My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 478

“Because there are too many uncontrollable factors to consider. I have to think about them one by one.” Kevin Kyle answered seriously. “I’m just joking with you. Why are you so serious?” Karen Daly glanced at him and smiled. “Let’s get up. There are still a lot of things to do today.” “Karen ” Kevin called Karen’s name. He wanted to say something but stopped speaking. “What’s wrong?” Karen looked back at him. After a moment of silence, Kevin said seriously again, “I’m serious about every word I’ve said to you.” Every word was true, Last night, the whole family went back to their rooms early to rest. There was nothing to worry about so they slept well. They got up early too. Sarabelle requested for the helpers to prepare some luxurious breakfast, which looked so appetising that it got everyone salivating. When Mama Kyle came back from her morning exercise routine, she helped to prepare the breakfast too for everyone at home. As they were busy, Neil Brown went downstairs and came to the dining room. He sat down and began to eat, ignoring table manners. Mama Kyle looked at him and shook her head, “When can you change your behavior?” “What’s wrong with it?” Neil took a bite of his toast and looked up at Mama Kyle. “Don’t compare me to your son. I’m not the same person as he is.” After a pause, she asked again, “What on earth were you doing all day?” “I go to work, get off work, eat dinner, sleep… I’ll repeat these things every day. What else can I do?” After that, Neil took the glass of milk handed over by Mama Kyle and gulped it down. Mama Kyle looked up and did not see Mia Kyle with him. She asked again, “What are you going to do about your relationship with Mia?” Mia was not a biological child of Kyle family, so she had no blood relationship with Neil. As long as they were willing, Mama Kyle would give blessings to their relationship and even plan their wedding “What else can I do? Just do whatever she wants.” Neil responded with a slight smile on his face. Neil thought about his crazy night with her. He thought about how powerful and strong he was last night, so much that he doubted that Mia could get up well today. “I asked about your plans and you threw me more questions. Neil, don’t you want to be responsible?” Seeing Neil’s arrogant attitude, Mama Kyle was also angry. Mia was raised by their family, so their love for Mia was no less than Kevin’s. If Neil toyed around with Mia’s feelings, then Mama Kyle would be the first one to be furious “That girl is still young, and she wants to continue with her acting career… You can ask her, I will do whatever she wants.” For the first time, Neil talked about Mia with such a serious tone. Mia always said that she was still young and did not want to give up her career to raise a family. Although Neil did not mention it to her before, but he had firmly remembered her words. Mama Kyle poked his head and said, “You’re a big man. If you don’t take the initiative, how can you ask the little girl to propose to you?” Neil ate another mouthful of his toast and said casually, “Wasn’t it enough for me to take the initiative to climb to her room every night?” Mama Kyle was so furious at Neil’s words. How could there be such a ridiculous man? Did he really think that was what she was asking? He was shameless, but their Mia was not. Perhaps it was in the younger generation’s culture now to be so open-minded. If it were in the past, they would have been punished. Neil continued to say, “Sister, you are not in good health. You take care of your body, and let the rest of the family worry for you. Also, that’s all about Mia and I.” Whether they got married or not, Neil did not think it was important. He just wanted for them to have a good life together. Even if they had a child one day, then they would raise the child well. “What do you mean?” Mama Kyle felt helpless when communicating with her brother. If she continued to talk with him, her blood pressure would rise. “I need to go! There are still a lot of things waiting for me to do in the military region.” Soon after, Neil got up and left. He ate fast and did not waste time. “Neil, stop.” Mama Kyle ran a few steps after Neil. “You must think about your relationship with Mia. If you take her lightly, I won’t let you go.” “Brother-in-law, please take care of your wife. Tell her to not worry about so many things.” Neil bumped into Papa Kyle on his way out and was signalling for Papa Kyle to speak to his sister. “Neil, You really need to think about it carefully. We can hold the wedding later, and you can get the marriage certificate first.” Papa Kyle also stood on Mama Kyle’s side. “I don’t want to talk to you two antiques. Don’t worry too much about us.” Neil just walked out without even turning back. “Grandma.. When Mama Kyle still wanted to argue with Neil, she heard Little Karen’s soft voice calling for her. Her attention was instantly drawn back. She immediately put on a smile and said, “Little Karen, why did you get up so early? Do you still feel uncomfortable?” Little Karen was in her mother’s arms. “I’m ok. Everything’s good.” Little Karen’s was still recovering, and she was still very weak. Karen carried her downstairs, and the little fellow lay softly in her mother’s arms. Little Karen seemed to grow taller every day. She was four years old but she was already a big girl. It was getting hard for Karen to carry her, but she still didn’t want to pass Little Karen to Kevin Kyle. “Well, our baby has recovered.” Karen put Little Karen in her high chair and placed a bib on her. “Mom, did uncle make you angry again? “Let’s not talk about that boy. He always provokes me.” Mama Kyle then looked at Kevin who was walking towards them. She instantly felt better. Her son was the best. He would never let others worry about him. He had a good marriage and had children after. He was a good man. “Mom, Neil would know what to do. Don’t worry about him.” Kevin understood Neil well and requested that his mother let the matter go. Their personalities were completely different, but they were both the best men in their own fields. They could understood each other well tacitly. Mama Kyle sighed and said, “It would be great if he really knows what he’s doing.” Now that her son had said so, Mama Kyle didn’t know what else she could say. Anyway, her son was always right. Kevin sat down next to Karen. He poured her a glass of milk and served her her favourite food. Everything was smooth and calm. Ah, this was life.

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