My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 471

 A cargo ship that traveled from Chatterton Town to Country A fought with the wind and waves on the sea and moved at a fast speed. In the innermost side of the cargo ship, there was a small room for the crew to rest in. The room was not big, and it was full of storage items, which made it even more crowded. If two burly men walked in the room they would not be able to even turn around. One could imagine how small the room was. At this time, the room was filled with the smell of medicine, and a lot of blood-stained medical gauze and bandages were scattered on the ground. Master Perth stood in front of the small bed. He stared at the big boy lying on the bed and said angrily, “Look at you! Still thinking about going back? Do you want to die?” Lionel’s abdomen was covered with gauze and the wounds had been treated, but he was still very weak. He barely had any energy to speak He had already made up his own mind and did not intend to pay any attention to Zuriel Perth. Lionel’s silence made Master Perth angrier. “My Third Young Master, if you don’t care about your life, you still have to think about the First Madam. She only has you as her son. If something happened to you, what should she do? If it weren’t for me tracking those people and saving you by chance, you would have already been dead.” The relationship between Master Perth and Lionel was a relationship between a superior and a subordinate. However, they spoke like friends. When they were angry, they were honest with their words and expressions. Lionel kept his eyes closed and did not say anything. Master Perth added, “You said that Karen Joy Kyle saved your life, and in return, you have already given her your life. What else do you want? Do you want to die in front of her? Is that how you want to repay her kindness?” “I have promised her that I will accompany her and grow up with her.” Lionel opened his mouth and said slowly but surely. He had promised Little Karen that he would grow up with Little Karen. As long as he was alive, he must keep his promise. Master Perth was so angry that he punched on wall and shouted, “You may remember your promise to a child. Have you forgotten the promise you made to your mother? Are you going to let her face everything alone? She is your own mother. How could you?” Lionel: “..” He had promised his mother that after his father retired, he would try his best to take over the position as the President, and he would never let his mother down. However, he had almost forgotten this vow! Because of this child, he had forgotten his promise to his mother, and forgotten how big his responsibility was. Maybe it wasn’t Little Karen’s fault, maybe it was because he wanted to live the life he deeply wanted, away from ruthless politics and evil schemes. But Zuriel reminded him that he was not alone. He still had his lonely mother and his responsibilities. He could not afford to be capricious. Seeing Lionel’s expression change, Master Perth continued, “Karen Joy is only a four-year-old child. What does she know? Without you by her side, as long as she needed a playmate, her parents can find a lot of people to play with her. If she does not see you anymore, she will soon forget about you. When she grows up in the future, she may not remember a person like you in her life.” Master Perth added, “Third Young Master, without you by her side, there are a lot of people to still love her very much But think about your mother. What else does she have besides you? When you were born, all her hopes were pinned on you. If you don’t go back, are you really going to let her face everything alone?” Hearing Zuriel’s words, Lionel closed his eyes again. But this time, it was different. Previously, he closed his eyes because he didn’t want to pay any attention to Zuriel. But this time, it was a compromise! He still had his responsibility and there were people who needed him, so he couldn’t act recklessly and do as he wished. He had to break his promise to Little Karen and return to his land. He took a deep breath and touched his chest with his hand. He murmured in his heart, “Little Karen, your Brother Lionel is leaving. We’ll meet again… if fate permits!” He needed to go back to the land that he belonged to and do what he should do. As for Little Karen, maybe… they would meet again if they were fated to meet each other again in this life! “You good-for-nothing!” Mr. Wilis grabbed the document on the desk and threw it to the face of his subordinate mercilessly. He cursed out angrily. His subordinate touched his head and said with fear, “Director Wilis, Kevin is much stronger than we thought. In the end, Neil also joined in..” Mr. Wilis glanced at him angrily and shouted, “Get out!” His men worked with Mr. Wilis for many years, so they knew his temper well. After being shouted by him, they turned around and left immediately. Mr. Wilis only looked at the results of his subordinates’ work. He didn’t care about the process, and he wouldn’t listen to their reasons and excuses. In Mr. Wilis’ eyes, there were only two results: success or failure. If you succeed, no matter how dirty were the means you used, you were still the winner. You could stand taller, look down on your enemies, and trample them under your feet. If you failed, there would be no excuses. Your enemy would trample on you mercilessly He spent so much effort and resources on devising the perfect plan after several years of research. He needed Kevin Kyle to fall into his trap. His plan was to lure Kevin to the deserted island, and have him die on that island. He must not let Kevin get out alive. Such a perfect and flawless plan, but the group of good-for nothings still didn’t manage to get things done well. Kevin remained alive and well under their watch. Not only did Kevin return alive, but there was also no news from the person who was supposed to capture Kevin’s daughter, as if they had disappeared into thin air. Thinking that he had been defeated so badly, Mr. Willis took a deep breath, but he was still upset and angry. If the ambush this time was successful, no one could stop him from moving forward. Kevin and his Rovio would disappear When people talked about Kevin and Rovio Corporation Inc again, it will only be a memory. They would be part of the past. Once Rovio disappeared, who else in the country could stop him from advancing further? It wouldn’t take long for Wilis Corporation to replace Rovio. Willis Corporation would grow big and powerful under his watch and it would be a household name. And he wanted to let Karen Daly know that he was incomparable to Charlie Gook or even Rovio’s Kevin. If she became his woman, she would be his best partner But his plan had failed. It was a complete failure…

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