My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 483

His secretary had already arranged a lunch appointment for Kevin Kyle with Director Houston at noon. At this point, when she heard that Kevin was going to have lunch with his wife, she was distressed, but she did not dare to have any objection Karen Daly’s identity as Kevin’s rightful wife had not been announced to the public, therefore nobody knew about it. However, after Warren Silas’ attempted seizing of power of Rovio the last time, Karen had showed up in the headquarters, and all the internal employees at Rovio finally came to know about her existence. Everyone knew that their Director Kevin not only doted on his daughter, but also on his wife. No one would dare to object if he said that he had a lunch date with his wife. “Yes.” The secretary made immediate arrangements after receiving the order. As soon as the secretary left, Karen came downstairs. Ignoring the onlookers’ gazes at Kevin, she plunged into Kevin’s arms and snuggled like a child. She was overjoyed and kept jumping up and down. She said, “Mr. Kyle, can you guess what good news I have for you? Kevin stroked her head and thought for a moment, “Well, did your boss tell you that you will get a raise when you come back to work? Karen pouted her mouth and said, “That’s tacky!” Kevin smiled and replied, “I am a businessman. The first instinct for a businessman would always be monetary benefits.” Karen rolled her eyes at him and said, “I’ll give you another chance. Guess again.” Kevin pretended to think about it seriously and said, “If It wasn’t a pay raise, then I really can’t think of anything else.” Karen knew that Kevin was particularly slow in this respect. She still remembered a few years ago, she had asked him to guess about her mother naming the lake at the Snow Mountain in Beaford City. He failed to guess even after a long time, what a fool. Karen blinked at him and said, “Mr. Kyle, I’ll give you another chance. Try guessing it again. If you can guess, you’ll get a big reward.” “Is your company going to set up a new project? You are a part of it, and the project is for bridal design, something you’ve always dreamed of.” Hearing that there was a reward, Kevin blurted what he knew in one breath, without any hesitation “Kevin, you have known about this in advance, haven’t you?” Karen was not a fool. Since Kevin had spoken so accurately and without any pause, she would definitely suspect him. “Know about what?” Kevin was rather good when it came to acting, and his pretence could absolutely deceive people. Karen asked, “About what you’ve just said?” “Don’t you mean that I have just guessed it correctly?” Kevin’s expression was even more surprised than Karen’s was, that he managed to fool Karen into believing that he really knew nothing about it in advance. Karen replied, “Bingo, you’ve guessed it right.” Kevin chuckled. “What about the reward?” Karen looked around and whispered, “Lower your head.” Kevin obediently lowered his head. Karen hooked her arm on his neck, quickly planted a kiss on his face, and then quickly moved away. She blushed and said, “This is the reward.” Kevin touched his cheek where she had kissed. He could still feel the tender touch of her soft lips on his face, with hint of fragrance and sweetness. He nodded and said, “Okay, I like this reward very much.” Karen smiled shyly, “Let’s go. I’ll treat you to lunch.” Kevin asked, “Have you brought enough money, Mrs. Kyle?” Hearing Kevin’s question, Karen really did open her handbag to check. She didn’t bring her credit card, and there were only 200 dollars in her bag. “It should be enough” Karen thought that 200 dollars was not a small amount. The two of them could even choose a nice restaurant for their meal. “What should we do if it’s not enough?” Kevin asked. “What do you plan to eat?” Karen retorted. “Truffles, oysters and lobsters. Can you afford those?” “Of course I can. At worst, if I can’t afford to pay the bill, then I will have to help wash the dishes. Would you be willing to see me wash the dishes? Of course, Director Kevin would not have his wife wash dishes for others. Therefore, he chose an affordable, quaint little restaurant so that Karen could treat him, with only two hundred dollars. The restaurant specialized in spicy dishes, but Kevin could not eat spicy food. Karen had specially ordered two dishes that were not spicy, while she ordered two spicy dishes for herself. When ordering the dishes, Karen counted with her fingers to see if it was over her budget. If it exceeded the budget, she had to reduce the number of dishes. She ordered 4 dishes and a soup in total. It only came up to a total of 160 dollars, and she still had 40 dollars left. Karen suddenly felt rich She approached Kevin and asked, “Mr. Kyle, I will have money. Would you like something to drink?” “Then let’s have two cans of coconut juice.” “Why don’t you have a glass of beer with me?” Karen was used to drinking and had never gotten tipsy easily, but she hadn’t drunk for a long time. Recently, she felt a craving for drink or two, and she also wanted to celebrate the occasion top! She wanted to celebrate the end of the unfortunate events at home, that Little Karen and Kevin had gotten well, and that her career would take off soon. Everything was going well. She wanted to celebrate with a drink! Just her and Kevin. They were not at a fancy restaurant, but even at a casual place like this, celebrations seemed to be in order. It felt as if the crowded restaurant was cheering for them! “You want a drink?” “Of course I do.” Karen nodded desperately. If she didn’t want to drink, why would she suggest it? Was he a fool? “Okay.” Kevin waved at the waiter and ordered two bottles of iced beer. But just as the waiter was leaving to fetch the beer, Kevin called the waiter back and asked him to change the iced beer to regular beer instead. In the hot summer, it was refreshing to drink iced beverages, but Karen was often weak and Kevin did not want her to consume too many iced drinks. However, Karen did not pay much attention to her health She was a little dissatisfied. “Mr. Kyle, beer is best served iced cold.” “It’s nice to have at room temperature too.” Kevin did not explain to her. He had never liked explaining much, but just silently showed his care and concern for her. “You have never drunk beer before, have you? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be so silly to say that the beer at room temperature is good!” For Karen, room temperature beer was hard to swallow. The taste was unbearable! Iced beer was still the best. Watching the other patrons in the restaurant, who were downing mugs of iced beer, Karen was envious. That cool, refreshing iciness would drive away the heat of the summer. Looking at Karen’s pitiful gaze, Kevin thought she looked hilarious. He said, “Then let’s not have beer anymore. Let’s have coconut juice.” “Well, let’s drink coconut juice then.” It didn’t matter what they were drinking as long as she was celebrating with Kevin. The most important part was that he was with her. Kevin once again asked the waiter to change the beer into two cans of coconut juice. Fortunately, both of them were really good looking. The waiter was still all smiles and serving them kindly, without a trace of impatience even though they kept changing their orders!

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