My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 485

After Kevin Kyle’s car left, the man withdrew his eyes just when the mobile phone beside him rang. He picked up the phone, “Didn’t I ask you not to contact me on your own? I’ll call you if there’s anything.” The person on the other end of the phone had said something, and the man tightened his grip on the phone. His voice turned cold, “You are already in trouble yourself, so stay out of my matters, they are none of your concern.” The man cut off the call and gripped the phone so tightly that he could crush it. The place Kevin was bringing Karen Daly to was Ivan’s studio. He also brought Karen’s sketched designs of their wedding outfits for Ivan to create samples. Ivan looked at Kevin with dissatisfaction, “Leo, don’t make me your private designer just because you are rich.” Kevin snorted. “Don’t tell me you’re in the industry because of interest and not for the money.” “That’s right. I am in this industry because of interest and not money” “If you don’t have the money, are you able sustain in the industry?” Ivan found Kevin’s statement reasonable. It was true that you couldn’t do anything without money. However, he had many way to make money. He didn’t have to depend on Director Kevin for that. “Julie, I’m going to take a rest, please see the customers off!”. Ivan was like that. He only designed what he wanted to. Even Director Kevin didn’t get any special treatment. “Ivan, do you still want to keep your studio in Chatterton Town?” Kevin said casually. Kevin said this casually, but any sensible person would know that he was threatening Ivan. If Kevin were to give the order, he could make Ivan lose his place in Chatterton Town. It wasn’t just Chatterton Town. If Kevin really wanted to create trouble for him, he could make Ivan disappear from the designing world completely. But they were old friends after all, Kevin may be ruthless to his opponents, but he was still friendly towards his friends. Was that true though? That would depend on what Ivan chose to do. Ivan glared at Kevin. “Julie, please take the measurements for Mrs. Kyle and record them down. Then, let Mr. Kyle know that they can come see the samples in ten days’ time.” Julie then innocently proceeded to report this to Kevin but Kevin dismissed her with a wave. Ivan was shouting so loudly, how could he not have heard him? He wasn’t deaf. Ivan’s design work was exquisite. Even if he was being forced to take this job, he would not compromise quality No wonder he was the world’s top fashion designer. Even his process of taking measurements for Karen was more meticulous than others, and he would not allow for any mistake. However, Ivan kept a straight face and his unfriendly attitude throughout the measuring process. After being threatened by Kevin, he could only complain quietly…..When they were leaving, Karen couldn’t help but laugh when she thought about how depressed Ivan looked. “Mr. Kyle, who does that? You are asking for his help, yet you threaten him.” “How many have you seen, who begged for help and actually got what they wanted?” Karen thought about it seriously and found that she really had not seen many people getting their things done by begging. “If you beg for help, the chances of getting the works done are very low. Since I already know about this, why should I beg for help? Why shouldn’t I use a more effective method, such as threatening him?” Kevin continued. “What kind of logic is that?” Karen really did not expect her Mr. Kyle to be such a person. Kevin looked at Karen and said earnestly, “I’m just being honest with you. In our society, the method you use is very important. People don’t care about the process, they only look at the outcome.” Karen pouted, “Are you trying to educate me?” Kevin rubbed her head, “I’m just trying to let you know that I have many sides you don’t know about. Perhaps you can’t accept that side of me, maybe…” Karen raised her hand to cover Kevin’s mouth, “I’ve said before, no matter what you do, I’m your most loyal supporter. No matter right or wrong, she would always stand by him and support him. Kevin took Karen’s hand and said, “Thank you for believing in me, Mrs. Kyle.” Twinkle, twinkle, little star…. All of a sudden, the nursery rhyme was playing. However, this time it was not Kevin’s ringtone, but Karen’s. Little Karen liked this song as a ringtone, so they had both used the song as their ringtone. Karen took out her mobile phone and found that it was her brother, George Ken, who had been absent for many days recently Karen asked, “Brother, what’s up?” I have George said, “Let’s meet tomorrow at noon. I have something to discuss with you.” Karen nodded. “Oh, okay.” The next day happened to be a Sunday. George invited Karen to his place for the meet-up. Every time Karen came to his house, he would get someone to clean up the house first. He didn’t want Karen to think of her brother as an untidy person It was eleven o’clock when Karen reached. George was busy in the kitchen. He said he wanted to make a few dishes for Karen to try Karen stood by the kitchen door watching George scurrying around in the kitchen. She wanted to help him, but the moment she took a step forward, she was stopped by George. “I’ve already promised that i’ll cook for you, so you just wait in the living room.” “I’m worried that you’ll blow up the kitchen,” Karen said. George glared at her, “Don’t talk so much.” Karen shrugged, “Then I’ll keep quiet. By the way, what do you want me to talk to me about today?” George served the overcooked dished onto the table, “I’ve missed you, so I invited you over.” “Didn’t you always go to Secret Garden whenever you missed me?” Karen asked. George did tell her that he would go to Secret Garden when he missed Karen and her daughter. Not only could he see Karen, he could also play with Little Karen. But yesterday, he spoke to Karen so formally, saying that he wanted to talk to her about something. But when she came today, he told her he had nothing to talk about. Was he too bored? Or did he think that she had too much time? This was silly George added, “You should come to my place more often when you’re free. It would be even nicer if you could bring Little Karen along.”

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