My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 488

“What?” Faye Reed’s deafening scream was ringing in Karen Daly’s ear. She couldn’t make out what Faye was saying. “You just said that you will give Little Karen a little sister, so you must have good news right.” Faye said while smiling, “How many months are you into your pregnancy? When is your due date? We can nurse our babies together in the future.” “No, I’m not.” Karen touched her belly subconsciously. She did hope for a child, but there was none. She didn’t know whether she’d be blessed with another child with Kevin Kyle or not. “I understand. It is not three months yet, so you can’t tell others. Karen, don’t worry. I’m good at keeping secrets. I won’t tell anyone.” On this end of the phone, Karen could already feel Faye putting her hand over her chest and making a promise. “I’m really not pregnant!” Karen wasn’t doubting Faye, but she really wasn’t pregnant, so she didn’t want to spread for information There were things that Faye could keep her lips sealed no matter what, but there were other things that she would announce to the world in seconds. She still remembered when they were in university, one of their male classmates was courting a girl. Faye pestered him so much to get him to disclose the girl’s name. She had sworn to keep it a secret. However, before the morning class ended, the whole campus knew about the boy and the girl being an item. Since then, her classmates gave Faye a fitting nickname called, “Chatterbox Reed!” “Okay, don’t need to explain. I understand.” Faye added, “Sebastian will soon finish his work here, then I’ll go back. I’ll wait for you, and we can give birth together.” Karen was speechless. Could one wait for the other to give birth together? Did Faye think that her baby was so special that she could adjust his birth date? After she hung up, Karen looked up at the sky. The weather was very good, and the sky was clear, just like Karen’s mood. Life was back on track again. She could go to her brother’s house for meals on weekends, chat with her best friend, and stroll around. This was what she called a life. Karen was in a good mood. On the way home, she called Kevin again. She learned that Kevin had gone to the neighbouring city for work, and he would probably return at night. Karen returned home happily. Not long after she entered the yard, she saw Little Karen sitting in the yard with a chain in her hand while muttering something… Even Momo, who was trotting around her feet could not get her attention. For an unknown reason, Karen felt her heart aching when she saw Little Karen like this. She wanted to go near to Little Karen but she couldn’t bring herself to move her feet. Perhaps Momo had noticed Karen, Momo left Little Karen and ran towards Karen. It circled her twice and then barked faintly. Karen understood that Momo was telling her that Little Karen was very sad… Karen picked Momo up and walked towards Little Karen quietly. As she approached Little Karen, she heard her saying to the chain, “Brother Lionel, appear! Brother Lionel, appear!” Little Karen recited over and over again… She kept calling for her Brother Lionel. But her Brother Lionel did not appear. After repeating for a long time, Little Karen blinked her big, beautiful eyes, and pouted, as beads of tears fell down her cheeks. “Little Karen.. Karen walked over and pulled Little Karen into her arms. She rubbed Little Karen’s head gently, “Brother Lionel is not here, but daddy and mommy are here with you. “Brother Lionel lied to me! Brother Lionel is a big liar!” Little Karen didn’t forget to scold Brother Lionel even when she was crying badly. She still remembered that when Brother Lionel gave her this chain, he had told her that she only needed to shout “Brother Lionel, appeal” to the chain if she ever misses him, and he would appear beside her. But she had been calling him for a long time, yet Brother Lionel didn’t show up. She was very sad because she couldn’t see Brother Lionel! Karen comforted her in a gentle voice, “Karen, Brother Lionel didn’t lie to you, you should believe in him, okay?” Little Karen raised her little head and asked sadly, “Then why didn’t Brother Lionel appear?” Karen said, “That’s because Brother Lionel had gone to a place so far away and he couldn’t hear you calling, that’s why he didn’t appear.” Little Karen asked innocently, “Why did Brother Lionel go far away? Did I make him angry? Doesn’t he like me anymore?” “No, Brother Lionel left because he liked you very much.” Karen sighed. If Lionel had not liked Little Karen so much, then he wouldn’t have stayed on to fight the enemy just to protect Little Karen. He went all out until the bodyguards came and until he was sure that Little Karen was safe. “Mommy, why?” Little Karen asked softly. She didn’t understand at all. If Brother Lionel liked her, then why did he leave? Brother Lionel had promised to stay with her forever, to protect her, and to help her chase away all the bad guys. “Because…” Karen stroked Little Karen’s head and suppressed her heartache. She tried her best to explain to Little Karen, “Because Brother Lionel is waiting for you to grow up soon. When you grow up, you will see Brother Lionel again.” “But I can’t grow up.” Little Karen did what her mother had told her, she would eat more at meals, but after a few days, she was still a child. She didn’t grow up at all. If she couldn’t grow up, then Brother Lionel would not come back to her side? When she thought that she would never grow up and Brother Lionel would never return to her side, Little Karen started wailing. “Little Karen, that’s not true. You are growing up every day. Karen didn’t expect her daughter to be so impatient, she wanted to grow up in just a few days. She was a child, not a sprout. She couldn’t just grow up at will either. “Then when will I grow up?” Little Karen looked at herself and then turned to her mother. “Do I have to grow as tall as mommy?” “You just need to grow to sixteen years old. By then, you will be a big girl, and Brother Lionel will come back to you.” Karen kissed Little Karen’s forehead and said gently When Little Karen grows up, she’d understand that the far away place that Brother Lionel had gone to was heaven. Little Karen was still very young right now and she thought about Brother Lionel all the time. If Karen were to tell her the truth, Little Karen would definitely be devastated

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