My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 480

After thinking it over, Kevin Kyle said, “Whether the mystery person exists or not, i’ll send someone to investigate it. You shouldn’t get involved.” “Go look at the scars on Mia’s body. If you still dare tell me not to meddle in another’s business, then I’ll leave you alone.” Neil Brown said angrily. “Mia is part of the Kyle family. Who doesn’t love her as you do?” Kevin looked at Neil coldly, “Neil, I can understand how you want to vent your anger, but don’t bring any trouble to me.” “Did I cause trouble any trouble?” Hearing this words, Neil was furious. “Matthew, when did I f*cking cause trouble for you?” “I told you not to intervene in this matter. You’d better behave yourself. Just see it as a huge favor you’re doing for me.” Kevin did not hold back at all when he talked to his uncle. Neil sneered and said, “You want me to just stand by and watch? Don’t even think about it!” Kevin’s darkened eyes fell on Neil as he said, “Mia is one of us. Those people hurt her badly, why would I stand by and do nothing?” Neil suddenly sped up and stopped the car by the side of the road. He turned to look at Kevin and said, “Mia and you clearly know who the mystery person is! And you two are trying to keep his identity from being exposed, you’re protecting him!” Neil’s words were right. Kevin was unable to refute his claims. Neil continued, “If Mia didn’t plan to hide the identity of the mystery person, she would definitely not hold back any information. If you didn’t plan to hide the identity of the mystery person, you would not stop my people from investigating the murderer.” Kevin said, “I’ve told you that I’ll send someone to deal with this matter. I’ll give Mia a proper answer.” “Matthew, I Neil punched his steering wheel and shouted, want to know who the mystery person is not because I want to punish him, but I’m just worried that you all will be in danger again. Do you understand?” Kevin remained cold, “I know.” Neil shouted again, “You were even brave enough to bring Karen alone to that remote island. Who is that mystery person actually?” Since Kevin knew Neil well, so did Neil. Kevin, who was always a cautious person, had fallen into their trap so easily. That mystery person must be very important to Kevin. After Mia was rescued, she did not want to disclose any news about the man who kidnapped her. At that time, Neil noticed that there must be something wrong. He had investigated all the people who might be involved in the case, and found nothing unusual. He even sent someone to investigate Karen’s brother, George Ken. Mia was kidnapped on Little Karen’s birthday. George, who had always doted on his niece, did not appear at Little Karen’s birthday party, so he was quite suspicious. But it turned out that George was really busy in Beaford City during that period of time and had nothing to do with the kidnapping case. “Matthew, if both Mia and you don’t want to hurt the mystery person, do you think I will hurt him?” Neil was really worried that the Kyle family would get hurt again, so he was so anxious. Kevin asked, “Do you really want to know?” Neil nodded vigorously. “Yes.” Kevin said, “Then you can return to the Military Region of Chatterton Town first. When I have more solid clues, I will send someone to inform you.” Neil was so angry that he wanted to punch Kevin’s face. “Kevin, you,” “Uncle, you’d better think about your marriage too.” After he spoke, Kevin opened the door and got off the car. He got onto his own car that was parked nearby, the chauffeur was still waiting Almost immediately, he called Nick Black and said, “Sort out the information about the mystery person. Get to the bottom of this.” Half an hour later, Kevin Kyle arrived at the headquarters of Rovio Corporation Inc. It was a peak hour for his employees to arrive for work. As the employees saw him walk by, they automatically shuffled away to let him pass. “Director Kevin.” As he walked along the office, many employees greeted respectfully. Kevin nodded to them respectfully in return/ “Director Kevin, Jean has arrived from the US and is waiting for you in the reception room.” Kevin’s new assistant, York Tanner, had been waiting at the entrance of his lift for a long time. “Okay.” Kevin responded softly. His expression was cold and you could not see through his face. York continued, “After the meeting with Jean, there is an important meeting for you to attend at half past nine.” “Okay.” Kevin repeated his response. Although York had just taken over Amelia Gray’s work not long ago, his quality of work was comparable to that of Amelia’s. Kevin always had his backup plans and he always had a special team ready. Whenever a person in his team leaves, he had trained others to fill in the vacancy almost immediately Therefore, even though York had just been transferred over, he had already been trained about Kevin’s personality and working style. Even with Kevin being so cold, he never took matters personally and proceeded to do his job well. York continued, “There is an important lunch appointment at noon today, which is with Director Houston from Sunset Entertainment Company.” Kevin repeated his usual answer, “Okay.” The lift continued to ascend as York continued to report Kevin’s schedule for the day. When the lift arrived at his office, York had just finished reporting. Kevin was careful with his time and did not even waste his commute time. Kevin went to the reception room first to meet Jean. After chatting for about 20 minutes, Kevin immediately attended the meeting scheduled at half past nine. The chairperson of the meeting was an executive who had been by Kevin’s side for many years. He had his strengths, and he was very loyal to Kevin. The discussion this time was about a new project for their team. They have discussed through the details, and they needed Kevin to make the final decision. The money involved in this project was hundreds of millions of dollars, so everyone knew the significance of the project. When Kevin arrived, the others had already taken their seats. As he walked in, everyone stood up and greeted him at the same time. Kevin waved his hand to gesture for everyone to sit down, and then asked for the chairperson to start. Everyone had been preparing for this plan for a long time. The chairperson was experienced and had done his homework in advance. His explanation was also clear and concise. But when the chairperson spoke very seriously and everyone listened very carefully, a children’s song suddenly rang in the conference room. Twinkle, twinkle, little star… Everyone looked at Kevin at the same time. Since their director had a child, they were no longer surprised to hear the nursery rhyme come up. The song was Kevin’s ringtone. Because Little Karen liked the song, she asked her father to change his ringtone to the nursery rhyme for her.

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