My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 479

On the breakfast table, although they lacked Mia Kyle’s energy, they had Little Karen instead. Little Karen was the youngest treasure in the family. Except for Kevin Kyle, everyone else’s attention was on her. They were all concerned for her. Mama Kyle said, “Little Karen, I made this corn soup for you. Have a try and see if you like it.” Papa Kyle said, “Litle Karen, didn’t you say that you want to build a new house for Momo? I have already built it for her. Go over with her later.” “Woof woof… Momo was so excited that her eyes were full of tears. The whole family had forgotten about Momo for some time. She was so happy and excited at the mention of her name and her new house! Little Karen replied to her Momo, “Good girl, let’s have breakfast first. After a while, we’ll go check out your new house.” “Woof woof woof…” “Great, not only can I live in a new house, but I can also get everyone’s attention. This feeling is really great!” If Momo could speak, these must be her thoughts. Papa Kyle said, “That’s settled then. After breakfast, Little Karen and Momo will go see the new house with me.” Mama Kyle smiled, “I’ll come with. I want to check it out too.” Papa Kyle had already handed over Rovio Corporation Inc’s affairs to Kevin. After retiring, he took care of Mama Kyle also travelled around the world. He had his fun and rest. Now, taking care of his granddaughter was his greatest pleasure Little Karen nodded vigorously. “Okay!” “Woof woof woof…” Seeing that Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle loved Little Karen so much, the happiest person was, of course, Karen Daly. Her eyes fell on Little Karen, and she couldn’t stop thinking of her. Most of the time, Little Karen was sensible and lovely. She cared deeply for her father, her aunt, and her grandparents, Little Karen probably cared a lot for Karen too. Maybe not as much as the other family members, but she was sure that they would take their time to bridge their gap. To win Little Karen over, Karen decided to keep working hard and get closer to Little Karen Sooner or later, Little Karen would definitely accept her wholeheartedly. Kevin’s eyes were fixed on Karen, and he also gave Karen a bowl of corn soup. “Don’t just look at the child, quickly eat your food. If it goes cold, it won’t taste good.” “Okay, thank you!” Karen nodded and smiled at him. She took the bowl, picked up her spoon, and took a big mouthful of soup She ate a little too fast that she choked. Kevin patted her on the back and said nervously, “Eat slowly. How can you be like a child?” Karen said in a low voice, “You’re the one who told me to eat quickly.” Kevin, “.” This woman was getting braver with her words. Mama Kyle looked at her son, and the more she looked at him, the more content she was. He inherited all the best traits from his father. He was so attentive to his wife and child. Mama Kyle looked at Karen proudly too. She was lucky to have such a virtuous and sensible daughter-in-law. A few years ago, she had spent less than a month by Karen’s side. At that time, Mama Kyle didn’t know much about Karen yet, but since her son chose her, so she naturally accepted her After seeing her a few years later, Karen was more mature and sensible than before. She took care of everything in the family so that everyone could live comfortably. She also took great care of Little Karen. She hoped for Little Karen could grow up healthily, and she hoped that the relationship between Kevin and Karen would last for decades. Moreover, she hoped that Mia would marry Neil soon… As an older member of the family, she was so happy to see her kids doing well. After breakfast, Kevin Kyle was in a hurry to get to work. As soon as he left the house, he saw Neil Brown’s car still parked at the gate, seemingly waiting for him on purpose. Neil rolled down the window and waved to him, “Matthew, shall I drive you to work today?” Kevin asked his driver to leave and got into Neil’s car. He said, “Is there anything you can’t say at home?” “My sister nags too much. I don’t want to listen to her.” Neil started the car and drove quickly. Kevin did not answer him because he did not want to say something bad about his mom. Neil looked at Kevin and said, “I remember that my sister was not so talkative when she was younger. She was a very beautiful young woman who caught everyone’s attention My brother-in-law’s eyes would shine when he looked at her, and he looked like he wanted to consume her. No matter how lovely and beautiful a woman was before, do they suddenly reach an age where they become so annoying?” Neil did not hold back as he ranted about how annoying his sister was. Looking at Mia Kyle’s current wild and carefree demeanour, perhaps she would also grow up and change, especially after she has had her own children. She would definitely become a naggy tigress in the future. Neil felt chills running down his spine as he thought about how fierce and annoying Mia would be in the future. He felt that he couldn’t live that kind of life. Kevin did not answer Neil’s concerns. He changed the topic, “Just say what you want to say, I have to go to a meeting soon.” “Matthew, you and Karen have been married for several years now, and your child has grown up. Don’t you worry that Karen will grow old and fierce in the future and keep on nagging you ?” Kevin was anxious and pressed for time, but not Neil “She will grow old, and I will grow old too. She will nag a lot, and I will be the same too too.” Kevin’s response was brief and direct. No matter what Karen was like in the future, he would still be with her. He would never abandon her, he wanted this life with her. “Maybe.” Neil sighed. Perhaps, as people grew older, having their spouse be with them would triumph over everything else. Nothing else was more important. Kevin said, “Let’s get down to business.” Neil continued, “What I wanted to say is that is related to that Wilis. I have a new clue.” “A new clue? What is it?” At the mention of yhis name, Kevin’s face changed. Neil passed a document to Kevin. “Wilis was the one behind all these incidents. The mystery person we are looking for is real, and it’s not an illusory person created by Wilis.” The mystery person really existed. This meant that it was still possible for the mystery person to be Herbert Ken, so the clues Nick Black found before about Herbert were also true. Herbert was once again involved in these mysterious matters. Kevin’s mind was already spinning. No matter who the mystery person was, he must be careful. He could not fall into the enemy’s trap anymore. At the same time, he must find out the enemy’s true identity.

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