My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 472

Now, Neil Brown had also found out that he was playing tricks behind his back. His identity had been exposed. In the future, he would need to deal with both Kevin Kyle and Neil. Kevin alone was difficult to deal with. Now with the addition of Neil, how could he succeed? Mr. Willis felt so frustrated and held his forehead. He was so angry that he took his cup and threw it out. He scolded, “You are all good-for-nothing!” “Why are you so angry with them?” Kristine Daly opened the door and came in. She put another cup on Mr. Wilis’ desk and said, “I made a cup of soothing tea for you. It’ll help.” “Kristine -” Mr. Willis grabbed her and pressed her on the desk. He gritted his teeth and said, “Aren’t you a b*tch? How can you act aloof with me?” “Director Willis, you are too angry. I specially brewed this cup of tea to help you.” Kristine looked at him and said calmly. She did not take Mr. Willis anger personally at all and did not get annoyed at him. She knew herself and her worth very well, and she was also very clear that Mr. Wilis always looked down on her. But, so what? They were just partners. Did his opinion matter? She just needed money to live a better life. If Mr. Willis could help her, she would stay with him. That was all. “Kristinel” Mr. Wilis stared at her and shouted. “Don’t think that I wouldn’t dare to touch you.” “Hmm..” Kristine sneered. She still looked at Mr. Willis calmly and said, “Director Wilis, what do you mean when you said about touching me?” “You… you know very well.” “You haven’t touched me, meaning you haven’t slept with me? Hehe… Kristine chuckled and she looked very attractive. Sometimes, she was quite grateful to Charlie Gook, because she had suffered so much from him before and eventually killed him. Hence, when Mr. Wilis wanted to touch her several times, he pulled back. A long time ago, she had already recognized Mr. Wilis’ true colors. If Mr. Wilis hadn’t given her some subtle cues, perhaps she wouldn’t have killed Charlie.. If it weren’t for Mr. Wilis playing tricks behind her back then, she would only kill someone to defend herself. She wouldn’t have to kill someone with intention and be charged with murder. She was also locked up in a mental asylum and hadn’t been cleared of the charge until now. What Mr. Wilis did behind her, Kristine remembered them all too well. “Bitch, you think you have outgrown me?” Mr. Wilis glared at Kristine and pinched her waist. “I tell you, no matter how great you think you are, as long as I want to, I can break you at any time.” I know.” Kristine nodded and said with a smile, as if Mr. Wilis was joking with her. “You-” Kristine’s indifferent attitude made Mr. Wilis angrier. The more indifferent she was, the more aggravated he was. It was as if he had been chasing after her all the time, but she never looked back at him. He glared at her angrily and unconsciously increased the strength in his hand. He said coldly, “Kristine, you know what I want. Why can’t you be smarter?” As long as she fawned on him and he was happy, she didn’t have to suffer so much. This woman clearly knew that, but she insisted on doing the opposite Of course, Kristine understood what Mr. Wilis wanted, but she was not willing to give him that. When she was with Charlie in the past, she played the role of an obedient little woman. She pleased him and lived a shameful life. In the end, she was not only disfigured by Charlie, but also humiliated by him.. Everything that had happened in the past was still vivid in her mind. How could she repeat the same mistakes? “Director Wilis, the tea won’t taste good if it turns cold.” Kristine changed the topic calmly. “F*ck you!” Mr. Wilis was completely irritated by Kristine’s ignorant attitude. He raised his hand and slapped her in the face Almost immediately, his handprint appeared on Kristine’s face. Her face was swollen, and the corners of her mouth were bleeding. Mr. Wilis was merciless. Kristine pushed Mr. Wilis away and touched her swollen face. Then, she quickly raised her hand to slap Mr. Wilis back. However, as soon as her hand was up, she was caught by Mr. Wilis. He sneered and said, “You never know your own strength. “I’ve told you a long time ago that if anyone dares to bully me again, I would not stay still anymore.” Kristine tried hard to pull her hand back, but she couldn’t. Mr. Wilis held Kristine’s wrist tightly and said, “Kristine, don’t forget, I have full control over you. If I can get you out of the mental asylum, I can destroy you and everything you touch.” Kristine smiled and said, “Thank you for your warning, Director Wilis. I know.” Yes, she needed to live well. Mr. Wilis knew her weakness, so Kristine just obediently stepped back. Mr. Wilis pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard. It was not until they were almost out of breath that he let her go. He touched her head and said coldly, “Kristine, whether you like it or not, both of us are on the same boat. If the ship is overturned, no one can survive.” All the dirty things he did, he dragged Kristine down together… Once something happened, neither of them could escape. Kristine knew that he wanted to control her and dragged her in his mess too, so that she could not do anything to him behind his back She had almost died several times, but she could still live now. She cherished her life, so she couldn’t just stand by and watch something happened to him. She came to him because she had a plan in mind, but she was silenced before she could do or suggest anything. Kristine fixed her dress, that had been messed up by Mr. Wilis earlier, and then fixed her long curly hair too. She said slowly. “Director Wilis, you have a treasure in your hand. This ‘treasure’ can help you do a lot of things that you can’t do. You did not know how to make good use of this treasure, instead you agreed to let him go.” Hearing Kristine’s words, Mr. Wilis said excitedly, “Are you referring to Herbert?” Was she talking about Herbert Ken? “Who else could it be, other than him?” Kristine cleared her throat and continued, “Your perfect plan did not make Kevin fall into your trap. Instead, using Herbert, you could lure him. It’s the fact that this person is still alive and that messed with his mind. Because of him feeding information to Kevin, Kevin was doubtful of his own choices.”

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