My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 482

Karen Daly had not come to work for months. She had also heard that PM Corporation had changed their chief designer, but the office she used to work in was still available for her. The office still looked the same as the last time she worked there. Her personal belongings and stationery were all untouched. The decorations and arrangement were not the only things that remained unchanged, there was also a bouquet of fresh red roses on the desk. The red roses represented passionate love. There was a card in the bouquet. The card said, “The most beautiful flowers, for the most beautiful you. Best wishes every day!” The short message did not mention the sender, but Karen guessed that it must have been Kevin Kyle. Passionate red roses? Kevin would not say such cheesy words, but he might express his love for her in this way. When they first got married, he had said that he didn’t believe in love. Now he had even learned to send flowers to make her happy. Men were impulsive. Karen thought that Kevin must have acted really fast. When she called him earlier, he had immediately rushed over here. She was surprised at how amazing his speed was as he could arrange for flowers to her office so quickly. “Asteria, you’re here.” Hector Cheng suddenly appeared at the door of Karen’s office. He was smiling. “Director Cheng, I intended to look for you after stopp by here.” She was Hector’s subordinate, but every time it was Hector who would come to see her instead. It always made her feel flattered but at the same time uneasy too. “We are both working for PM, so we’re colleagues and friends. It doesn’t matter who’s looking for whom.” Hector stepped into the office, he looked around and finally stopped his gaze on Karen. “Your office has been kept this way for you. When you were not here, I have asked someone to clean it for you daily and send a bouquet of flowers here every day.” So, this meant that this bouquet of flowers was sent by Hector, and not Kevin? Karen suddenly felt disappointed, she had thought that her Mr. Kyle had some romantic tricks up his sleeves, but she was once again wrong. So, in the last few months, except for the two times when Mia was creating trouble, it was Hector who sent her all those flowers instead of Kevin? Roses represented romantic love. If a boss frequently sent roses to his subordinates, it would cause a serious misunderstanding. Karen smiled awkwardly and said, “Director Cheng, you are too kind to your employees.” Maybe, she had thought too much. Hector was just concerned about his subordinates, he didn’t mean anything else. Hector said sportingly, “As a leader, isn’t it right to be good to your subordinates?” Karen continued to smile awkwardly and said, “It’s a blessing for everyone to have a leader like you in the company Hector didn’t seem to notice Karen’s awkwardness and continued to say, “Asteria, it’s almost noon. Let’s have lunch together and talk about the new work plans. What do you think?” Karen smiled apologetically and said, “Director Cheng, my husband is waiting for me downstairs. I’m going to have lunch with him.” “Your husband?” Hector widened his eyes in surprise and said, “Sorry! Your work details stated your marital status as unmarried. I’ve always thought that you are single.” Back then, Karen had applied for the position of chief designer at PM Corporation using her identity as Asteria, a foreign fashion designer from Milan. Then, she had indicated her marital status as ‘unmarried’. After she returned to Kevin’s side, although they had been through a lot together, Kevin had never exposed her photos, so the outside world did not know that Karen was his rightful wife. Later, PM had been suddenly acquired by Rovio, and eventually Karen did not come to work again. Now, when she suddenly said the word “Husband”, it was no wonder that Hector would be surprised. She was not entirely sure what Hector thought in his heart, but anyway, she thought that this must be the reason why he was surprised. Karen smiled apologetically and did not explain further Back then, the reason why she had indicated herself as “unmarried” was because she had lost her memories and was under the influence of others. She did not know that she was married, nor had she known that she was a mother of a child. Now that everything had come to light, she would regard this as a fresh start. Resuming her original identity to join the fashion industry again, she could do what she loved doing. Karen didn’t want to mention more, and Hector also didn’t want to ask too much. He changed the topic sensibly and said, “Asteria.” “Director Cheng, my birth name is Karen Daly. You may address me as such,” Karen suddenly interrupted Hector. Asteria was a lovely name, but every time she heard the name that had been given to her by that vile Samuel Daly, Karen would recall the past when she was being controlled like a puppet, so she didn’t want others to call her by that name ever again. “Karen Daly is a very nice name.” Hector smiled and said, “Our company is planning to start a new line of business, and I also know that you seem to be more interested in bridal designs. Are you interested in joining the team?” “Really?” Karen could not believe what she heard. How could there be such a good deal, as if it was meant for her? Hector nodded and said, “Of course it’s true. Why would I be joking with you?” Karen pointed at herself and asked, “Can I join?” Hector smiled and replied, “Am I not already inviting you to?” Karen was so excited that she pinched on her face to see if it would hurt. She wondered if it was real and that she was not daydreaming. Then, she said, “Thank you, Director Cheng! I will do my best!” Karen felt that luck was on her side. Not only was she learning from the renowned couture designer, Ivan, but now PM, famous for its designer lingerie, was also going to start on bridal designs! All her life’s wishes were coming true in such a short time, it really felt like a dream. After hearing this good news, Karen was as excited as a child who got her candy. She danced happily and immediately sent a message to Kevin, “Mr. Kyle, today’s lunch is on me.” When Kevin received Karen’s text message, he pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose, and his sexy thin lips smiled gently. Sure enough, the thing that could make Karen happy was her career in fashion design. His team had come up with the idea, for PM Corporation to launch a line of bridal designs. When Kevin heard the idea, he approved it without further thinking. Regardless of whether the brand could go big or not, he would not rely on this brand to make money anyway. It was fine as long as Karen enjoyed herself. “Director Kevin, this document needs your signature.” Kevin was sitting in the lobby, waiting for Karen. His secretary had to send the documents over for his signature. Kevin took a few quick glances at the document, then took the pen from his secretary, and quickly signed with his official name The documents were from the United States. He was required to sign in his official name as the people there only recognized the name “Leo Kyle”. “Cancel all my appointments before two o’clock have a lunch date with my wife.” After signing the document and returning it back to his secretary, Kevin glanced at the time on his watch and said, cancel all my appointment before two o’clock today. I have a lunch date with my wife.

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