My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 467

The dagger stabbed into Lionel’s stomach, but it didn’t relieve the hatred in the enemies. The man stabbed him twice in a row, and the second strike was more ruthless than the previous one. His sole purpose was to kill Lionel Biting his teeth, Lionel grabbed the hand of the person who stabbed him. He turned over and sat on the enemy’s body. He quickly pulled out the dagger from his stomach and stabbed immediately into the enemy’s body. He was fast, accurate, and deadly! After killing the enemy, Lionel’s strength was almost drained. He was exhausted from even just holding the dagger. He tried his best to open his eyes and he saw all the enemies had fallen. He finally relaxed his body, and his thin and tall figure fell heavily to the ground. Bang His body fell to the ground and made a loud noise. Instantly, he felt that the world was spinning, and the things in front of him also became blurred. His body was in great pain. His head was heavy and his limbs were weak. His mouth was dry. He felt that he was going to take his last breath soon and never wake up again. But he did not want to take his last breath so quickly. He promised to accompany Little Karen as she grows up, so he needed to hold on till the end. He remembered that Little Karen was right behind him. Yes, he had to accompany Little Karen and fulfil his promise… Lionel kept assuring himself that he had to hold on to fulfil his promise to Little Karen. Covering his wounded abdomen, he slowly climbed to Little Karen’s side and whispered, “Little Karen, don’t be have killed all the bad guys.” afraid. I “There’s someone over there, like right over there..” In a daze, Lionel heard the voice of the bodyguards. Their voices were getting closer and closer, as if they were coming over. “Little Karen, someone is coming. You will be fine.” Lionel said gently and reached out to touch Little Karen’s face. But when he realized that his hand was dirty and stained with blood, he withdrew his hand immediately. He smiled. The smile made his wound hurt a little, and his smile appeared forced and sad, but he still tried his best to talk to her with a smiley face, “Little Karen, I might not be by your side anymore. Whatever is it, you must be smart and take care of yourself. Please make sure that you’re happy every day. “You son of a bitch! You’re almost dying! How can you still be thinking about someone else!” The two kidnappers who had just been defeated got up again. They came to Lionel and Little Karen aggressively, but they were aiming at Lionel. In comparison to losing Karen Joy, they were more ashamed that they were defeated by this young lad instead. None of them would be satisfied if they didn’t destroy Lionel… “Hurry up and find her. If you can’t find the little miss, I will deal with all of you later.” The voice and rapid footsteps came from not far away. The kidnappers knew that the bodyguards were arriving. The kidnappers looked at each other. They planned to use this critical moment to capture Karen Joy before the bodyguards arrived, or they could kill her now and bring her body back. However, as soon as they moved, Lionel turned around and hugged the legs of the two kidnappers tightly, stopping them from getting close to Little Karen. “D*mn it, you damn dog. How could you protect her like this? Go to hell!” The two kidnappers cursed and stepped hard on Lionel’s hand. The other one twisted his other hand. Without hesitation, they carried a dying Lionel away and threw him into the sea After throwing Lionel into the sea, the two kidnappers knew that they had no other way out and jumped into the sea together Little Karen’s two bodyguards arrived and saw this scene, They wanted to stop them, but it was too late. After being thrown out of the sea, Lionel was quickly swallowed by the waves… The two bodyguards picked up Little Karen and immediately checked on her. The fight earlier was intense, yet Little Karen was left unscathed. A few hours had passed when Little Karen woke up. She blinked her long eyelashes before slowly opening her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she saw a lot of people, including her grandparents and Little Aunts. Her parents were also around. Seeing her parents, Little Karen smiled happily. She reached out her two tiny hands and said happily, “Daddy, hug me.” Kevin Kyle reached out to hug Little Karen and said softly “Ok, let me hug my baby.” “I miss daddy and mummy.” Little Karen had forgotten that she was still angry with her parents before she fallen asleep. It was just one day without her parents, but she had already missed them so dearly. Fortunately, when her parents were not around, Brother Lionel was right by her side. When she thought of Brother Lionel, Little Karen looked up from her father’s arms and searched around, but she couldn’t see Brother Lionel In the past, when everyone gathered around her, Brother Lionel would stand quietly in a corner and look at her. As long as she called out for her Brother Lionel, he would smile at her. Where had Brother Lionel gone today? Little Karen looked around and realized that she had not seen Brother Lionel around. A disappointed look appeared on her pink chubby face. Karen Daly realized it and guessed that her daughter must have been looking for her Brother Lionel. In the past few months, except for when Little Karen was asleep, Lionel had been by Little Karen’s side all the time. He was a boy who didn’t like to talk and was always cold to everyone, but he was different when he’s with Little Karen. He loved Little Karen like his own sister, and that’s why Little Karen relied on him so much. Whenever she couldn’t see him for even just a while, she would look for him everywhere. Little Karen’s reliance on Lionel was far beyond everyone’s imagination. But now, in order to protect Little Karen, Lionel had been thrown into the sea by the enemies… They had sent out a rescue team to look for him for several hours, but there was still no news. He was seriously injured, and was lost in the fierce waves. Even if he was very strong… As she thought about how innocent Lionel was, to have died so terribly, Karen found it difficult to breathe. Her heart was so distressed that it ached. “Mom, where is my Brother Lionel? Why didn’t he stay with me?” Little Karen pouted her little lips and said sadly. Brother Lionel told her that he would stay with her all the time, waiting for her to wake up from her sleep… Now that she’s woken up, Brother Lionel was, however, not by her side. Little Karen felt really sad. “Little Karen, Brother Lionel, he.” Before she could finish her sentence, Karen was so upset that she swallowed her words back How were they going to tell Little Karen that Brother Lionel was thrown into the sea and no one knew where he was? They had sent a lot of people to find him, but they still couldn’t find him. It was very likely that Brother Lionel had gone far, far away, and Little Karen would never see him ever again in her life.

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