My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 466

As soon as the call for help from the two kidnappers was sent out, the rest of the team waiting outside of the villa quickly came to them. A dozen of enemies surrounded Lionel and Little Karen. One of the back-up team members said to the kidnappers, “Our boss entrusted such an important task to you, but you can’t even deal with a kid!” When they received the signal requesting for assistance, they thought there were many strong opponents. Yet, when they got here, all they found was just a young kid. They were really laughing their heads off. “You..” The kidnapper was so angry that he wanted to punch him. The other kidnapper pulled him back and said, “I admit that the two of us have sucked up to our boss most of the time. We don’t really have much to offer. But today, we’re all here for a common goal. Let’s deal with this first, and we can talk about the rest later.” “Well, at least you know that you are incompetent which proves that you are not delusional” Another team member commented While they were having their own discussion, Lionel quickly counted the number of enemies. There were fifteen of them in front of him. He estimated that the fighting skill of these guys were probably similar to the kidnappers earlier. If so, then he was confident that it wouldn’t be a problem to deal with about 10 of them. However, now that there were 15 of them, it would not be easy for him to defeat them all on his own But no matter how difficult it was, even if he had a slim chance of succeeding, he would try his best to fight until the end. Because their target was Little Karen, and he would never hand Little Karen over to someone else. Lionel looked back and saw that Little Karen was lying close to the sea, so the enemies had no way to attack her from behind. He needed to protect Little Karen, so he just needed to stand in front of her and stop the enemies from approaching. After analysing the situation, Lionel’s heart calmed down a lot. He couldn’t beat these fifteen people by himself, but as long as he delayed them for a little longer, then Little Karen’s two bodyguards would realize her disappearance, and she would be rescued. Lionel wanted to stall for time, but the enemies wanted to fight quickly, so they could leave with Karen Joy Kyle. “You two, watch us. Watch how we fight this kid who could defeat you easily.” One of the enemies made a hand signal, then a few of them pounced forward and started to attack Lionel Lionel responded quickly and punched back. After a few rounds, the two tall and buff opponents did not manage to defeat Lionel. Instead, the both of them were injured. Even the man who was boasting earlier had a swollen face. The two enemies were defeated, and Lionel had successfully attracted everyone’s attention. The rest of their team looked at him coldly as they prepared to attack him next. From that attack, no one looked down upon this kid anymore. Everyone put their guards up and brought their best moves. The enemies looked around and nodded at each other. Before Lionel could assess the situation, 15 of them rushed towards him in unison. Although they were not as good at fighting as Lionel was, he was outnumbered, and the goal was to tire Lionel out so that he would give up. Every time he was attacked, Lionel made great efforts to fight back. In the beginning, he was still attacking the enemies in a proper way, but slowly, he was just fighting back to hold on to dear life. The punches and kicks came one after another. They fought for a long time and both parties were seriously injured. Lionel was all bruised up and bleeding. Yet, he did not give up. Even if he died in their hands, he would protect Little Karen until the end and would not let anyone take her away. He did not want the enemies to take her away, but the enemies aimed to take her away by hook or by crook. They did not want to cause a big fuss initially. However, Lionel stepped into their plan and ruined everything. The enemies exchanged glances and were prepared to give Lionel one last blow. Some of them would rush over to take the child away first If Lionel was not preoccupied with the thoughts of protecting Little Karen, his chances of winning would greatly increase. But there were no ifs, his sole purpose now was to protect Little Karen. The fight was getting more and more intense. However, this was also the Kyle’s private beach at Ocean Beach Villa. No one else would come here, so it was very difficult for outsiders to notice an ongoing fight. As so many of them were hitting Lionel one after another, Lionel was gradually getting weaker. After suffering several punches from the enemies in a row, he couldn’t stand it anymore. Lionel was too weak to return their blows. The enemies attacked him over and over again, and he tried to fight them all the way. When he was about to collapse, most of the enemies had already been knocked out by him. Lionel had been fighting fiercely, but he did not leave Little Karen side. She was still lying behind him. No one could get close to even Little Karen with Lionel so close to her. Therefore, as long as he was still breathing, no one would be able to approach Little Karen Lionel’s eyes had already turned red. The more they fought, the fiercer he became. Whoever came up to fight him, he would beat them back. The others seem to have turned crazy too. They were fighting madly. After a long fight there were only three of them left standing The fewer people were left, the more desperate they become. They did not just want Little Karen now, but they also wanted to get rid of Lionel completely. “Damn it, this brat is really a loyal dog.” One of the remaining three people spat out a mouthful of blood and cursed. Lionel was punched in the eyes so his vision was getting a little blurred, but he persisted. He stood firmly in front of Little Karen, as her most loyal guardian. He needed to guard her so that she would never be hurt. “Kill him!” One of the remaining three yelled out loudly. Lionel wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked back at Little Karen. Her face still looked innocent with her eyes closed, like she was peacefully asleep. “Karen, as long as I’m here with you, I will protect you and won’t let anyone hurt you again.” He spoke silently in his heart. When he looked back at the enemies, his look was cold and frightening. He knocked two enemies down in a row with a strong, flying kick. The other person seized the opportunity and pounced onto Lionel. He pressed his body down to the ground and held him tight. But Lionel didn’t surrender. Little Karen’s bodyguard hadn’t arrived yet so Little Karen was still in danger. He couldn’t give up now. He had to knock down the last three enemies to ensure Little Karen’s safety. However, he was still a human being. Even if he gritted his teeth and held on, he still had his limits.. Lionel was unable to hold on any longer. Suddenly, a cold dagger was stabbed into his abdomen. He heard someone say, “You son of a bitch, how dare you ruin our plan! Die in hell!”

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