My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 473

Mr. Wilis also admitted that his plan would be successful because Herbert Ken played a vital role, but Herbert would never help to get rid of his own son-in-law, Kevin Kyle. After getting along with Mr. Wilis for several years, Kristine Daly understood his character very clearly. Looking at his eyes, she could probably guess what he was worried about. Kristine looked at him and said, “This time, he didn’t help you lead Kevin to the island. But how did you use him to lure Kevin to the island? As long as he is alive, as long as he doesn’t want to face his children, then he will be the most useful tool for us to deal with Kevin.” Mr. Wilis raised his eyebrows and said, “Do you mean should get him back?” that I Kristine shook her head and said, “No, you don’t have to get him back. As long as you know his whereabouts, but you don’t contact him, you can ensure that Kevin and Neil’s people won’t find him too.” After listening to Kristine’s words, Mr. Wilis’ eyes showed a look of appreciation. Sure enough, he didn’t misjudge. Kristine was indeed a woman a quick mind. A few years ago, Mr. Willis inadvertently discovered that A Herbert was still alive, so he gave some “help to Herbert He said that he would help Herbert to avenge his grievances, but in fact, he just wanted to use Herbert to deal with Kevin In the past few years, Herbert had done a lot of things in secret, such as digging a dungeon under the Kyle family’s villa, and so on. These were all financially supported by Mr. Wilis. If he didn’t have money, there would be a lot of things that he couldn’t do. What could an undocumented Herbert do? As for how Herbert entered the Chatterton Town Military Region, and how he scared the fake Old Master Kyle to death, Mr. Wilis didn’t know the truth as Herbert didn’t want to tell him. It was Mr. Wilis who helped Herbert to kidnap Mia Kyle, so that Herbert could avenge for Warren Silas’ wrongdoings. But in the end, Herbert was still softhearted and let go of Mia. Thinking of this, Mr. Wilis sneered. If Herbert could let Mia go, it was equivalent to digging his own grave and inviting Neil to kill him. For the sake of Karen, Kevin would try his best to protect Herbert and for Mia, Neil would do everything he could to find the murderer. This would definitely show a conflict of interest between Neil and Kevin. It would be fun to see them having conflicts with each other. It had been raining for the past two days. The weather was not very good, as if there was a dark cloud covering the sky above the Kyle family. Karen Joy Kyle was down with fever for a few days already. She took the medicine but did not get any better. Mama Kyle was feeling distressed and worried. If the medications don’t work, she would resort to other means. Early in the morning, she took Mia to a well known church in Chatterton Town to pray for Little Karen’s health and safety. Coincidentally, after Mama Kyle said her prayers, Karen Joy’s fever really subsided the next day. Her temperature did not rise again and she looked much better. Although Karen Joy’s face was not as pink and tender as usual, she still looked much better than before. Seeing her gradually recover, the whole family was happy. After the fever stopped, Karen Joy became conscious and alert. She lay on the bed and studied the people around her carefully. “Daddy…” She called for her daddy for the first time in a few days. It could be seen that her father was the most important in her heart. “Little Karen.” Kevin Kyle her up and gently rubbed her head. “Little Karen, do you still feel sick?” Little Karen shook her head and blinked her eyes. Then, she looked at Mia, who was beside her, and said, “I want Little Aunt to hug me.” Mia was flattered and surprised. She happily took Little Karen over and said softly, “Baby, do you want to eat something? I can get you anything.” Little Karen nestled in her aunt’s arms and said softly, “1 want to eat strawberries.” “Okay, I’ll prepare strawberries right away.” Mia returned Little Karen to Kevin and went away to get some strawberries. Little Karen lay quietly in her father’s arms. She didn’t mention whose hug she wanted next. Beside Kevin, Karen Daly wanted to carry her daughter too but she withdrew her hands immediately. Usually, she didn’t think too much about how Little Karen perceived her, but at such critical moments, she could see who was more important in Little Karen’s heart and who she connected with mostly. In the past few years, when Karen was not with her, Mia accompanied her like a mother, so it was natural for her to be close to her aunt. Karen comforted herself silently. “Little Karen, Mommy wants to hug you, is that okay?” Kevin saw Karen’s disappointed eyes, so he wanted to pass their daughter to her, but he still had to ask Little Karen first. “Okay..” Little Karen nodded. She did not refuse nor did she show excitement Little Karen was not excited, but Karen was very excited. Karen took her over and kissed her on the face. “Little Karen..” She had a lot of things to say to the little fellow, but she didn’t know what to say first. Little Karen just buried herself in her mother’s arms and did not want to speak much. “Mom, I have to grow up as soon as possible. I will aim to be taller in a few days.” After a moment of silence, Little Karen raised her head from Karen’s arms and said excitedly. Besides, she used her hand to show how tall she would be in a few days to everyone. She hoped that she could grow a little everyday, so that Brother Lionel would come back to her side one day. “Well, you will definitely grow up soon.” Karen rubbed Little Karen’s head and felt pain in her heart. Little Karen still remembered what she had said to her. She remembered that her mother said that when she grew up, Brother Lionel would come back to find her. So she wanted to grow up quickly, then she would be able to meet Brother Lionel soon. “Little Karen, Grandpa and Grandma are also here. Don’t you wanna say hi to them.?” Kevin once again diverted his daughter’s attention Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle had wanted to hug Little Karen, but when they saw that the little fellow was still weak, they still worried about her and stepped back. “Grandpa, Grandma..” Little Karen smiled and called them softly “Hello darling!” As soon as she heard Little Karen’s voice, Mama Kyle was so excited that she was about to cry again. “Baby, you have to get better as soon as possible. Otherwise, Grandma will be very sad.” Papa Kyle said to his granddaughter while wiping Mama Kyle’s tears. “Grandma, don’t cry!” Little Karen spoke like an adult consoling a child, which instantly made Mama Kyle laugh. “Look, you’re so powerful that you could stop your Grandma from crying, and she even laughed!” Papa Kyle said with a smile. The family chatted happily with each other… However, for some unknown reason, Karen Daly could not feel happy.

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