My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 481

Kevin Kyle loved his daughter very much. He could do anything for his daughter as long as it made her happy. Kevin ignored everyone’s gaze and took out his personal mobile phone from his pocket calmly. When he saw the phone number on the phone, his indifferent face suddenly softened. He waved his hand to signal everyone to be quiet. Only then did he answer the call, “Karen?” Karen Daly’s gentle and pleasant voice came from the phone. “Kevin, the chief of PM Corporation called me in person, he requested for me to return to work.” “Is that true?” Kevin did not remember asking his employees to call Karen and ask her to go back to work. Karen did not know that Kevin was in a meeting. She nodded excitedly and said, “Well, it was Director Cheng who called me personally. I have nothing on recently anyway, so I have agreed. I’ll go and have a look later.” Although PM Corporation mainly focused on lingerie designs, which was different from the bridal gowns that Karen had aspired to design, they had several popular lingerie brands under their company. This was still beneficial to her career in future. Having stayed at home for so long with no work, she had always felt incapable. It was better for her to go to work and earn a salary Kevin paused and said, “Since you want to go back to work, then go ahead.” He had always respected Karen’s every decision and supported her in her career pursuits. He was happy as long as she was happy. He didn’t want to tie her up at home. “Okay, see you at night!” She was about to hang up the phone after she finished talking. Before she hung up the phone, Kevin said quickly. “Karen, PM Corporation is not far from Rovio Corporation Inc. I’ll go with you in a bit.” Hearing that the president was going to leave, his subordinates who were present lamented in silence, “Director Kevin, can you not be so capricious? You are still in a very important meeting. If you leave, what should we do?” After he hung up the phone, Kevin looked at the time and said, “Go on. Let’s end this meeting in half an hour.” So the meeting organizer had to accelerate the presentations, pushing to end the meeting within half an hour. When she called Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly did not know that he was holding an important meeting. He said that he wanted to go with her, and she readily agreed. Hanging up the phone, Karen stood by the window and looked at the garden below. Little Karen was having a good time with Momo and her grandparents. Seeing that Little Karen was alive and kicking as usual, Karen could not help but smile. Because Little Karen had her grandparents to take care of her, Karen could go out at ease. She went back to her room and sat down in front of the dresser, ready to put on some simple make up. However, as soon as she looked up, she saw herself in the mirror frowning deeply, as if she was very unhappy. Was she unhappy? She had Kevin and Little Karen, she was learning fashion design with Ivan. Wasn’t she supposed to be happy?” Karen studied herself in the mirror. In the reflection, her face was a little thin, and her eyes were a little tired. She seemed to be exhausted. For a moment, Karen almost didn’t recognize herself. Was the woman who looked so worried and tired really herself? Tired? She didn’t feel tired, did she? Perhaps she was tired. Karen sighed deeply and curved her lips upwards to show a sweet smile to herself. She told herself, “Come on Karen, everything will be fine!” Karen Daly prepared to leave home and asked the driver to send her to her destination. As PM Corporation was not far from Rovio’s headquarters, Karen asked the driver to head to Rovio to pick Kevin up. When she was about to take out her mobile phone to call Kevin, she saw that he was already walking over to her briskly. He smiled and said, “Your Director Cheng must miss you all the time. Karen moved a little to the left to let Kevin get into the car. “What’s wrong? Are you jealous?” “Well, I’m jealous.” Kevin admitted. “How could you be jealous all the time?” Karen knew Kevin’s character, he was overbearing and dominant. If someone stared at her even for a little longer, he would also be jealous. Kevin smiled and stroked her head. “I won’t be jealous if you don’t make me jealous.” “Director Kevin, don’t worry. I am your child’s mother. No one can take me away.” They had been husband and wife for so many years. Their hearts were with each other. How could they be separated so easily? Karen thought so in her heart, and she believed that Kevin also shared the same thought, no one could come between them. “Well, I’m not worried.” He was not worried, but he still inadvertently gets jealous when he saw other people being overly friendly to her. Although their attention towards his wife proved that she was excellent, Kevin was very selfish when it came to Karen, even more selfish than ordinary men. The car soon arrived at PM Corporation. After getting off the car, Karen helped Kevin adjust his shirt, and she said, “Well, you’ve come with me. You can go do your things now. I’ll go ahead and see what’s going on. It should be very quick.” Kevin grabbed Karen’s hand and said, “I’ll go up with you.” Karen smiled and said, “Mr. Kyle, I’m not a three-year-old child anymore. I don’t need you to accompany me when I go to work. Otherwise people would think I’m still a baby!” “However they want to think, it’s their own business. I want to accompany you.” Kevin never cared about what others would think. He just wanted to stay by Karen’s side and accompany her on everything she wanted to do, so why should he care about other people’s opinions? “Director Kevin, didn’t you say that the company had something important for you to attend to this morning?” Karen said helplessly, “Is it appropriate for you not to work, and stay with me like this?” Kevin said, “I’m done with my work.” Kevin had already wrapped up the morning meeting. There was still some time before his lunch appointment. In fact, to him, nothing was more important than to be with his wife. “Then you wait for me in the lobby. If you accompany me, you will make others think that I can’t handle my own affairs.” Karen still felt that it was not good to let her husband accompany her at work. She was here for work, she was not on a date. Besides, Karen did not believe that Kevin was done with his work. He could say that he was done now, but tonight he would be work late into the night in the study again. He would work fervently every night until late. She didn’t know if it was because of the time difference between his counterparts abroad. He would often hold international video conferences in the evening. Every day, she watched him busy in the study. Was it really because of the time difference? “Okay, i’ll wait for you in the lobby.” Kevin rubbed Karen’s head and said gently, “Go ahead.” He didn’t care about what others would say, but he didn’t want her to be affected by unwelcome gossip.

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