My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 487

 Karen Daly could empathise with what her father had to have felt then, because she had gone through the same experience before. Once, she had been lying on the cold surgery table, watching as her child was taken out of her belly, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. “Karen, if… if, one day father comes back to you, but he has become unrecognizable, will you be willing to reconcile with him?” Suddenly, George Ken asked Karen a hypothetical question “He is my father. No matter how he has changed, he is still my father.” Hearing this question, Karen blurted out without thinking However, she immediately realized that her father had passed away many years ago and it was impossible for him to return to her side. She muttered to herself, “I wouldn’t dare to hope that father, who passed away more than 20 years ago, can still return to my side.” George smiled with satisfaction and said, “I think father would be very happy if he were to hear your words. No matter if he comes back or not” “Well, let’s not talk about these assumptions. Let’s eat. It was rare for them to have a meal together, so Karen didn’t want to spoil the mood. She picked up more food and ate quickly. “It’s rare for our family’s Master Ken to cook for me personally, so I must eat more and not go back with an empty stomach.” George was happy to see Karen eating happily, “I’ll let you have more if you like it..” Karen stared at him and said, “Brother, please don’t do this, okay? If you do this, I’ll think that this is not you. Don’t make me worry.” George sighed, “I’m just getting older, and you’re my only kin left. I just want to show more care towards you.” “Are you trying to tell me that I haven’t cared about you enough, and you want me to do more in future?” Karen had to admit, she had been busy with her own family matters, and had neglected George lately. At this age, he didn’t even have a girlfriend. It had to be a lonely life for him Especially in the long of night, him being all alone in such a huge house. He had to feel quite lonely as there was no one he could talk to. “Girl, I’m just concerned about you. What nonsense are you talking about?” George glared at Karen disapprovingly. “I’m also concerned about you.” Karen blinked at him and smiled playfully “Eat quick. The meat won’t taste good if it’s cold.” George looked at Karen, he seemed to have a lot of things to say to her, but he didn’t say anything. In the end, he only managed to say, “Karen, besides Kevin, your family also loves you very much.” “Brother, what exactly do you want to say?” Karen started to feel that her brother was getting really weird. Everything he said today was strange, what was he thinking? “I just want to tell you that many of us love you. No matter where you are, you are not alone.” George said in earnest. “Brother, are you sick?” Karen thought that he had to be sick to say things that he wouldn’t normally say. She reached out to feel George’s forehead, but George slapped her away. “Girl, I’m talking to you properly, but you’re spouting nonsense.” Karen withdrew her hand and pouted her lips. “Are you sure you’re talking to me properly? I’d rather you talk to me like before.” Her brother had rarely been so serious. Now that he was suddenly so serious and saying weird things to her, she began to worry about him. “Eat quick, finish eating and leave, or your Director Kevin will send me an arrest warrant.” Karen was very sensitive and observant, so George had to drive her away as soon as possible. After she left George’s place, Karen’s mind was still filled with thoughts about her father. She had seen her father’s photo before. Her father and brother looked quite alike, but she felt that her father was more good looking than her brother, his eyes exuded a somewhat heroic spirit. He was handsome, and had good principles and discipline If she were her mother, she would have fallen for him too. Thinking of this, Karen laughed again. She seemed to share the same taste as her mother. When her mother has seen Kevin the last time, she also liked him very much. When she thought about her father and mother, Karen naturally thought about the people and incidents from Beaford City, and she also thought about Faye Reed, whom she hadn’t met in a while. The last time she saw her, Faye was about three months pregnant. Now based on her calculation, Faye should be about five or six months into her pregnancy, and her belly should be very obvious by now. Thinking of Faye, Karen took out her mobile phone to call her. After the number got through, the call was picked up quickly, “Karen? “Faye, it’s me.” Hearing Faye’s voice, Karen felt a sense of warmth, and a smile unconsciously crept across her face. “Of course I know it’s you. I’m neither blind nor stupid.” On the other side of the phone, Faye sounded carefree. She hadn’t changed at all after all these years. Karen was too used to her tone. She smiled and asked,” How’s Sebastian doing in the United States?” “Your man hasn’t been assigning complicated projects for him. He goes to work and gets off from work on time every day. It’s great.” Karen asked again, “How is the baby now? Has baby started kicking you?” Speaking of the baby, Faye suddenly raised her voice. “Speaking of this rascal makes me frustrated. Baby kicked me twice just now. Now he may bully me, but when he comes out, I will teach him a lesson.” “Rascal? It’s a boy?” Karen smiled and said, “When he is born, you won’t have the heart to get angry with him.” “Yes, I went for a check-up a few days ago and it’s confirmed to be a boy.” Speaking of this, Faye suddenly laughed. “My baby is a boy. Although he is a few years younger than your Little Karen, he can still woe her in the future right.” “Faye, actually, I prefer Little Karen to find someone older than her. Then in the future, the person can take care of her. By the time your baby is born, he will be four or five years younger than Little Karen. That’s not very ideal!” Karen said, laughing For the sake of her precious daughter, Karen was not afraid to offend her best friend. Besides, Faye would not get angry at her. Before Faye could speak, Karen continued, “Maybe not our Little Karen, but I can give Little Karen a younger sister, then your son can woe Little Karen’s sister.” Hearing that Karen was going to give Little Karen a sister, Faye was so excited that she shouted, “Karen, you’re pregnant?”

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