My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 474

Little Karen was in Karen Daly’s arms. She hugged her tightly, but she felt that her daughter’s heart was still far away from her It seemed that no matter how hard she tried, in Little Karen’s mind, she could not become the most important figure in her heart. She and Lionel appeared in Little Karen’s life at about the same time. Why was it so easy for Lionel to get so close with Little Karen, but she, as a mother, couldn’t? Was it because she was in a way, a replacement for her mother? If she came to Little Karen as a sister or someone else, and did not take up the position of mother’ in her mind, would Little Karen be more accepting of her? It was not that Little Karen did not like her, but perhaps she just couldn’t accept the idea of having a mother by her side, hence she was being cautious. Just as Karen was deep in thought, Mia Kyle rushed in with a bowl of strawberry puree in her hands and said, “Little Karen, look what I made you.” “Okay.” Little Karen nodded her little head and smiled brightly. “Thank you, Little Aunt!” Little Karen threw herself into Mia’s arms. As Little Karen left Karen’s arms, Karen felt empty in her heart too. Was her aunt really much more important than her mother in Little Karen’s mind? When could she really accept her as her mother? Karen felt dejected, Kevin Kyle noticed his, he grabbed her hand and lowered his head to smile at her. Kevin did not say anything, but Karen could understand his intention well. He wanted to tell her that they would work together to untie Little Karen’s knot in her heart. “Waa.” Just as they looked at each other lovingly, Little Karen vomited. “Little Karen, what’s wrong?” Mia asked anxiously. Karen shook off Kevin’s hand and rushed to Little Karen’s side. “Baby Karen, what happened?” “Little Karen…” Everyone rushed to her side as they very nervous. Little Karen had a high fever for a few days, and she spent the last few days with tubes and drips. She hadn’t eaten for a few days, so her stomach would not react well to solid food. The whole family was basking in joy and had forgotten about that. At this moment, Kevin was the first to speak out. He said, “Her fever has just subsided, and the doctor said that she has to eat some light food, like soup or congee.” Soon after, everyone was busy preparing congee for Little Karen. Little Karen had just vomited, her face turned pale and she was lying in bed weakly. She didn’t want to eat anything else. She reacted very coldly to everyone who tried to speak to her. Karen touched her head and asked softly, “Little Karen, would you like to have some food?” “No! I will vomit!” Little Karen shook her head and didn’t want to eat at all. She was worried that she would vomit again like she did earlier. Karen smiled gently and said, “Little Karen, you’re still recovering, so we can’t have strawberries for now. Let’s eat some porridge to get you stronger. Just a little, okay?” She did not want to reject her mother’s care and support Little Karen opened her mouth and took a small bite. It was tasteless. Her face changed and she refused the second bite. “Little Karen, you have to eat so that you can get better quickly. Then, you can grow up quickly when you are well.” Karen rubbed Little Karen’s head and persuaded her patiently “I want to eat it!” Suddenly, she was excited about getting better and growing up quickly. No matter how bad it tasted and how much she didn’t like it, Little Karen would endure it. She could see her Brother Lionel when she grew up. In order to see him sooner, she must try her best to grow up fast. When Karen picked up the congee and fed it to her, she opened her mouth and took a big mouthful. She quickly swallowed the congee, then opened her mouth again. It seemed that she could really grow up fast like this. If her Brother Lionel could see that she was working so hard to grow up quick so they could reunite again, then he would not leave so easily or hastily, and he would say a proper goodbye to her. He definitely would want to say a proper goodbye to her. However, he could not bear seeing or hearing from Little Karen again. Looking at her big bright eyes, he would not be able to leave her behind. “Little Karen, eat slowly. It’s not good to eat too fast.” Karen felt sorry for her daughter, but she didn’t know how else to help her. “Mom, I still want to eat more.” After eating a bowl of it, she still wanted to eat more so she could grow quicker. Karen smiled and touched her little belly, “Little Karen, you need to eat the right amount. If you’ve eaten too much, you’ll get sick again. That way, you won’t be able to grow up as fast as possible.” “.” Little Karen did not understand the rationale behind growing up Growing up was so hard. If it wasn’t for Brother Lionel, she would not care about growing up. After two days of proper rest, Little Karen was getting much better. The members of the Kyle family hadn’t rested well for a very long time. Tonight, they ate their dinner early and prepared for bed sooner too. After Kevin Kyle spent some time with Little Karen, he returned to the study room and began to work Recently, he had wasted too much time, and there were many pending projects on his hand. If he delayed them again, the workload would increase again. Karen Daly stayed by Little Karen’s side and did not go anywhere. She monitored her condition thoroughly worrying that she would get sick again. Karen sat by Little Karen’s side for nearly an hour, and she only could relax her tensed mind after Little Karen had fallen asleep. She pulled up the quilt and tucked Little Karen in. Then, she got up and went to Kevin’s study room. She wanted to speak to him about something. Kevin noticed her by the door and put his work aside. He patted his lap and said, “Come here.” Karen did as he said. She sat on his lap, raised her head slightly and looked at him. “Kevin, let’s have a talk.” Kevin asked, “Well, what do you want to talk about?” “Let’s talk about those people who are looking for trouble with us, talk about Little Karen, talk about her Brother Lionel…” There were a lot of things that she had in mind, and so many more that she could not even remember. “I will deal with those who are looking for trouble with us. Don’t Worry.” Kevin lowered her head and kissed her on the face, “You always like to worry about others. Don’t you know that you will grow old faster if you worry too much?” “Kevin.” Karen gave Kevin a blank stare. She really wanted to punch him to his senses. Why was he like this again?

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