My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 468

Little Karen stared at her mother with wide eyes, waiting for her mother to tell her the reason, but her mother did not answer her. She looked at her father next. She pouted her lips, and her pitiful look seemed to imply that if her father did not tell her too, she would cry immediately “Karen – Kevin Kyle rubbed Little Karen’s head and kissed her soft, pink face, “I will try my best to find your Brother Lionel When they were all in the hospital, they received the news that Little Karen had also been attacked by the enemy. In order to protect her, Lionel fought hard and resisted desperately, he was then thrown into the sea by the enemies and went missing. The damned enemies hiding in the dark wanted more than just Kevin. They wanted his daughter too. If he didn’t exert his dominance over those people, they might think he was as weak as a kitten… He deliberately wanted to mess with them a little longer, and prove them otherwise. Thinking of the enemies hiding in the dark, Kevin’s face turned gloomy. Little Karen was a little frightened. “You look so scary, Daddy. Did Brother Lionel run away and you are trying to catch him back?” Little Karen continued her words, “Daddy, Brother Lionel will not run away. Daddy, don’t catch him.” Kevin, “..” Since when did he say that he wanted to catch that brat? His daughter always knew how to look out for others at such a young age. It actually wouldn’t be such a bad thing for Lionel to leave her now. Little Karen would grow up slowly, and she would take over Rovio in future. She had to be independent. It would not be good for her to rely too much on one person. “Brother Lionel will come back and stay with me.” Little Karen said firmly. She believed in her Brother Lionel very much. “Little Karen.” Karen Daly didn’t want to lie to Little Karen, but she couldn’t bear to tell her the truth yet. Hence, she did not continue her words. “Little Karen, let me tell you something.” Mia Kyle went forward and held Little Karen in her arms. She rubbed her head and said, “Little Karen, Brother Lionel has flown up to the sky. When you grow up, Brother Lionel will come back.” “Little Aunt, you are lying. Brother Lionel will not fly up to the sky, Brother Lionel said that he would stay with me all the time and help me chase away the bad guys.” Little Karen said angrily. In the past, Little Karen had believed Mia’s words that her mother was flying in the sky because she did not remember anything about her mother. She just knew that other children had mothers, but she never had one. So, she felt a little strange. But apart from that, she didn’t think too much of it. However, Brother Lionel was different. Brother Lionel had stayed by Little Karen’s side for a very long time. He loved her, spoiled her, took care of her, accompanied her.. He had stayed with her all the time and had become an important figure in her life. He had also said to Little Karen repetitively that he would always accompany her and watch her grow up. He had never lied to Little Karen before, so Little Karen firmly believed in his words. She never thought that Brother Lionel might abandon her one day and fly to the sky alone. But if Brother Lionel was not flying in the sky, where else would he go? Why wasn’t anyone telling her the truth? Little Karen couldn’t think of another reason, but she could vaguely sense something from the looks of the adults. She felt that Brother Lionel had left her for good. “Baby Karen!” Karen took Little Karen back and held her little body tightly in her arms. She spoke gently yet firmly, “Brother Lionel is missing. We are trying to find him. Let’s wait together for him to come back, okay?” Brother Lionel is missing! With those few words, Little Karen’s head went buzzing. What exactly does it mean by going missing? If Brother Lionel went missing, did it mean that she would never see him again in future? Little Karen looked at her mother with a stunned face, and then at her father. Gradually, she looked at everyone else around her as they remained silent. They did not seem to be willing to answer her question. She didn’t know why Brother Lionel would disappear. She only knew that Brother Lionel had promised that he would stay with her all the time, so Brother Lionel would definitely come back “Baby Karen?” Everyone looked at Little Karen at the same time. When they saw that she had no reaction, they didn’t know if she was fine. “Mommy, Brother Lionel will definitely come back to me. I will wait for him.” Little Karen spoke very sensibly, which made everyone worried. She should have cried and made a fuss at such a young age, but her reaction was beyond everyone’s expectation. She didn’t react emotionally. Instead, she was as calm as an adult. Perhaps she still didn’t understand the complexity of the issue. She still believed that Brother Lionel would come back, that’s why she was so calm. Karen responded with distress, “Well, we are all going to wait for Brother Lionel to return to us too.” Little Karen raised her eyebrows and smiled brightly. She nodded obediently and said, “Brother Lionel will definitely come back to me. He won’t lie to me.” Before she went to bed today, Brother Lionel Had said that he would accompany her and grow up with her. Little Karen’s memory was good, so she believed that Brother Lionel would stick to his words and really come back. Karen held her daughter tightly in her arms as she lowered her head and kissed her tender face. She felt pain for her poor little daughter. She hoped that God could bless Lionel, and that he would be lucky. Even if they couldn’t find him, she hoped that he could live well wherever he was. Kevin Kyle arranged for the rescue team to search near Ocean Beach Villa for a few days, but nothing was found, so the rescue team had decided to give up the mission. In fact, everyone knew that if he was thrown into the sea at that time, where the waves were so big and strong, he would’ve already been swept away by the waves. How could he be rescued? Just because Little Karen had been worrying about him, Kevin ordered them not to give up as long as there was a glimmer of hope for survival. A few days had passed, and there was still no news at all. It would be a waste of manpower, resources, and finances if they kept looking for him. In the end, Nick Black, on behalf of Kevin, ordered for the rescue team to stop going to sea When Karen Daly knew that the rescue team was about to stop their work, she knew that poor Lionel would never return She felt sad over Lionel, but she was more worried about her precious daughter. In the past few days, Little Karen was very sensible and did not ask for Brother Lionel. She went to kindergarten and went for Taekwondo lessons after school. She was more sensible and obedient than ever before.

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