My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 486

Karen Daly glanced at George Ken and observed him intently. Then, she asked, “George, did you have an argument with Kevin?” George raised his head to look at her. “Silly girl, what are you thinking about? Why would I argue with your husband?” Karen continued, “Anyway, I just feel that you’re acting weird today George was a lazy person. Usually, he would even find eating a waste of time. However, he made a meal today, it was out of her expectation. “What’s weird with me?” George asked as he put a plate of shredded meat in special sauce in front of Karen. “I’m your brother. Do I need any reason to make you a meal?” “Shredded meat in special sauce!!” Seeing this delicious dish, Karen’s eyes lit up. The shredded meat in special sauce was a signature dish from Beaford City. The dish had a balance of sweetness and savoury, with thick and flavorful sauce. It had a very unique taste to it. As it only required simple ingredients, it was a very common dish for families in Beaford City. It was also a dish Karen’s mother always made. The reason why Karen’s mom prepared it often was because Karen liked it. And the reason why Karen liked it, was because the dish her mother made was delicious. Every time there was this dish on the table, Karen could always eat an extra bowl of it. Seeing Karen’s eyes sparkled, George said while smiling, “I know you like this dish very much. I have spent a few hours and tested countless times to make this final product. Have a try and see if it tastes good.” “Let’s not talk about the taste yet. Just your act of preparing this dish is already sweet enough.” Karen took some and put into her mouth. The shredded meat melted the instant she put into her mouth. It was fragrance and tender at every bite. Karen had not tasted such a nostalgic taste in a very long time. In her memory, only her mother could make the dish taste this way. When she left Beaford City to come to Chatterton Town, Karen had been to several Beaford restaurants in town to try on their shredded meat in special sauce whenever she missed the dish. However, she could never find this nostalgic taste. Just as she thought she would never again taste her mother’s dish, her brother, who had never cooked any dish before, was able to recreate the taste. While eating the meat, and indulging in the taste that she had missed for a long time, Karen thought of her mother who had passed away a few years ago, and tears welled up in her eyes. Seeing that Karen was about to cry, George said worriedly, “What’s wrong? Does it taste bad? Don’t eat it then. You’re already a grown-up, don’t you cry in front of me.” Karen shook her head, with tears in her eyes, she smiled and said instead, “Brother, it doesn’t taste bad at all, in fact it’s really delicious!” “Why are you crying if it’s so delicious?” George rolled his eyes and said, “If father sees you like this, he will think that I have bullied you.” Karen said, “I am just thinking of my mother.” Perhaps the taste was not exactly like her mother’s cooking, but because it was made by her family, Karen found it familiar and felt that it was the most delicious dish in the world. George pulled out a tissue and wiped off Karen’s tears, “Then don’t cry. You’ll make them sad to see you crying like this.” Karen sniffed and said, “But I’m happy.” “If you like it, then come here often from now onwards. I’ll cook it for you each time you come.” Karen asked again, “Brother, have you changed?” “Changed? It’s all because you’re my sister. You’re the one father worried the most about, all his life.” Their father was supposed to pick Karen and her mother up, after completing his last task, but he never returned again after he left. While speaking, George raised his head and glanced at the door of the study. It was hard for him to hide the heartache in his eyes, but he soon resumed his composure. “Brother, can you tell me more about father?” Karen really wanted to know more about their father. Since her father could make her mother love him so deeply, Karen believed that he had to be someone outstanding. However, fate did not allow her mother and father to be with each other until the end. She did not have the chance to see her biological father at all. “Our father was a very kind and outstanding person. He loved his work. He respected his wife, and adored his children. Be it a person he knew or stranger, and regardless of their positions, he would treat everyone equally.” “Father used to tell me, life is short, so we must live in righteousness, and not do anything sinful. In my heart, he’s a hero.” Speaking of his father, George let out a long sigh, and his thoughts wandered far into the distance. George’s own mother and their father were united because of family interests. There was no love between them, but they got along after the marriage, and his father still loved his mother dearly His father’s affection for his mother was not true love, but he fulfilled his duty as a husband and took care of his wife and child caringly His mother’s opinion of his father was also very high. In his mother’s brief life, what she appreciated most were his father’s company and care. If it were for someone else, to marry someone he didn’t love, who was also suffering from illness, that person may not have taken such good care of her until she passed on, like how their father did. In George’s heart, their father was a real hero, a person who put others first. He had never done anything out of his conscience. But no one would have thought that their father would meet such an end. He died in a car accident, his body maimed horrendously. In the end, George was only given a bag of bones from the crash scene, and had buried it to represent his father. “Father is also a hero in my heart.” Listening to George talking about their father, Karen pursed her lips and smiled gently After knowing she wasn’t Samuel Daly’s biological daughter, and that her biological father and mother were deeply in love, Karen often wondered how her father would look like. Her father had to be a handsome and polite man. He would speak to her mother in a soft tone of voice. Karen had never gotten the chance to be with her father, and didn’t know what he was like. So she imagined everything good about a father and pieced them into her own father. George had said before, that father was going to the Daly home to pick her mother and young Karen after his task. But her father had gotten into an accident. When the accident happened, he had to be thinking about her mother and her. He must have been helpless, because he couldn’t do anything for the love of his life and their daughter.

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