My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 476

“Hurry up!” Mia Kyle couldn’t wait to have a try at his new “tricks”. She was about to take off all of Neil Brown’s clothes. She unbuttoned his shirt, but Neil grabbed her hand. He bit her hard and said, “Little wild cat, hold on. Wait for me to take a bath, and we’ll start.” “Why should you take a bath? I can’t wait any longer!” Mia was salivating and she was getting impatient. “Mia, come on, have some dignity.” Almost immediately after, Neil turned around and strode to the bathroom with Mia in his arms. “If you can’t wait any longer, let’s start now then.” In the bathroom, there was the sound of running water, the sound of banging, knocking, hitting… How loud and passionate they were. They didn’t know how long it took, but the moment they heard the loud bang of the door, everything calmed down after. “Hooligan! It was not Mia who scolded him, but instead it was Neil. The scratches on his body were all left behind by Mia. It was not too much to say that Mia was a hooligan. “Neil, you can’t deny it, you were having a good time earlier.” Mia rolled her eyes at him. He was the one who was fiercer, so how could he call her a hooligan instead. Neil looked at her fiercely and said discontentedly, “Don’t be so ruthless next time!” Looking at the wounds on his body, he found that his old wounds had not recovered yet and he had new scratches already. If they went on like this, he would have a lot of scars left behind. “I can’t control myself when I’m excited.” Mia said without any shame. She didn’t expect to be so wild and strong. The first time she saw the scars on Neil’s body, she was shocked. She couldn’t believe that she could scratch that badly. Neil couldn’t wait to make fun of her. She didn’t show him any mercy at all. Looking at the scratches on Neil’s muscular build, Mia’s eyes lit up. She licked her lips and said, “Neil, your abs are looking much better.” “They always do look good.” Neil was very satisfied with his physique. Mia responded, “Yes, yes. You are the best.” She wanted to pinch him again. She praised him because she had other intentions. Did he really not understand her? Or was he pretending? Neil held a naked Mia in his arms and said, “You’re not bad, too. It wasn’t too far from what I expected.” Mia hit Neil with her fist. She gritted her teeth and said, “Neil, do you know how to speak?” “Sleep.” He grabbed her moving hand and stopped her from moving around or touch him. “What sleep?” Mia continued to touch him everywhere. She didn’t believe that this man could resist, but this time, he really didn’t move an inch. She didn’t know how tired Neil was. He actually had to boost his own energy, when the two of them were going at it passionately in the bathroom, just to satisfy Mia. He could not say nice words, and he didn’t know how to sweet talk. His way of showing concern was by understanding Mia’s needs and wants. Neil was still really calm, almost sleeping soundly. Mia was so angry that she fiercely bit Neil. She said angrily, “Neil, are you a pig? She had already hinted at him so obviously, but he still didn’t understand her intentions. What was his plan? Neil replied, “You’re the pig!” Mia continued, “You stupid pig, why don’t we do it again?” Must she really say things so directly for him to understood what’s on her mind? “Hooligan!” Neil lay still with a smile in his eyes. “Don’t talk too much. If you want it, then let’s go. If you don’t want it, get out. I don’t have time to waste on you.” Mia knew that Neil understood what she wanted, but he just wanted to leave her hanging. “Then as you wish!” Neil pounced on her as he spoke. Soon, the sound of bickering had stopped, and there was another melodious tone playing in the air. They were going at it for so long and only stopped after midnight. After resting for a while, Mia suddenly screamed, “Neil. you’re not wearing any condom!” The last time, he promised her that he would take some safety precautions, but this man didn’t come prepared this time “Don’t shout!” Neil held her under his arms and patted her on the back. “If you’re pregnant, it’ll be fine. What’s wrong with that?” Neil had never thought about having a child before, but if Mia was pregnant, he would accept the child without a second thought. “Which family name would the child take..” Mia’s voice became softer. In fact, when she heard Neil’s words, she felt so warm in her heart. She had always thought that they were keeping their relationship under the wraps, that they were only making love to each other secretly at night. How could she not be touched by Neil’s words? Although she was still young and did not intend to have a baby, but if she got pregnant, she would be willing to have the child. Because her partner was Neil, who was the man she had been determined to marry since she was a child. Neil said, “You’re out of your mind. Our child will surely take on my family name, whose name would it be if not mine?” Mia added, “Who said you’re the father?” Neil was triggered, “Mia, if you dare to mess around, I will break your legs.” Mia replied, “You’d better do the same about your d*ck. Otherwise, I’ll destroy it.” Neil said, “Don’t worry, this thing only wants you. It doesn’t want anybody else.” “Hooligan!” This time, it was Mia who said that. She had always been outspoken and truthful, but Neil wasn’t. His words definitely made her blush. Neil gave a wicked smile and said, “I can’t believe you are blushing.” Mia punched him in the chest, “I’m also a woman. It’s normal for me to blush when I am shy.” “Are you a woman?” Neil laughed heartily. “Mia, are you really sure you’re a woman?” Mia was so angry that she climbed over Neil and sat on his chest. She lowered her head and bit his chest playfully. “Bastard, if I am not a woman, then you were having sex with a man earlier.” Neil chuckled, “Mia, are you a dog? Why are you always biting?” He teased her, but Neil looked at Mia with his gentle eyes. In this life, there was such a wild girl who was willing to accompany him through everything… she gave him everything. How great this was!

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