My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 484

The dishes were served very quickly. The dishes were served before the coconut juice arrived. The first dish was a spicy stew! Karen Daly was salivating when she saw the spicy dish, but Kevin Kyle kept frowning. When they ordered the dishes just now, they had requested for slight spiciness. However, this dish was full of red chilli peppers. Kevin really wanted to go to another restaurant with Karen, but if he were to ask that, Karen would panic, so he decided to hold back. Karen picked up her fork and skewered a piece of meat instantly. The spiciness was satisfying. She felt really good. As he watched Karen eating happily, Kevin’s brows furrowed even deeper. Such spicy food would definitely make one’s stomach uncomfortable. He poured some plain water in his bowl. He was not accustomed to eating such spicy food before. After he rinsed the meat in the bowl, he ate the meat one after another without stopping. Karen noticed how earnestly Kevin was eating, she asked, “Isn’t this dish delicious? Why don’t we order one more?” “There’s no need. This is enough.” Kevin had almost lost all sense of taste because of the spiciness. He didn’t think the dish was delicious, but he didn’t want Karen to suffer stomach discomfort because of the spicy food. He wanted be the one to suffer. Karen also took a piece of meat and rinsed it in the water. Then she put it into Kevin’s bowl and said, “You did not eat spicy food before this. Why are you eating so much today?” Kevin picked up his cup and took a sip of the water. He continued, “You’re treating. If I don’t eat more, it would be a disrespect to you.” “Who needs your respect? You can’t eat spicy food. What if you feel uncomfortable after eating?” Karen thought Kevin was really silly with his innocent reply. Kevin said, “I’ve changed my appetite recently. Besides, I’m not Little Karen. How would I not know whether my stomach can take it or not?” Karen said, “Our Little Karen is more sensible than you are.” Kevin said, “Okay, whatever you say…” Just let her be, as long as she was happy! Karen continued, “After I receive my salary, I’ll treat you to delicious food at a luxurious restaurant!” Kevin nodded and said, “Okay, then i’ll wait for you to get your salary and treat me to something delicious.” Kevin understood that even though their child was already several years old, Karen was still unwilling to use his credit card nor spend his money. Perhaps, there was a deep-rooted idea in her mind that only by spending her own money could she spend it whole heartedly. This ideal should be the result of her upbringing. Karen’s mother had depended on Samuel Daly for the whole of her life, and she suffered under Samuel’s above. This had to have left a deep impact on young Karen at that time. Karen didn’t want her marriage to be the same as her mother’s, so she had always been relatively independent in her married life. She didn’t want to use Kevin’s credit card, and Kevin had never forced her to do it. Anyway, the most important thing was they had to be understanding and tolerance of each other. Kevin finished all the spicy dishes served, and only left the bland ones for Karen. At first, Karen didn’t understand that Kevin was doing that for her, but later she finally understood. Kevin was such a silly man, he was really a fool. Why did he do such a silly thing? She was an adult, and she could take care of herself, he didn’t have to be so thoughtful and caring all the time The temperature in Chatterton Town at the end of September was getting cooler. It was not as hot as August, nor as cold as the winter. It was the best season in a year. Karen Daly had officially started work for two days. She joined a new department and was working in harmony with her colleagues. She worked very hard, but yet life was comfortable. “Karen, what’s your relationship with Director Kevin of Rovio?” While Karen was busy sketching a design draft, a colleague came up to her and asked so. There were many rumors about Kevin Kyle in the public, but since they did not hold a wedding ceremony or announce it to the public, Kevin’s marriage had always been the focus of everyone’s attention. Everyone knew that Kevin had a child, but the child had never showed up in public. No one knew who the mother was either. Therefore, people often gossiped about who gave birth to Director Kevin’s child, or did he really get married? It was not the first time that someone had asked such a question. Karen wanted to tell the truth, but she believed the others wouldn’t believe her. Although she had acquired a little fame in the lingerie design industry, but compared to the Director of Rovio, she was way out of his league. She didn’t marry Kevin for his wealth. Long after they got married and had Little Karen only did she find out that Kevin was the legendary Leo Kyle of Rovio. So when everyone asked Karen such questions, she would just answer casually, “We are friends.” As for what type of friendship, that was for everyone to guess it. Anyway, it would not affect their lives. Every day, Kevin would send her to work and have lunch with her. When she got off at work in the evening, he would definitely wait for her downstairs. No one would believe that they were just ordinary friends with such an intimate relationship “As the saying goes, a fair maiden will win the courtship of a good man. Our Karen is beautiful. It’s not surprising that Director Kevin of Rovio is pursuing her.” Another colleague answered. Although that was what people said, but many, especially women, when they looked at Karen, their eyes were full of jealousy. No matter what others said, Karen just smiled faintly. The relationship between Kevin and her was between them only. so there was no need for her to explain it clearly to others. After work in the evening, when Karen exited the company’s door, she saw Kevin waiting for her as usual. She seemed to be the one busy at work compared to him. In fact, Karen knew that Kevin was really busy. He would spend time with her during the day, then he would work overtime alone in the evening. Karen sat in the passenger’s seat and said, “Kevin, you don’t have to pick me up every day. I know how to get home, and I won’t run away.” “What if you go missing? Who am I going to cry to?” Although this was just a joke, but Kevin really thought so. There were still a lot of instabilities in the current situation. While he was dealing with that vile Wilis, Jack Black had not confirmed whether the Mystery Person was Herbert Ken, so he had to ensure Karen’s safety. She felt that it was too attention seeking to have a bodyguard at work, so she refused… But in fact, to have Director Kevin of Rovio send her to work, that was even more publicity Kevin said, “Let’s go. I’ll take you somewhere.” Karen blinked and asked, “Where are we going?” Kevin said, “You’ll know when you get there.” Karen replied, “Why is so mysterious again?” Upstairs in a tall building, a pair of eyes had been watching them, as their car slowly drove into the main road of the city, merging into the traffic.

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