My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 470

Kevin Kyle returned to the ward and sat down beside Karen Daly. He gently held her in his arms and said, “Karen, you didn’t rest all night. I’ll stay here with Little Karen. You can go lie down for a while.” “Little Karen has a recurrent fever. Look at her hand, it is already swollen… I can’t sleep like this.” Karen was fighting her tears as she lamented her pain to Kevin. She then snuggled up in his arms. She had returned to Kevin and Little Karen for more than half a year now. During the past few months, Little Karen was a lively and active child, and she was also very lovely and sensible. No one ever needed to worry about her. Especially since she had Brother Lionel. Brother Lionel accompanied her and took care of her, so she was more well-behaved and sensible. But as she looked at Little Karen now, who was lying unconscious with a high fever, she seemed to have lost a lot of weight in the past two days. Little Karen’s soft, pink face became so pale that she looked like a sheet of paper. “As long as they don’t irritate her skin, the swelling will be gone.” Kevin stroked Karen’s head, and he looked at Little Karen gently. “What are you talking about?” Hearing Kevin’s relaxed tone, Karen was unhappy and immediately let go of Kevin’s arms. Little Karen was Karen’s baby. She cared for her when she was in her womb for many months. Plus, Little Karen was forcefully removed from her prematurely. She was already facing a tough life before she was born. Now, when she saw Little Karen lying there, she was so worried about her life that she couldn’t think about anything else. She was angry at how casual Kevin perceived the situation to be Kevin, “..” He probably had said the wrong thing. Karen added, “ITl stay here and accompany Little Karen. You can go and do your work.” Judging from her tone, Kevin knew that she was still angry with him. He held her in his arms and said apologetically, “I’ve said something wrong.” Karen was silent and she didn’t want to talk to him. “If you get sick too, I will feel sad for you both. Do you want that?” Kevin held Karen’s and Little Karen’s hands in his, then he lowered his head and kissed Karen’s forehead. “L… Of course, she didn’t want that. Karen pursed her lips and continued, “Little Karen is so sick, I’m not at ease at all if I don’t stay by her side and look after her.” “Even if I’m taking care of her, you still feel worried?” Kevin asked. “Even if it’s you, I will still worry.” After saying this, Karen slowly realized that she seemed to have said something wrong too. She looked at Kevin and smiled apologetically. She didn’t know what else to say to him. Kevin was not angry with what she said, but he was angry that she did not know how to take care of herself. Seeing Kevin’s gloomy face, Karen added, “Then you can take care of Baby Karen now, I’ll lie next to her and rest for a while. If anything happens, I can be the first to know.” Karen did not want Kevin to worry, nor did she want to leave Little Karen. The best solution was to rest beside Little Karen. Kevin shook his head helplessly at Karen’s stubbornness. He really couldn’t do anything to her as he could understand Karen’s feelings. Karen had lost Little Karen before. It took her so long to finally return to Little Karen’s side. Those who had never lost someone close to them before could not understand this. Karen lay down next to Little Karen, then she closed her eyes and tried to sleep. However, as she closed her eyes, she could still see images of poor Little Karen falling sick. She opened her eyes again and said slowly, “I feel like taking over Little Karen’s battle and bearing her pain instead.” “Stupid, falling sick occasionally is actually a form of detoxification. Which child doesn’t have a cold or a fever before?” Kevin spoke casually, but in his heart, he was more worried about Little Karen’s condition than Karen was. When Little Karen was born, she had been premature, and her health was very poor. She also had a high fever at that time. Back then, Little Karen’s condition was the same as it was now. The fever subsided and came again. It was recurrent. At that time, because she was too young, Little Karen was barely the size of Kevin’s palm. The doctor wanted to place needles onto her body for the drips, but he didn’t know where to place them. After a few days of treatment, Little Karen’s condition didn’t get better. In fact, she was getting worse as if she might die any time. After a day of emergency treatment, the doctor even told Kevin that the child’s condition had deteriorated too much and she might not be able to make it. So, he asked him to prepare himself mentally. At that time, when he heard the doctor’s words, Kevin was so angry that he threw the doctor out of the ward. At the same time, he said that if anything happened to his daughter, this hospital will be shut down. He didn’t know whether his missing wife was alive or dead back then. Little Karen was the only precious “gift” left behind by her. How could he let Little Karen go? He spent a lot of money and resources to find many doctors in the country and abroad. No matter the doctor’s background, as long as he had a good reputation, he gathered all of them to treat Little Karen. After a period of time and after the hard work and the efforts of the doctors, Little Karen’s condition finally improved. After lying in the hospital for more than half a year, the doctor finally said that Little Karen could be discharged from the hospital. Kevin breathed a sigh of relief then. At that moment, he was sure that Little Karen was alright. Since Little Karen was fine, he brought Little Karen home with him and together, they waited for Big Karen to come back. Since then, Kevin took Little Karen with him wherever he went. He hired a dietitian to follow them and prepare meals for Little Karen. Kevin was hoping that having a consistent, proper diet could improve Little Karen’s health and provide her with all the nutrition she needed and lacked from breastfeeding. After one or two years of hard work, Little Karen’s health had improved a lot Hence, when Big Karen came back to them, she could see such a healthy and lively little girl. These were all because of Kevin’s efforts and consistency. There was no doubt on the deep bond between the father and the daughter. He did not tell Karen about these things. It was pointless, because it would only make Karen more upset. What he couldn’t stand the most was to see Karen sad. He hoped that she could be happy forever and be happy together with their baby. In the past years, Kevin’s biggest wish was to grow Rovio Incorporation Inc into a formidable international brand. Now, his greatest wish was to be with his family in good health and for the three of them to live a peaceful life together. However, there were still some people who wanted to mess it up. They wanted to disrupt his peaceful life. Therefore, if he wanted to live a good life with his wife and child, the best way was to get rid of those stumbling blocks and avoid future trouble. He wanted everyone to know that he would get rid of anyone who even tried to disrupt his family’s peace and happiness.

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