My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 475

 Didn’t they agree that they should not hide anything from each other anymore? What was going on now? “Karen, trust me that I can handle it well.” Kevin Kyle looked at Karen Daly as he spoke seriously, yet gently. His look was tender and kind, and Karen felt defenseless. He was right. Since he said he could handle it well, she might be adding burden to him if she stepped in. She would reluctantly listen to him then. She didn’t want to care about the Mystery Person, but she still had to care about her daughter. Karen said, “Little Karen falling sick this time was largely because of her Brother Lionel. I think she would not forget him easily.” Kevin added, “She is still young, and she will forget her Brother Lionel soon.” “I don’t think so. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so sick so badly this time.” Karen had a different opinion from Kevin. Kevin hugged her and said, “Maybe she will remember him for some time, but so what? After a longer time, she will make new friends, meet more people, and have a new life. She will naturally forget about that boy who used to accompany her.” “But I think it’s good for her to always remember her Brother Lionel. After all, if it weren’t for Lionel, we can’t even imagine what would have happened that day.” Karen shared her thoughts seriously. Karen was a woman, and she understood emotions better than Kevin could. She, too, had been sad for a long time when Lionel left Especially since she saw how affected her daughter was, Karen felt more distressed. She hoped Lionel could come back and be with her daughter again Kevin reserved his love and care for his family, but not so much to others. Moreover, he had always been rational in doing things. He always felt that it was not a good thing for Little Karen to rely too much on an outsider. Before Lionel disappeared, Kevin already had an idea to have Lionel leave. He could not let his daughter be too dependent on Lionel. In fact, Kevin’s people learned that Lionel had been rescued, and he had left Chatterton Town and was on his way back to Country A. After his men found out that Lionel and Zuriel Perth had returned to country A together, Kevin asked them to stop the investigation. Kevin could already guess Lionel’s true identity. To have Zuriel by his side, who else could he be besides the Third Prince from Country A? However, Kevin didn’t quite understand why he was so willing to be with Little Karen. Although Little Karen had saved his life, there were many other ways he could repay his kindness, Surely he didn’t have to do it this way. Kevin had some doubts in his heart, but he did not mention anything to Karen He thought that Little Karen was still young and would soon forget her Brother Lionel. However, she was always thinking of her Brother Lionel very deeply and it would not be easy to get over him. Sadly, her impression of Brother Lionel would become more blurred in her memory as time goes by. When she finally meets Brother Lionel again, she may not be able to remember what he looks like. At the same time, there was a “thief” upstairs. Little Karen was sick, and Mia Kyle was also worn out for a few days. Today, she could finally have a good rest. As soon as she went to bed, she fell into a deep sleep. Neil Brown was busy with military affairs today, so he worked until late. It was already midnight when he returned to the Kyle Mansion. He knocked on Mia’s door, but she did not answer He wanted to kick the door or knock louder, but he needed to maintain a respectable image. Neil was always a rebel. Since he couldn’t open the door, he simply went to the rooftop and climbed down to the balcony of Mia’s room. There was a sliding door separating the balcony and her room. The door was made of glass, so he could see Mia lying in bed, sleeping soundly like a pig. It took a lot of effort and time to climb up and down the building, but Mia was still sleeping soundly in the room. Neil was getting impatient. He shouted, “Mia, open the door!” Mia just turned over lazily. Neil wasn’t sure if Mia heard him, as she was still sleeping. After shouting a few times, Mia still did not respond, but he managed to attract the attention of the guards downstairs. However, when they saw that it was Neil, they just left. Neil was getting pretty annoyed. He kicked the sliding door and said, “Mia, you bastard, if you don’t open the door, I’ll kill you later!” “Damn it. If you don’t kill me later, I will kill you!” Mia suddenly sat up from the bed and yelled back at him louder than he did. She was sleeping soundly and had been woken up rudely by Neil. She couldn’t wait to rush out and push Neil down from the balcony Neil snickered and said, “If you don’t open the door, how can I kill you?” Mia said provocatively, “If you have the ability, you can walk yourself in and kill me.” Neil was stunned by how Mia could speak so rudely to him. He was definitely ready to bully Mia soon. Neil continued, “F*ck! Mia, don’t be too arrogant!” Mia responded, “F*ck you, Neil! Don’t yell at me, or you’ll have it bad later.” “Mia, watch me.” Neil kicked the door again and climbed over the balcony. He actually left! Seeing that Neil really left, Mia was shocked. How could this be? Neil gave up on his “break-in so easily! Mia was so angry that she jumped out of bed and rushed to the balcony to open the door. When she was about to curse, someone suddenly held her slender waist and she fell into a warm embrace in an instant. “Little wild cat, I’ll kill you later!” She heard Neil’s sneaky voice, which made her very happy “I’ll wait for you to kill me then!” Mia shouted. “Bastard, I’d like to see what is he going to do with me tonight. If he can’t satisfy me, he won’t be able to come near my bed for two weeks!” Mia thought to herself. “Let’s go!” Neil grabbed Mia by her waist and picked her up. Mia hooked onto his neck and gave him a kiss. “Have you learned any new tricks, Neil?” “Learning?” Neil sneered and continued, “How fun would it be if they have been used by others? I’ve thought of a few tricks in the past two days. You can try them out to see if you’ll be satisfied!”

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