Lionel breathed a sigh of relief after saving her. He reached out to gently rub her head and said softly, “Little Karen, don’t be afraid, I will chase them away.” Although she was unconscious, Lionel believed that she must have sensed everything that was happening. Hence, he still needed to reassure her. The kidnapper stood up and spat on the ground. He yelled fiercely, “You kid, if you want to live, you should leave now. Don’t get in my way here.” Lionel put Little Karen’s head on his chest and covered her ears with his palms. Then he raised his head and looked at the kidnapper fiercely. The kidnapper who tripped over earlier came over to Lionel’s side. He was hurt more badly than the other kidnapper, so he was angrier. He looked at Lionel with disdain in his eyes. “Where did you f*cking come from?” Lionel was still staring at them ferociously and didn’t say anything The kidnappers got angrier because Lionel remained silent One of them shouted shouted, “Bastard, I’m talking to you. How dare you ignore me? I’ll teach you a bloody lesson!” When they were preparing to kidnap Karen Joy Kyle, they had done their homework and studied the people around her. They knew the backgrounds of all the people around Karen Joy, except for this idiot. They could not find anything related to him. This meant two possibilities. First, perhaps this person had a powerful background and managed to conceal most of his information. Second, perhaps this person was indeed an Average Joe and there really wasn’t anything special about him. People with high statuses and powerful backgrounds would never succumb to be a powerless servant of a child. Therefore, these people ruled out the possibility that he had come from a powerful family. That meant that Lionel was probably just an Average Joe. The two kidnappers did not take him seriously at all. If he fought with these two people on his own, he would definitely have a chance to win. But now as he was holding Little Karen in his arms, he was not able to move around properly. He quickly took a few steps back and placed Little Karen on the ground. Then, he took off his shirt to cover her. After ensuring that Little Karen was safe and well, Lionel slowly got up and looked at the two kidnappers angrily. He said coldly, “If you want to fight, let’s fight!” “Kid, you are young but you’re so ridiculously arrogant! Maybe you don’t know what fear is if I don’t teach you a lesson today.” One of the kidnappers sneered at him. They were focused on escaping earlier and this kid just showed up randomly. He couldn’t possibly think that he was invincible in the world! Looking at this boy’s child-like face, he was probably no more than sixteen years old. Such a young little boy should probably just stay at home with his mother. They thought. Lionel ignored the kidnapper’s words and just stood still. He looked so calm that no one knew what he was thinking. While fighting, physical strength would not be enough to ensure victory, as one would need a strong mental strength too. Mind over matter. After the two kidnappers intimidated him, they thought that the young lad would be a little fearful. However, his calm face did not look afraid. Instead, he was trying to take control of the situation. The two kidnappers exchanged glances and decided to just get on with it. They would need to get rid of this obstacle before the bodyguards show up. The two kidnappers looked young and innocent. What a shame, they might die today. The two kidnappers had never expected that this young lad was much more powerful than they expected. They ran towards Lionel immediately, but right before they could grab him, Lionel kicked them and they fell. The two kidnappers fell painfully to the ground and you could hear bones cracking. They wailed in agony. They probably realized that they had underestimated their opponent. Lionel was so fast that they didn’t even see his moves. When they were still lying on the ground and looked up at him again, Lionel was still standing still. There was no expression on his face and he looked extremely innocent. “Wow he’s almost as strong as the girl’s bodyguards,” The kidnappers were discussing under their breath. “Kevin loves his precious daughter so much, he surely won’t let a person stay by his daughter’s side for no reason. We didn’t think about this.” The driver and bodyguards were all carefully chosen by Kevin for his precious daughter, but truthfully, Kevin really didn’t choose Lionel. Brother Lionel’s life had been saved by Little Karen. Little Karen also allowed and requested that Lionel spend time with her. Therefore, her most capable bodyguard really had nothing to do with her father. It was she who chose Lionel, The two kidnappers exchanged glances again. One of them put his hand into his pocket, quietly unlocked his cell phone, and dialled a number. “We are in trouble. We need some support.” They had sneaked into Ocean Behae Villa to kidnap Karen Joy with a lot more people on their team. Their team members were hidden in every corner of the villa on standby, and the two of them were responsible to take Little Karen away They noticed that Karen Joy’s bodyguards were not around, so they took this best opportunity to take action. Their plan was being carried out so smoothly, but no one had expected that there would be such a brat interrupting them halfway. Judging from his fierce look, he would probably not hand Karen Joy over.

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