My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 489

After sending Karen Daly off, George Ken went back to the house and sat in the living room. He fixed his cryptic gaze on a certain place. After watching for a long time, he took a deep breath and slammed his fist on the coffee table. His eyes were filled with anger. How dare he call himself a son! He didn’t even know that his father had been badly injured and living such a miserable life. If his father hadn’t come looking for him, he wouldn’t have known that his father was still alive. Back then, his father was tall and majestic. His eyes were spirited. Back then, his father was full of righteousness… However, for the past years, his father had lived a low and disgraceful life.. He was living like a phantom… Even when George saw his father, he could not recognize his father at all. Thinking of the pain his father had suffered over the years, George raised his hand and slapped himself in the face. He hated himself for being so useless. His father had suffered for so many years, but he did nothing at all. It seemed that one slap wasn’t enough, George gave himself another two slaps on the face, as if that would make him feel better. After a long time, George slowly got up and walked towards the study He arrived at the door, just as he was about to turn the doorknob, he stopped suddenly. He raised his head and took a deep breath, trying hard to calm down until he felt that he was ready to face the person in the study at peace. Then only did he turn the doorknob. As soon as he opened the door, his eyes turned towards the front of the desk in the study room. In front of his desk, was a man whose hair had turned white. He had horrific burn scars on his face. The injuries on his face were so bad to the point that he was unrecognizable. Not only was his face burnt, his back was hunched, and he was skinny. He looked like he was in his eighties, and had been through a lot of difficulties in life. However, he wasn’t even sixty years old. Time had left too many marks on his body, and made him look decades older. “Dad” It was just a simple word, and yet it took all of George’s energy to say it. However, his did not get a response from the old man. The old man was staring at the computer screen, and he only blinked his eyes after a while. George didn’t call him again. Instead, he slowly walked to his side and looked at the computer screen on the desk. Karen’s every move and expression were shown on the display screen, which was put on replay. Before Karen arrived, George had installed surveillance cameras in the living room to record her so that her father could watch her when he missed her. After accompanying Herbert Ken for some time, George suppressed the pain in his heart and said, “Dad, you’ve been watching for a long time, let’s take a break first and continue later?” “Karen is my daughter..” Herbert was oblivious to George. He pointed at Karen on the display screen and said with a smile, “Look, her eyes look just like her mothers, but her eyebrows look just like mine.” “It’s not just her eyebrows, she looks like you in many ways too.” George smiled helplessly and played along. Karen was born and raised in the Daly family. Their father had never gotten to hold Karen since the day she was born. Herbert didn’t witness her birth or watch her grow up. She was brought to this world by his one true love. She and her mother had suffered a lot though out the years, so naturally his sense of guilt towards her would be more than that towards George As the two spoke, tears rolled down from the corners of Herbert’s eyes, a drop after another, blurring his vision His couldn’t see Karen clearly on the screen, but he knew in his heart, that his daughter looked a lot like him. “Dad, don’t be like this. Now that you’re back with us, you can see Karen and I at anytime.” George looked at his father. Every time he looked at his father’s face, his heart tightened. Especially when he saw his father’s tears, George couldn’t stand it anymore. His anger rose quickly, but he had no means of venting it out. Warren Silas, the one who caused his father to become like this, was dead. They couldn’t possibly vent it out on Mia Kyle, who had nothing to do with what happened back then. Herbert didn’t say anything. He continued to cry, as if to drain all the tears he had accumulated over the past twenty years. “Dad – George called his father. He wanted to comfort him to stop crying, but he didn’t know how to do that. His father was only missing his daughter whom he had never touched before. During this period, he could only watch Karen from afar, and call her on the phone to listen to her voice. To be able to see his daughter at close proximity and hear her voice today, George could understand his father’s emotions right now. “Karen -” Herbert wiped his tears, then put his trembling hand on Karen’s face on the computer screen. Even though it was the cold computer screen, but the instant he touched Karen’s face, Herbert could almost feel Karen’s warmth. He was so shaken that he said while sobbing, “She’s my daughter, she’s my daughter, she’s my daughter, she’s my child.” He kept repeating this phrase. His lips trembled every time he uttered the words. “Dad-” Other than calling him, George didn’t know what else he could say. For the past 20 years, his father had lived in the dark. How he wished he could suffer the pain on his father’s behalf. “George, do you think Karen will acknowledge me as her father?” Herbert withdrew his hand in fright. He covered his face with both hands. “No, no, no… I can’t let her see me like this. I can’t scare her.” George rushed over to grab Herbert’s hands and said firmly. “Dad, don’t be like this. You have heard it too, right? Karen said that you will always be her father no matter how you look like. She will never disown you.” “No, I don’t want to scare her. Please don’t let her know of my existence.” Herbert looked around in a frenzy, then pushed George away to hide under the desk. “Don’t let her find me. I don’t want her to find me.” George bent down, took Herbert’s hand, and comforted him, “Dad, Karen is your daughter, and my sister. know her better than you do. She has longed for her family’s affection for a long time.”

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