My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 477

Mia Kyle said, “Neil, what an odd fetish you have!” If he said that she was a dog, then he slept with a dog for the whole night. What weird fetish was that? Mia rolled her eyes at Neil and thought, “I really dislike him.” Neil held Mia tightly and slapped her on her butt. “Mia, you deserve to be beaten!” “F*ck! How can you hit me!” Mia had never been a person who was willing to suffer losses. She was so angry that she pushed, kicked, and even pinched him. Mia was always the one calling the shots. Now, Neil slapped her out of nowhere, so she was annoyed. But this time, Neil didn’t give in to her again. He locked Mia’s legs with his long legs and held her hands down firmly. No matter how hard Mia struggled, she couldn’t hurt him. Mia was so frustrated that she shouted, “Neil, you bastard, how dare you bully me? Do you think it’s easy to bully me?” Neil smiled happily. He rubbed her head and said, “Don’t make a fuss, Mia. Save your energy. Let’s continue tomorrow morning. Now go to sleep!” Mia shouted, “Neil, go to hell!” Mia was so angry at Neil for hitting her and controlling her. How could she sleep? However, no matter how loud she shouted, Neil did not respond to her, and he did not loosen his grip around her. Mia was so frustrated. She swore that she would take revenge soon. The night passed, it was peaceful in the morning. Kevin Kyle got up early, but today he didn’t get up to read the newspaper. When he woke up, he kept looking at the two people lying on his left. Little Karen was still sleeping between Karen Daly and himself. Her face had restored its pinkish tone and she looked much better. Kevin could not help but to lower his head and kiss Little Karen’s pink face. The memory from his first blind date with Karen was still fresh in his mind, like it had just happened yesterday. He still remembered Karen’s surprised expression when she saw him for the first time, and he remembered Karen’s expression when he said that they should get married. Everything was still vivid in his mind. Several years had passed in the blink of an eye, and their child was already more than four years old. In a few more years, their daughter would grow up. Karen and Kevin would gradually grow old. He only hoped that at that time, at the first sight of opening his eyes in the morning, he could still see Karen lying next to him. Kevin’s eyes moved towards Karen who was on his far left. When she was asleep, she was still frowning Seeing her seemingly frowning face, Kevin reached out his hand to help her smoothen her brows. He also wanted to get rid of the worry and fear in her heart. With a gentle touch, Karen suddenly opened her eyes and smiled at him. “Morning!” “Morning!” Kevin bent down to kiss her on the face and said, “It’s still early. Sleep a little longer.” “I can’t fall asleep again.” Karen shook her head and turned to look at their daughter. She reached out to touch her forehead and tried to feel her temperature. “Karen..” Kevin grabbed Karen’s hand and asked her to look at him. Then, he said, “If you have something to say, just tell me. Don’t hide it in your heart.” “There’s nothing.” Karen smiled, and all of her attention was focused on their daughter. “Karen.” “Hmm?” Kevin said seriously, “I always knew Little Karen was very sensitive. I saw how much she liked having you around when you were simply ‘Big Karen and I thought that she would happily accept you as her mother. I didn’t expect that the little fellow was actually very sensitive. She has always remembered the horrible things others have said to her.” Auntie Lynn was Little Karen’s nanny when she was young. The nanny spent more time with Little Karen than she did with her father. Little Karen trusted and relied on her very much. When “Big Karen” had returned, Little Karen was already more than three years old. Although she was still young and ignorant, she knew a lot of things. In Little Karen’s heart, her dear mother, who had given birth to her, had already flown into the sky. “Big Karen’s sudden existence had taken over her mother’s place in her heart. Karen was kind to Little Karen, and Little Karen also liked Karen a lot, but when Karen became Little Karen’s mother, her feelings for Karen had changed. “Kevin, I understand what you say.” Karen knew this very fact. Little Karen was clearly her child, but in the child’s heart, she was just an outsider. Karen also knew that feelings and trust take time. She needed time for Little Karen to understand that she was her biological mother Little Karen was her child, no one could change that. Little Karen was reserved for the time being. However, as long as she worked hard, Little Karen would definitely accept her. After some silent reassurance, Karen’s smile became more sincere. She looked at Kevin and said, “Mr. Kyle, Little Karen is getting better. The bad things are in the past. From today onwards, let’s work together for a better tomorrow.” “You’re so silly!” Kevin looked at Karen lovingly. He just liked to see her real smile. This was her real smile, not the fake smile she put on as a mask. Most of the time, Kevin could notice Karen’s insincere laughs and smiles. If he saw her fake smile, he would feel distressed. “Don’t say that I’m silly. If I really turned silly, you’ll need to take care of me forever.” “This life, next life, I want to always take care of you.” As long as she was willing, he was willing to take her hand and accompany her, until the end. “What if you meet a better woman than me and choose to be with her in your next life? What should I do? If he met a woman who was better than her in his next life, would he choose that woman? Kevin really thought about it seriously. “Kevin, do you still need to hesitate? Shouldn’t you reply me without hesitation? Shouldn’t you say that you won’t choose another woman?” But in fact, Karen felt so touched by his change of expression. Many people would spout such beautiful words easily, but Kevin would never do so. Even if were just a hypothetical question, he still took her very seriously.

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