My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 469

Little Karen was doing too good for such a young child. Everyone else didn’t know how to speak to her or comfort her. Everyone could see that Little Karen had been keeping Brother Lionel in her mind. She didn’t say anything because she believed that Brother Lionel would come back. She was waiting for his return with everyone else. She was waiting for him to return and be her guardian. However, a few days had passed and Brother Lionel wasn’t back yet, so Little Karen suddenly broke down. When she came back from kindergarten in the evening and did not see her Brother Lionel, she began to burst into tears as Karen Daly walked her to her Taekwondo lessons. Her crying was so loud that it could be heard by everyone in the family. “Baby Karen, what’s wrong?” Mama Kyle rushed over and she felt so heartbroken by Little Karen’s crying that she wanted to cry too. “Karen, did someone bully you? Tell me, so I can help you deal with them.” Mia Kyle took some tissues to wipe Little Karen’s tears. “Brother Lionel, I want Brother Lionel…” Little Karen wiped her tears. The more she cried, the louder she was. She kept shouting for Brother Lionel. “Baby Karen…” Karen held Little Karen in her arms and kissed her. Her heart ached, but she didn’t know how to comfort her. “I want Brother Lionel…” Little Karen was still crying. No one knew how to console her. “Little Karen, Brother Lionel is doing something very important. He can’t stay with you for the time being. When you grow up, he will return to your side and continue to accompany you.” It was not good to lie to her daughter, but Karen was running out of ideas. “Like Mommy?” Little Karen suddenly stopped crying. She wiped her tears and looked attentively at her mother. “In the past, I didn’t have you, but I grew up obediently. Then you came back. So, if I continue to be obedient, will Brother Lionel come back?” As Little Karen brought up the fact that her mother was absent from her life before, Karen’s heart ached again. She hugged her tightly in her arms and kissed her. Karen said gently, “Yes, so you’ll just have to behave well. When you grow up, you can meet Brother Lionel again.” She clearly knew that she shouldn’t lie to Little Karen like this, but Karen just agreed helplessly to Little Karen’s question Perhaps there would be a miracle one day. Brother Lionel would come back to her side like her mother who went missing for many years. “In that case, I should grow up quickly so that Brother Lionel would come back to find me.” Little Karen wiped her tears and said softly. “Yes..” Karen nodded, but she couldn’t say anything else to lie to Little Karen couldn’t say anything else to Although Little Karen believed in her mother’s words, she missed Brother Lionel too much. She fell sick and had a dangerously high fever. If the fever would not go down after some time, the doctor said that she might have pneumonia. Little Karen’s temperature was unstable. Her fever would subside, but it would come back after a few hours. This had happened a few times. This afternoon, Little Karen’s fever subsided. But after a few hours, her body temperature was rising again, so the doctor put her on an IV drip. Her right arm had already been pricked several times because it was difficult to find her blood vessels, so it was a little swollen. Hence, the doctor placed the IV drip on her upper arm instead. Although Little Karen was the one on drips, Karen felt a sharp pain in her chest. When she thought about how Little Karen had fallen sick because she was missing Lionel too much that she couldn’t rest well, and also thought about how the poor little, innocent Lionel could go missing, she was so angry that she could kill. She sat beside Little Karen and held her other arm gently, then she spoke, “Little Karen, even though Brother Lionel is not by your side, you still have your Daddy and me. You must get better as soon as possible.” “Brother Lionel..” Little Karen, who was in a semi-conscious state, murmured his name, “Little Karen, be good!” Karen rubbed her head. Seeing how sad Little Karen was, she really wanted to use a knife to stab the culprit who caused all this. While Karen had this thought in mind, Kevin Kyle had already taken his actions. He wasn’t even angry about the enemies who wanted to kill him. What made him angry was that the enemy had caused his wife and daughter so much pain. Now his daughter was sick and his wife was so worried that she couldn’t even sit still. How could he not do anything as a husband and a father? Kevin dialled Nick Black’s number and spoke seriously, “How is Wilis Corporation doing now compared to Gook Corp at its prime?” Nick replied respectfully, “Wilis Corporation’s management is not too bad. In recent years, their development has advanced by leaps and bounds. Compared with Gook Corp back then, Wilis Corporation is doing much better.” Kevin snorted and said, “You contributed a lotin exterminating Gook Corp that year. Now, if you were to do the same to Wilis Corp, how much time do you need?” Nick paused and said, “A month.” With only one month, he could guarantee that the current Wilis Corporation would fail miserably, and it would never return to its glory again. Nick was ordered to confront those enemies hiding in the dark. In fact, the real mastermind was Kevin. Nick was just his executor. “Very well. Then i’ll leave this matter to you.” Kevin then hung up the phone. When he turned around, he saw Neil Brown standing behind him. He pretended not to see Neil and wanted to walk away, but Neil turned around and blocked his way instead. He said, “Matthew, I don’t know much about business, and I don’t want to worry about it either.” Kevin responded coldly, “If you have something to say, just say it.” Neil raised his eyebrows and said, “I want to use my own means to deal with the son of a b*tch hiding in the dark.” “After I deal with the matter, ‘ll hand him over to you.” Kevin was going to eradicate those people from his territories, so that they would never be able to rise again. “You do yours and I’ll do mine. There’s no conflict between the two of us.” Neil’s character was being simple and direct. He wants to get the person and do whatever he wanted, and scare the person off so much that he would fear him. “Neil, don’t forget that you are the commander of the military in Chatterton Town, you’re not a gangster.” Kevin would do everything clean and proper, so no one could use anything against him. Neil responded disapprovingly, “So what if I’m the commander? I can quit at any time if I’m not happy about it.” Neil’s words definitely did carry weight. Kevin glared at him and said, “Do not mess any of this up, or you will bear the consequences!” Neil chuckled and said, “Let’s wait and see whose method is better.” Neil was definitely not a meddlesome person. The reason why he intervened in this matter was only because of Mia. Whoever wanted Mia’s life must be prepared to face the consequences. If he didn’t teach them a lesson, he wouldn’t be able to live in peace!

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